Monday, June 24, 2013


Fact – she’s not a laborite – she’s an ‘Emily’s Listite’.
She’s neither laborite nor socialist.
She’s this –

Which excludes about 50% of our population.

Which wouldn’t be so bad if the 50% being aggressively ignored and discluded from the social arena were the amoral, manipulative shits that deny people a chance in this increasingly wirebound world.

But sorry; it is the amoral and manipulative shits doing that discluding..

Google – gillard traitor – produces almost two and a half million hits - gillard emily's list – something over thirty thousand.

Whereas Rudd for prime minister produces fifty million, two hundred thousand results.

Without any argument much of this stuff is beyond the pale.

Which is precisely why it is worthwhile mentioning.

Somehow the first Emily’s List prime minister of Australia has driven such a wedge through her professed sphere of politics that it will likely never recover.


  1. My nearest and dearest - for some arcane reason at brekkers this morning – acquainted me with something Malcolm Muggeridge once said.

    Apparently Muggeridge said that “John Howard was the only turd (or perhaps one of those turds) that cannot be flushed away.”

    Ten minutes later, regaining my breath, I was able to sit back in my chair and for the first time in a long time enjoy my breakfast.

    Wiley bird, my Lady Wife.

    I well know that she wasn’t talking about Howard – rather the present situation at politics.

    I spoke this evening with the bloke who was best-man at our wedding.
    He’s punting for that Abbortt.

    After an hour of conversation (bitter argument) he made his point.
    In some fashion I almost have to agree with him.

    Like howard – Gillard has to go and best if the dame departs these shores.

    It could be said that her cadre has set a precedent and the new regime might find the courage to depose Abbortt in likewise fashion that her tontine dealt with Rudd.

    A chance would be a fine thing!

    1. So, Trink -
      You are of the opinion that the main stick in the mud for the conservatives is that wingnut Abbott?
      About 70% of the population agree with you.

      That's what I've heard for what it is worth.

      I'd like to see what Abbott does now that Jules has seen reason.
      If he keeps drumming away at the same drivel he won't be doing his party any favours.
      Yet if he bites his tongue and behaves like a choirboy the punters will likely see through that scam too.

      Kev has a few weeks to demonstrate how things might have been these last three years if he'd been given the chance to do so.
      I wish him the very best and shall vote for his party - despite the fact that his laborite offering here will undoubtedly be a complete moron.

      The things we have to do for our country!

  2. well, 'herself' is out of the picture now!!!!!!!!!!!!