Tuesday, July 30, 2013


There has to be a raffle some day soon.
It would be best to be patient in order to give Kev MK11 a fair go and have that election as late as can be possible.

Cos the amoral, unscrupulous arseholes who rule your pathetic little lives want to keep exploiting you.

Best you all leave Kev alone for a few months and let him drive Jughead to chewing his carpet in utter frustration.

Meanwhile at least inform your sorry selves about massively increased oil production – one helluva lot of which is oozing out of once declared extinct wells.

Something is wrong with that old saw about oil being a finite resource.

Appears that the scaremongers and mindbenders were,at least, partly wrong.

It seems that here in Oz, we have centuries of supplies and enough is bubbling out of the ground in America to last into the next millennium.

All of that somehow loosens the grip of Coles and Woolworths off your goolies.

Well, it would if you take notice of fact.

Wherein lies the problem.

Not many of you bludgers are energetic enough even to go google some fact from the pissant internet.

Just imagine it – you halfwits. The real price of petrol is about a dollar a goddamned gallon.
You’ll be able to park your smoking shitboxes anywhere you like while gassing out the neighbourhood.

So why not get into the jughead or Mr. Rudd and demand that they tell you the truth about why you are all being screwed hollow by woolies and coles for your pathetically small ration of fuel?

Too much bother?
You might UPSET someone?

You gutless creatures.


In this part of the world a person who refuses to watch tee vee - or buy any of the disgustingly biased blether churned out by monopolistic newspapers - must rely upon our national propaganda outfit for the occasional episode (our dose of) of brain-rape.

Actually they are quite depressingly good at it.

The last few months when they haven’t had Madam Gillard facing execution they’ve been driving every hypochondriac into an early grave simply through the process of monotonous repetition; the disgorging of every imaginable physical/medical ailment and the inevitable dire consequences.
Consequences confronting each and every member of the human race.

I have no idea why they must carry on that way – but they do.

According to them the real terror is there in full flood. Some cross-species pandemic will have you and your extended family nothing but mould covered bones before next effing weekend.

Maybe that’s what they’re up to. These wankers want us to have a raffle (election?) as soon as possible for some reason.
Maybe they believe their scare tactics might somehow project their agenda?

Not to have a raffle win for abbott – but to film us fitfully staggering like zombies toward the ballot with bits and spare parts falling off our diseased carapaces?

Such WOULD make for a scoop – but hopefully just as unlikely as Kev acceding to their strident demands for an early election.

As Phillip Adams frequently says – the only thing between this continuum of misery and the real world is that no bastard ever listens to any of the floggers at the ‘Gay Bee Cee’ (ABC ™) anyway.

Let’s reject such scare tactics out of hand.
Our private poll held the last few days and numbercrunched this afternoon finds Kev and the greens well ahead of that mirthless klatch, the overconfident and overweening oppos.

The reason is obvious.
Anyone with half a brain can see the late resources glitch folding like a dying spider.

All those happy little bludgers out there in ‘minesville’ would have voted for jughead if those dollars kept rolling in.

Except they soon will not.

A bitter choice will soon be confronting them between the dole or somehow finding the energy to fit in something like, at least eight, eighteen hour, shifts each week.

Yep. If they’ve had the time to chill out enough to listen to the news lately – they’ll find that their circumstances and their bargaining power are about to change.

And if they all believe that it is ‘okay’ for Jughead to condemn thousands of refugees to tent camps – then the should take time to consider how they’ll be living in mining camps under a jughead regime.

Think about that, dudes.
Abbott will surely bring in peter Reith as consultant while reconfiguring the workplace regimes of your ‘industry’.

Just imagine all that.
Having to work your rings off with SFA disposable income and not even five dollars spare for a tab or two?

Friday, July 26, 2013

"Most of us are sick of being either stuffed about or ignored by you collective klatch of greedy idiots."

I found his page and tried to send him a comment here -

National Security ™ was obviously operating his firewall.
So I decided to do it this way – on these pages –

An open letter to Bill Shorten, soon to be a pensioned off mp –

Dear Bill,
Now that you and labor have shed Abbott’s best ally it might be best for you to tell me, after more than three years of wasted time, what I/we can expect if by some miracle labor retains the slimmest majority in parliament in the future.

I’m confident as to what I can expect with Abbott as majority leader (certainly, I cannot bring myself to call him a potential premier) – yet as so many are saying – in this next raffle we are confronted with a Hobson’s choice either way.

So forget the poor bloody reffos, illegal aliens and the like and just for once tell me what you intend to offer we Australian citizens for a change.

A spot of actual representation might make a change.

Addressing such social issues as have been completely suppressed these last years is obviously something that has been stuffed completely under the event-horizon of all you so called ‘representatives’ af any persuasion for too many decades.

Try having a lash at some of this before the date of the next raffle is declared.

