Sunday, June 30, 2013


My compliments to the late Patrick O’Brien and his famous crew of HMS ‘Surprise’..
Let’s move on though –

Somehow with so little time the ‘polls’ are announcing almost even odds for the next federal raffle.

Such must be a right bastard for those running a tote on the outcome.

It strikes us all here that abbortt must be chewing the carpet the last few days – yet all he can do is keep acting in the same despicable way as always.

While everyone has been told by the hopefully now deceased Gillard faction that Kev was/is a bit of a turd – a loose cannon and a sometime psychotic – that opinion does not seem to divorce him overmuch from the rest of the population.

In fact the ‘springback’ from the Gillard polls are remarkably astounding.

Put it this way.
Kev might have been on a bit of a tight learning curve after deposing the war criminal, howard.

All things considered there might have been a fair backlog of work confronting him – a stressful situation for anyone.

But the worst he ever did was give a few people a (probably well deserved) tongue lashing.

Abbortt is entirely another matter –

Who wants this twitchy bugger/pugilist as our premier and thank God and the living Harry that we are not nuclear capable.

So Keating seems to agree -

Besides which – in our estimation the Gillard faction decided to dump Kev for the main reason that the abbortt klatch dumped wassisname? -  Turnbull.

Not that Turnbull was a sparkling example of an opposition leader post – 2007.

But at least you could point your finger at him and declare that, unlike abbortt, he was a sensitive man of ‘culture’.

Now, to refute that We’ve been googling furiously but cannot immediately find information about that oddball piece of art he acquired some years ago.

Yep. You have it.
That artwork hanging on his wall that others of a more Cro-Magnon nature in our society  is sometimes called kiddy porn.

We only mention this for the simple reason that the vast majority of Australians have such a short attention span and no sense whatsoever (other than their immediate greed) about the sell-on price of an objet’d’art.

Conclusion –

So, Rudd occasionally spits out his dummy and lets people know what he thinks of ‘em.

Big deal!
Nonetheless, he was condemned for that.

Then we have abbortt, who give the same body language as matches his speech.
Nothing but a pugilist and as the record proves – one, as ready as not, to sink in the slipper as abide by Queensbury rules.

In this regard, some may recall what he did to Ms. Hansen.

Then, even if the conservatives could depose abbortt – the only acceptable usurper is a ‘sophisticate’ possessing of an alien standard quite unacceptable to the common herd.

To put that another way – there are one set of rules and values for the ‘toffs’ and a completely different set of rules for the peasants.

Now, if I were one of Mr. Rudd’s spindoctors – I’d read this and take note.

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