Saturday, April 20, 2013


KEYS – methamphetamine – mines going bust – corruption in governance – death threats – Mafiosi tactics – corruption – bad behaviour – pig-ignorance – annoyance –gettalife – groinstrain – the ex-sergeant shouldn’t be police minister – sergeant schultz (believe it or not) shouldn’t have a job in the qps any longer -  ‘premier can-do’ needs a good look at WHAT HE’S CAUSING – when will they ever learn? – quality of life blown to hades – how stupid are they all not to consider their own vulnerability in retirement?

All a bit of a joke these days.
The Good Lord once put out a comment –
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Even from the valid and most obvious point of self-interest that seems lately to have gone out the door.

Some thoughts about why this may be -
There’s some big change in the tight wound, incestuous, little world of regional queensland these days.

Elements of our government glibly make the excuse of ‘demographics change’: the migration of those dispossessed and perpetually unemployed from the southern states.

Seems there’s some animals (except that animals tend to behave better) out in the streets these days.
As it happens we’ve been going into meeting with our ‘regional council’ these last couple of years about the meth brewing blowins arriving here lately.

There’s cr. ross sommerfeld (the planning magician and herr peter byrne, the ceo.
Neither of them will reply in writing to the written submissions we’ve sent them.
Funny, that!
They still maintain the rule of law exists in sunny queensland.

I seriously doubt it.

I was advised many years ago by a simple traffic cop on his clapped-out Triumph Saint motorcycle that he could never “CONDONE” an unlawful action.

I forget his name but there are plenty about these days ‘CONDONING’ unlawful acts.

They can be named – but what the hell is the point when they “CONDONE” chemically challenged halfwits schreeching abuse through your window at the dead of night.

But he had a go at my son first.
I’ve seen his sort before plenty of times living here in redneck bloody queensland – but I’ve never seen the day, until the present at least, when the 'pigs' turned up the next day and supported his tripe.

Not in Bjelke Petersen’s time – never until now.

What a complete joke it all has become!

What an utter and complete joke it all has become!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Do any of you good people need this stuff bellowed through your windows in the night?

Click on it and give it a roll; then get back and tell me.
Nice piece of work isn't he?