A hint. None of you live on Alpha Centauri – rather here on the once great south land.
Give some regard to the fact that most of us are sick of being systematically either stuffed about or ignored by you collective klatch of greedy idiots.

Try thinking about it if possible.
Your team might actually gain a few points.

What say you?

Best regards,
A cantankerous old fart

PS –
Don’t think for a second that I only refer to you laborites.
The whole show of you bludgers are all the same – as are everyone who works for you in your beyond dysfunctional offices and alleged agencies of governance.
Even those few decent people left under your collective influence are too bloody scared to ever risk their job by doing the right thing according to their jurisdiction, job description, or charter of ethics.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


As I understand it we have had for quite some time a senior naval officer, an admiral, in the situation of overseeing our naval choke points, our approaches and our littoral zone.

This is about his ‘Operation Sovereign, thingy’.

Anyone would expect that a bloke, not the full quid, should shut up about something beyond his reach.

So what the hell does abbott want?

A jump up in rank and someone foolish enough at that seniority to commit themselves to running our concentration camps for him?

Someone senior enough, yet paradoxically stupid enough to go to the war crimes tribunals for him – once this shitfight is over?

Maybe that’s why there has been one helluva lot of phonecalls to the defence super fund from the offices of our star rank commanders today.

But surely that won’t worry abbott.

All he has to do is promote a corporal, wham, bam thank you ma,am up through the ranks – if, that is, this nation is braindead enough to let his team win the next raffle.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


“The responsibility is ours. We must reclaim our political identities as citizens, not consumers of politics. We can use old-fashioned methods of writing to and meeting with our local members. We can use new opportunities presented by organisations such as GetUp! and the plethora of web-based organisations that allow us to build petitions and grow campaigns about issues we care deeply about. We can become ''citizen journalists'', investigating the issues that concern us and partnering with progressive media to tell the stories. There are many ways to engage. We are limited only by our imaginations and our capacity to break with the cynicism and exhaustion that the current mediacracy produces.”

All of which is a screaming joke.
Unless you happen to be an accident of nepotism, either by birth or association – then you have absolutely no chance of any sort of meaningful interaction with the raffle winners.

They simply don’t give a continental once they’ve won their ‘seats’.
It is as crooked as the old ‘shell game’ in the circus sideshow.

There is absolutely no way any (shall we say, ‘non-aligned’) citizen confronted with any complex issue causing them real detriment will ever have a proper hearing, let alone be delivered a just solution by putting their valid representations to these raffle winners in our legislatures.

Local government doesn’t even exist according to our federal constitution.
The states are equally mangy in most cases.
And the feds exist more or less because they insist it exists according to a hairy arsed scrap of paper that doesn’t even recognize our municipal/local authorities.

Anyone with half a brain would choke laughing at all this.

But clearly Australians can’t be bothered to notice how they’ve been gulled all these years.

And the circus is coming to town.

Instead of any sort of discourse, comment, dissent about this execrable situation – the raffle winners in what they claim to be the pompous three tiers of ‘politics’ want us to vote off the last vestige of our rights and hand our municipal governance over to a greedy, incestuous mob of real-estate con-men and con-women.

Interesting, that!

Saturday, July 20, 2013



Doesn’t even need analysing (analizing?)

“Cos all the replies/comment lie in that direction.

Lie in that direction?
Yep, they lie.

All this crap about growth, economy-wise, is indeed UTTER crap.

By now, Kev has had his payback and right now I’d suggest he wished he’d never bothered.

Mainly because all you ignoramuses fail to have any clue at all about diddly squat.

Why don’t you ALL grow a brain (impossible) and accept stasis (zero growth) - as a “sustainable” economic principle.

Why not just piss exploitation of our resources right off the agenda – except for our needs.

Erect wind turbines and salt accumulator solar power stations where they are needed.
Then recruit our next generation of engineers to manage this stuff.

In short, get the bludgers out of the system.

For once, get the bludgers out of the system and hand the show over to those who want to contribute something to their society instead of the present exploiters.

Put opportunity to those who can-do rather than those who advertise 'futures' on the pretense that they might-do next week, next year, or next century.

And meanwhile sack holden and ford, nationalize the vehicle/aerospace support industries – nationalize the whole show and put those people involved into the design and development of energy efficient transportation and delivery systems.

Our capital cities (except Canberra) are all on the coastline.
Get shipping happening again. Sack road transport.

Would all that be too impossible - other than stepping on the toes of a certain tontine?

Why not say it.
At almost 60 years old and physically fucked after 45 years in engineering I have seen a succession of bludgers and useless, exploitative toolheads ruin almost every chance for me to contribute something to my nation.

Throughout that time it seemed that a tiny window of opportunity arose from time to time – only to be completely flummoxed by some complete jerk or other who won a raffle or exploited 'connections'.

