Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In real democracies those who take up the task of premier tend to accede to the reality of demands that they resign.

Not this one.

I don’t expect that she’ll take it as far as Hitler – but the ‘silly girl’ (?) is going to hang on until the final days.

Enough said – except that which begs the question .



  1. By accede to reality, I assume that you mean after they have royally stuffed up?
    Or what?
    Having asked those I am inclined to agree that the Commonwealth has been ailing for too long.
    Taking the last election in queensland as an example the federal result is likely to mirror the Bligh result.
    The outcome in Queensland is becoming evident now.
    Those most disadvantaged will soon be in shitter's ditch - without a doubt.

  2. Dear Nonny Mouse,
    Surely you know where it leads?
    The party thing is nothing but 'nacht und nebel'.

    These days the 'decisionmakers' call the tune.

    Have you ever met any of 'em?

    Best not bother.Nope. Sorry to report that the 'hard man' will be running the show shortly.
    Mind you, that decision was made before the rudd/gillard coup.
    It wouldn't be bad if some of the punters worked it out - the way 'realpolitik' happens here - but it is all too difficult for the masses to accept that they are being shagged crosseyed by corrupt bastards who put up something like a toy boardgame to the eyes of a stupid, trusting, electorate.

  3. Bingo, and completely beyond belief.
    How to go down in history?

    An immigrant brat from Wales with parents hard wired enough to send her into law-school.

    Then she found the vaccuum.
    That vacuum of an utterly dispossessed electorate.

    That vacuum of the braindead.

    Next thing yet another 'lawyer' imposes upon a mob of dolts in union politics.
    A space between blether and corruption.
    On this side of that hurdle we seem to have corruption.

    On the other side, opportunity.

    Opportunity and/or advantage??

    Or is it the fright of 'realpolitik' and threats from Washington?

    Yep. That's what it is. Threats from Washington.

    There you have it.
    Either vote for gillard or for abbott.

    Remember that voting is compulsory.

    Just accept that whichever way you cast your vote - you will be voting for Washington.