Legislate against nepotism.

The second-last time that happened it was that sniffling dork, howard who jammed his flak jacket clad 'political' bulk in the way of any sort of progress.

The next time it was that Gillard creature.
Thank god the opposition's best card has at last been filed vertically.

Despite Kev’s momentarily turning the books upside down – I’m reasonably confident that the abbort article will manage the same very shortly.

The show is lost.

They have no idea.

They refuse to let go of their squabbling and refuse to even recognise the backlog of real issues central to our society and our future.
And they are destroying us all.
It was once called - MAD - mutually assured destruction.

A different scenario entirely but with the same outcome for us.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013



''so-called market in the non-delivery of an invisible substance to no one''.

Yet as Turnbull said years ago - drop a block of dry ice on your foot, Tony, and you’ll know about it, big time.

But that’s the problem with our politics and no-one will accept that the whole lot of these raffle winners might be all so completely wrong.

All wrong, but especially Abbortt and his greedy mob.

A fair few of our intelligencia have come to the view that climate change is something outside our human means to control.

After all, volcanoes, natural eruptions and the like spew immensely more into our atmosphere than any human abstinence of that ‘carbon’ resource could ever hope to reduce.

Then impending zero oil?

Forget it. The old wells, remarkably, are producing again.
Deeper wells produce immensely more.

In fact the whole show about the tailspin into doom of our usage of mineral (earth origin) fuel is a crock of complete crap.

But as Abbott once said in entirely another context – “shit happens”.

I suppose shit will always happen if his sort keep winning those raffles.

Or the stupid buggers keep pretending they didn’t lose the last big one, big time, back in 2007.

Whatever the situation resulting from the next raffle – you poor bloody peasants will be screwed hollow, hell west and crooked by those ‘winners’ of that raffle.

In a few more months your lights won’t work at night.
You WILL have no power for heating or preserving food.
And you will not be able to afford fuel to drive or catch affordable public transport to the supermarket and back anyway.

In short, 22 plus million of you are of no account whatsoever.

It isn’t so much about you bludgers poisoning the earth (but it would help if you fuckwits shut down your motors instead of enjoying your free air while you are parked) but more about legislating your mobility out of existence (which will inevitably happen if you refuse to shut down your tonka-toy motors when you park).

Someone once said that there is nothing as gullible as an Australian.

It looks like you floggers intend to prove him outasight right.

Standing back and looking at the situation the greenies and the ‘progressive’ raffle winners keep making bald statements about how we should drastically reduce our ‘carbon signature’.

Meanwhile these fuckwits, as mentioned, gas us all to buggery in their stinking SUVs.
They drive like the own the road and, once again, as mentioned, refuse to shut the stinkers down when and wherever they park.
(I'll just sit here in the aircon while hubby visits the brothel.)

If brought to task about their stinking, polluting, goddamned ignoramus behaviour – these dorks say that ‘since it ain’t illegal’ they’ll keep their shitbox gas guzzlers running.

Now, if I did the same in front of their hovels these bogans would be out with their machetes.

Yet that abbott crackpot keeps on about these boat people and their potential for bad manners.

I reckon that one thing will deter this invasion from overseas of all those potential terrorists.

It’ll be the disgusting behaviour of our lower-deck filth from the southern states.

If abbort wins the next raffle and wants to stop the boats – then all he has to do is deport the southern scum out of queensland and back to nsw and victoria and have ‘em wait there for the new arrivals.

The ‘boat-people’, the ‘queue jumpers’ will get such a fright from these turkeys that, at first sight of 'em, they’ll be back to wherever they came from in a flash.

Which will leave us only having to contend with arrogant bloody asiatics expecting we citizens to crawl into the gutter as they step boldly forth wherever they want.

Not all of them; but a fair number of them are as ignorant as our worst cases from down south.

The future looks bleak either way.

in my youth I stupidly accepted as fact an essentially European Australia with the proviso that our ‘first people’ would later be rightfully taking more than a fair share in our future.

Politicians are playing another game.

It isn’t only the first people being progressively denied their rightful place – but white Australians are being sidelined too.

I’d like to suggest to the Elders of the First People that the whiteys are being exploited as a political buffer placed in the way of your ambitions.
Repeat - the elders of the first people should give careful consideration to what is happening - the eternal divide and conquer thing.
In fact the same game as they play off the 'comfortable' against the desperate.

Our destiny should be as an Asian nation.
OUR Asian Nation.

Perhaps as hateful as our history was – OUR Asian Nation now – where and when we come to some real accord before the place is, by default, overcome and sold off to hostile interests.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


How do I know?
The stink of garbage dump smoke endlessly coming through out windows.

Which means that early tomorrow morning there will be this other strange smell – a mixture of vomit, diesel fuel and paint thinners.

That stench usuall follows the garbage dump smoke.

So “what does a meth lab smell like” –

Which means if we are downwind from their shit - we have to endure a series of disturbing symptoms – like shitting our pants if we accidentaslly cough, puking our guts out without any notice – stopping breathing – chest pains – extreme pain/ numbness in the limbs/extremities and a wild desire to go over the road and kill these shiteheels causing us all this grief.

Why that wild desire to kill ‘em?

Mainly because they are KILLING US along with a few others in our vicinity.

I would suppose that has something to do with the fact that we are INVOLUNTARILY being subject to methamphetamine intoxication as a matter of being downwind from the lab set up there by those arseholes.

Not our choice that we have to breathe their exhaust – but by god it plays the fuck with your sense of decorum.
It drives your inhibitions out the door.

Back to the shit we have to endure -

It’ll start leaking through our home sometime between six or seven tomorrow morning so that if I wake up then I’ll be as fresh as a daisy – but if I drop off back to sleep I’ll wake up with something like the world’s worst hangover.

Something like being bashed across the back of the head with a two by four.

They seem to run a cycle of production.
Now that I’ve noticed I can fairly well predict how sick we’ll be on a given day.

Now, is there some way to get the message across – we don’t want to be downwind from these dickheads.

Nonetheless we are NOT going to move out of our home under threat from a mob of jerk blow-ins temporarily across the road.

Meanwhile these fuckwits get to play a sort of semaphore game with the mobile signage in front of their dump.

They wheel out a blackboard with ‘red emperor $5’ the next day after they’ve been doing a brew.

Today they wheeled the blackboard out the front with no text on it whatsoever.

I’ve been thinking about that all bloody day.

Who the hell would be stupid enough to wheel a bare blackboard out in front of their chew an’ spew?

Unless they were poisoned by their own brew?

Are they as stupid as that or does it mean that no ‘red emperor’ is available today?

What red emperor?
This red emperor?


I have seen that arsehole over the road roll one of his unconscious customers just a few steps down the street.
He kicked the poor bastard over, went through his pockets, then stole his wallet as this poor smacked out bastard was lying, unconscious in the gutter.

We’ve had ‘interesting’ people knock on our door late at night to ask whether ‘madam’ over the road is available to score a deal.

A nice part of the world I/we live in these days since these pig-dogs moved in and started elbowing and muscling to expand their sphere of influence in this regional dump.

Judging by the filth turning up over the road it seems like these shiteheels keep brewing their poison for truckies, the inmates of the mining industry and the like.

If they keep their toxic exhaust blowing through my home – it is coming to the crunch.

One day soon I might decide to walk over the road, drop my dacks and drop a couple of pints of my reeking, watery shit right down there in the middle of their shop floor.

Probably wouldn’t even be noticed judging by the behaviour of their 'customers'.

Would the joke justice system of queensland understand why I’d do such an outrageous thing as that?

I doubt it.

There is no way that they’d accept as evidence - notice from their own official information about citizens being poisoned by police condoned drug labs.

But that is there in the official record.

Not when the fuckwit ex-sergeant police minister himself and his brother, sweet Michael Dempsey, are in on the job of driving citizens from their homes.

Yep – we’ve had the occasional natural disaster here and fat jack, his brother mick and that longtime Neville twat (must be close to death’s door) have been doing their best to take advantage of every poor bastard’s misfortune.

Anyone else on that game?

Chrissakes, give us a break.
Go to the ‘regional council’ pages.

Where you will find yet another mob of corrupt scheming bastards whose entire life is focused on ripping you punters off blind, west and crooked..

The whole shower are nothing but exploiters of other people’s misfortune.

‘What democracy, what politics – what a complete clusterfuck the whole show has become’

Friday, July 12, 2013


It has nothing to do with gender.
It is about time the punters realised that democracy in Australia never existed..
The head prefect (Fraser)deposed Whitlam back when I was a brat.(the CIA)

Keating deposed hawkie because he was told to do that very thing – by the CIA.

It was impossible for Crean to defeat howard.

.Then afterward -
Someone had to invent Rudd.
Then someone had to dump on Turnbull.
Then someone had to depose Rudd.
Then someone had to reinstate Rudd.

So why the fuck can’t someone reinstate Turnbull and do us all a favour?

Well, why the hell not?
There’s enough time before the next raffle to pull that trick.
What’s wrong with those conservative floggers?
Want a win, don’t they?

So why not sack the loser in their camp?

We might even toss a coin whether to vote for Kev – or for wassisname, Turnbull.
Ivan Turnbull, is it?

Sorry –
Malcolm – as in Fraser.

Where was I –
None of these dweebs are in contact with the streets of Australia – where the scum walk and rule.

None of them care and none of them begin to understand how the whole show has gone to buggery.

I could parcel off this missive to our new prime minister and never receive an acknowledgement of receipt – let alone a reply.

In fact it has me completely stuffed why I bother writing this shit to you brain-dead drones out there who occasionally read this without ever making a comment or reply.

So shove it all up your fundaments - you gutless churls.
Enjoy your new masters when they occupy this dump.

I put the date at approx. year 2025.

After which, all you despicable whiteys will have to fund and find an escape back to Europe – or somewhere.

This is an event looming in our future.

And none of us seem to be aware of that future.

I thank God that I’ll be dead and gone before then.

I thank God that I did nothing to bring this situation into being.

It does nothing for my soul that no matter how much I supported my nation – that there is/was nothing within this dump that supported me – nor my family – nor my interests.

Fucked up beyond any recall.
That is what Australia has become.

At around the year AD 2025 you sorry bludgers will be in the same situation as those seeking asylum on our shores now.


What do we mean?
Here you go –
Nah, don’t bother opening it – too bloody boring, old hat, let’s move on.

To here –
Which confirms that an ex-sergeant of police is now the police minister and minister for ‘COMMUNITY SAFETY’

Which, if you had bothered to open the historical account might have you wondering.
At least the Frogs had a bloody committee deciding who was to get the chop or disappear.

It might be supposed that at least queensland has done slightly better than the Nazis with their little corporal.
One step up in rank and at least only police minister instead of bloody fuhrer.

But has anyone ever stopped to consider the ‘conflict of interest’?

Of course not.

It’s true queenslanders are indeed mostly too bloody stupid to begin thinking about most everything – let alone what a complete joke it is when an ex-sergeant of police wins a raffle then is instantly promoted to take over the whole show.

Sillier things happen, to be sure, but this does tend to take the cake.

Meanwhile this regime in queensland has been chopping the guts out of all those pretend ethics agencies like the CMC, police ethical standards command and god only knows what else.

Without any doubt whatsoever these agencies have been as much use as tits on a bull for people seeking social justice ever since Bjelke Joh was deposed.

But that doesn’t matter.
They still have to get the chop because they remained as a SYMBOL of what might happen if the dillwits in qld ever accidentally elected a few decent people.

That’s why they have to go and that is precisely why this corrupted dump has no future whatsoever.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


This evening again - the stench began blowing in from the methamphetamine lab over the road.

After a while the stink of ozone began drifting in.
A double whammy for us yet again.

We cop the effluent from their brewing meth – then their industrial scale clean-up with that ozone generator afterward.

So faced with that you call ‘crimestoppers’ ™ in order to make a lawful complaint about being poisoned.

Call – be abused by experts, only to have them hang up the phone.
Call again – the same and then again.
Become annoyed enough to keep calling – mainly because we all are becoming rather sick.

The victim becomes the problem - according to them.

So some tough bastard comes to the phone – refuses to give his name, rank and number and insists that I’m the problem.

I’m the problem and I happen to live in the electorate of our police minister.

Of course I’m the problem in this electorate of the police minister for the simple reason that I do not want to live downwind from a methamphetamine lab condoned by his police in his electorate.
I’m the problem because I’m beside myself with worry about my Lady Wife and my son.
I don’t give a fuck about myself. Other than worrying about my own waterworks failing abysmally.

I have put it to his meth brewing mates over the road that I have no problem with their games so long as they leave us alone and for them to find a way to conduct their activities without poisoning us.

But that isn’t good enough for them.

I don’t see why why we should die for the greater good of the drugfucked employees of the mining industry.

Nor do I see why I should be in eternal conflict with corrupt cops.

Believe me when I say that queensland was buggered beyond recall under the laborites.

Now the newmanites have it – she’s really a colossal failure.


If so you might explain why whenever I place my links – they somehow refuse to work?

Like this one –


Oh fuck me – put ‘em on the spot and let's see if it runs – or not.

Let’s give it a go


The principle of “Calligula’s Horse” occupies an office situated in a provincial queensland town.
As he looks out his front window he’s engaged with the same scene he’s seen for the best part of 59 years of his boring life.

Directly opposite is a corner shop once owned by the parents of his first friend in life.
She happened to be of the female gender. His first ‘girlfriend’.

As he turns his head he looks out to the frontispiece of a state primary school.

Getting back to the corner store facing this situation -

Her pop managed to make enough money to purchase property directly next door to his original shop.

He built new premises there and sold on his original corner holding to people wanting to establish a ‘fish and chip shop’.

That worked in amicable accord for a while until Jock Stockwell (I’m not kidding, that was his name) decided to retire from small time commerce despite having established a small but vital commercial centre in a place and at a time when doing that sort of thing was not usually recognized.

Anyway he’d had enough of the bullshit.

Which meant that, all in a rush, my very best childhood friend went off to secondary school in Brisbane at the same time I had to begin that adventure here in bunderbore.

Meanwhile, over the road – since about AD 1965 – when Jock and his family departed the scene – we have seen quite a number of punters buy into that dump.

None of them have ever managed to make a go of it – though some have lasted longer than others.

Some in the past have strung out their tenure by doing deals with local fishermen.
Essentially pulled a few swifties by evading state laws about the fishing industry.

But none of those in the past have ever acted like complete scoundrels.

Not until the last lot of complete shiteheels.

That’s because none of the previous were ever into brewing methamphetamine and fuck only knows what else.
It could be assumed that this is the sort of thing necessary to service the mining industry.

Just set up an industrial scale meth lab and clean up the production residue with an industrial scale ozone generator – then who gives a fuck for the people living downwind.

I suppose that there’ll be enough fuckwits and chemically challenged pigdogs laughing at what I say here.

I’m also reasonably confident the shits poisoning us will read this soon.
I’m also confident that their pals in our local polizei will be giving us grief about this in the next few days.
But that is how stuffed queensland has become.

I spent some time again today contacting the ‘official services’ supposedly established to help the citizen with this sort of nausea.

‘Go fuck yourself’, they said.

So what if I turned that around and dealt with our drug dealers the same way?
Come on Newman.
What if I offered the pals of your police minister the same outcome as they have shouted through our front window.


Should I/We take the option of escalation when confronted with death threats from smarmy, pig ignorant, hopelessly challenged, drug crazed fuckwits, lurking annoyingly, just over the road?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Kev invites the wingnut to this debate at the press club.
The wingnut distainfully refuses to attend.

Questions –
• What use, in even this pretend democracy, is a politician who doesn’t admit his agenda?
• Why doesn’t he want to admit his agenda?
• Does he think, or has he been advised, that admitting his agenda will drive his ‘popularity’ into negative figures?
• Most importantly – what IS it about – an Australian politician knocking back a feed and pissup?

Anyway he didn’t attend the shindig even after all those gracious invitations.

So Kev gave a speech about what is needed to improve the national destiny - the 'social contract'.

Okay; he’s been PM again for only a few days.
Before that, as we all know he’s been stabbed in the back, kicked in the guts and sent to Coventry for the last couple of years.

Yet despite that the press can only mumble something about his speech ‘lacking substance’.

A million comments could be made about that from as many angles – however the first that comes to mind is what little of his speech I managed to hear on the stupid radio news contained one hell of a lot more substance than I’ve heard from the opposition in years.

‘Actions speak louder than words’ – or so it is said.
It is also a principle at law that an act of omission that causes detriment is nonetheless deemed to be a detrimental act.

It may be that Abbott’s act of omission will be detrimental – an act of self-harm equally as detrimental to his perceived popularity as whenever he opens his mouth and spouts some more of the same from that ‘artesian basin’ of negativity of his.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


According to him labor and rudd cannot win the next raffle..
According to delroy it is about the lack of confidence surrounding a political party that might continue squabbling about it’s post-raffle leader.

Short attention spans.

Anyone remember what abbott pulled on turnbull?
Repeat that –

Anyone remember what abbott pulled on turnbull?
Repeat that –

Anyone remember what abbott pulled on turnbull?
Repeat that –

Anyone remember what abbott pulled on turnbull?

Didn’t abbortt depose turnbull before Gillard shit on rudd?

How often need it be said – that the whole lot are treasonous shiteheels.

Nothing about the next raffle has anything to do with ‘personality’.

It is about survival.
The laborites care not a continental about social justice.

But the present opposition are nothing but friggin Nazis.

Read the above again.


Decent lizards, ain’t they.
Under cover of what they hoped was a federal election – they believed they could scoop more – an outrageous amount more – of what they’d like to pretend is salary.

Today – a ‘backflip’ (I love that image conjuring term, a backflip).
They had to ‘backflip’ – ‘cos constitutionally kev’s election doesn’t have to happen any time soon. Leastways, not in any political timeframe.

Politicians – greedy bloody turds.

How low can they stoop while doing ‘backflips’?


With any luck the leader of HM’s opposition must be chewing the carpet the last few days.

He must know that he’s as popular as a rabid dog to a postie - but he cannot bring himself to modify his covertly threatening behaviour.
Or is that overtly threatening behaviour?

Anyway, without any doubt, he seems to represent a threat to about two thirds of the population.

Remember that he said not to believe him unless you all had it from him in writing.

That which he states fairly illustrates his regard and sense of honour.

What amazes us is that he forgets (or pretends to forget) that he pulled exactly the same sort of coup on Turnbull as he’s pretending to complain about within the laborite camp.

Perhaps he needs to consider that if he wants his team to gain the majority in order to form government after the next raffle – that he should resign and quit politics too.

I sincerely hope that he persists and soldiers on.

He’s the best asset the laborites have – in order for them to win that next raffle.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I began writing this as I listened to abject drivel on GayBee Cee radio this evening.
Whalid Ali is the ‘compere’.
They are blethering again about laborite coups.

Obviously they couldn’t get any commies ‘on’ tonight – so they had to rely upon some rightie journos with an adverse view about recent events.

Funny how these ‘guests’ grovel in order to push their sickeningly narrow little theme.

None of ‘em appear to have any regard for the fact that this coup bullsh would happen less often if modern communications were utilized effectively and efficiently to have the POPULACE gain some oversight and control of our alleged representatives in parliament.

Oh, of course, a pipe dream.
Of course it is a pipe dream.

This dump is still essentially a penal colony with the descendants of the rum corps still running the show.

That IS the way it has been running since 1788.

There’s NO BLOODY WAY the inbred halfwits of our political caste are going to let anyone of any intelligence into our legislatures –
  1. Firstly and obviously it would show the whole shower up
  2. If by some trick of circumstance some bright spark arrived in the public arena – anything sensible they put to the peanut rush would be instantly misinterpreted by that same peanut rush.

Perhaps that is why those dorks pretending to be our intelligentsia have been complaining bitterly about the ‘braindrain’ away from Australia these last many years?

Nope. Something bad is happening here in dear old Oz.

It would be too easy to indicate that the majority of the population are disempowered and disenfranchised by years of the abysmal conduct and zero performance of our raffle winners (our alleged elected representatives) in most of our jurisdictions.

Yet more to the point – there seems to be this cloud of apathy resembling a pea-soup fog – choking any reasoned discourse anywhere in this godforsaken dump.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


First thing this Sunday morning the dork had another stupid  press release.

Parents will be jailed if their kid’s parties get out of control.

The Egyptian mummy of our pretend civil society – that long-dead O’Gorman – objected as would be expected.
In other words – ineffectively and completely off- point.

So, now in queensland you can be imprisoned for having a noisy party.

Question – will they make that retrospective and ‘in the officer’s opinion’?

Obviously there is some relationship between having a face that looks like a rotten spud and having a brain that reasons as effectively as a rotten spud.

Meanwhile his pals in meth production for the mining industry get away with murder.

Way it seems is that Heinrich Himmler (the, once,  chickenfarmer) had more moral fibre than his new age clone, this Dempsey, reichsfuhrer der SS fur queensland.

Though maybe officially frowned upon by the somewhat anally retentive masters of the third reich – the odd loud party, as such, was not proscribed at law.

Nonetheless the freedom fighter O’Gorman can’t quite work it out.

What might be ‘deemed’ to be a noisy party in queensland once their shitty law is passed?

Maybe my wife and son braying loudly at my frequent bad jokes – just as the paddywagon passes our front door?

One thing is for sure.
They refuse to act upon a direct and intended threat to lives and property perpetrated by their koala mates.

Yeah. It is ‘okay’ for his mates to disrupt our peace and okay for his pigforce to accuse us of breaching the peace when his drugfucked pets shout this stuff at us late at night.

So, good luck queenslanders.

In a few days time having a barbecue won’t be permitted here in queensland.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


I heard the other day on the National propaganda outlet that liquid natural gas prices will rise when the ‘big men’ begin exploiting our assets of that stuff big time.

What a mob of jerks.
Anyone with any brains would realise the situation of ‘economies of scale’.

But here we have it yet again.
Australian citizens (according to this dickwit) have to cough up more moolah for something they already/collectively own.
All somewhat like the war criminal, howard selling Telstra to Australians.

Selling the fools who fell for it – something they already owned.

So now it is ‘fossil fuel’.

Having to pay more for a thing that is THEIR resource – so that it can be exported to someone else at the ‘right price’.

What a complete load of crap!


There is an underclass of complete morons in this great south land.
It seems that half the population of them have moved into this burg lately.

Who knows where the filth came from – but most of them will move on in a few months.
It is a bi-annual cycle here.
One lot arrives at the start of summer – last six months or so – occupy housing below the floodline – then move on.

If the weather is kind – they are replaced, at the start of winter, by another mob moving into what the the previous punters have recently left.

Yep. A twice yearly ripoff of the last of their assets – the poor buggers.

They aren’t completely stupid – at least not by much.

So while they temporaly occupy every Aussie’s dream and get behind with their somewhat shonky mortgages it begins to occur to them that they’ve been gulled by experts.
Of course. Being somewhat conservative by nature they leave it to the last moment to contact those ‘agencies’ allegedly placed there to help them out.

Only to find that those ‘agencies’ are actually set up to suck ‘em dry of their last dollars.

That’s when they finally go ballistic after discovering that they’ve been duped

That’s when violence begins in the streets.
So who is causing this grief?

Anyone smart enough to perceive cause and effect might take a look at the CVs of the sort we have in our local/regional councils.
The vast majority are into real-estate – or is that unreal-estate?

A reasonable person would easily assume that they are there to feather their own nests – not for any reasons of altruism.

They tell me that a referendum is happening with the next federal raffle.
The masters want us to ‘legitimise’ local government.

In other words they (the masters) want us to give these local ‘government bastards the legal right to rip us off blind.

Good luck to you if you are mug enough to fall for that one.

Friday, July 5, 2013


Look at the dropkicks. Look carefully.

They stand out like dog’s balls on every streetscape.
Their apparel shouts it to the skies – ‘look at me – I’m a peasant’.

What shouts that to the skies?

The ridiculous clothes they wear on the job – and increasingly often they wear everywhere.

Ugly polyester shirts and daggy trousers with retroflective stripes.

It almost seems as if they are proud of their ubermensch status – which they seem to insist on proving.

Bumbling halfwits dressed in day-glo orange – apparently the overseer class.

Then the serfs wearing green or yellow.

About two-thirds of the population these days seem to be dressed like stupid bloody mobile traffic lights.

God only knows where they came from – other than down south.
‘Demographics change’.

These days I wish I were a sociologist with tenure.
I could keep my family fed for some years writing up a paper about how completely stupidly braindead these blonks are – meanwhile so carefully identifying their origins and  motivation.

They even have a sub-class of ‘wannabes’ bumping about our public spaces pretending they are something they are most definitely not.

“Gor! Lookatim! He’s important – a dayglo shirt, but he gets to wear thongs – where can I apply for his job?”

It is so completely sad and has gone well beyond a joke.
A person always suspected that there is something wrong with this society.

Somehow these brightly clad dupes have proven the case.

How best to put it?

Some months back a raffle was held here in queensland.
The brainless idiots mentioned above chose to put their bet on the conservatives (they wanted to vote against that bligh and had no other choice).
In result, ‘queensland’ became ‘newmania’.

And now that governance in ‘newmania’ has collapsed – the streets are being occupied and run by these dickheads in flouro shirts – the new and visible ‘proletariat’.

So – welcome all you old Queenslanders to the new outlaw state of ‘FLOURISTAN’.


Somehow I survived their sort of careless stupidity – encountered as a matter of course with any job in Bjelke Petersen’s Queensland back in the late 60s/early 70s.

If a bloke could read the future he would have joined a hippie colony instead of ‘doing time’ in a sugar mill.
What a mob of useless, dangerous, uncaring – weird - tossers they all were.

But now it is Kev’s fault that some kids died on the job fitting insulation in queensland ceilings?

Okay. I get it.
Jurisdiction doesn’t matter?

So somehow Kev, as the bloke in charge then, has to cop the blame for the heinous situation under queensland industrial law?

That suits me.
If it runs that way then the reverse can be applied.

In other words that arsehole Beattie was directly responsible for the death of my first-born son in result of serving in the Defence Reserves – 9 RQR.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Shit yeah.
Real world living.
These shits moved in some years ago.
They have ‘contacts’.
The locality has gone to hell and beyond since they moved in.

A feature of this is the number of dropkicks endlessly lurking about the place.
It seems to make them feel comfortable to wear this slave garb of  day-glo shirts.
They seem to get their jollies from wearing (what seems to us) this slave garb.

I doubt whether they can ever begin to imagine how stupid they look.

Put it this way –
Go out any day in this sorry little burgh and at least 50% of the male population is dressed in day-glo shirts of some sort or another.
Some do seem genuine  but others not.

I doubt whether the reeling, spavined creeps wearing dime-store flouro shirts, shorts and thongs on their smelly feet are genuine ‘service workers’.
Yet this town is full of ‘em – fuckwit wannabes with minus zero intelligence or any understanding of where their pathetic behaviour will finally lead.

And they are the pits because for some reason they have come to believe that they are ‘empowered’.

It has long ceased to be a problem for them for them to drop their dacks and do a shit in your gutter.

This, I’m sure is what beattie meant by ‘demographics change in queensland’.

Just move to queensland, buy some day-glo shirts from some reject shop – then lurk the neighbourhoods acting worse than the mongol hordes.

“Off their face” – was a term I first heard in the mid 1970’s imported here by some wog immigrant from Melbourne.
That is, he was Melbourne born – but a complete wog in attitude.
Yet his only problem, back then, was too much Buddha and the odd spike.

A benign pussycat in comparison to the pigdogs over the road these last years.
EDIT - (Indeed, at least he was house-trained and canny enough to avoid crapping too much on his host's turf.)

Surprising that this world of nausea could be happening in this happy electorate.

What electorate?

That of the police minister of queensland.
That electorate.
His electorate.

On the ball that boy.
Making sure that his interests ain’t compromised by anything like concerned representations from his electors.

In fact, he makes sure that nothing whatsoever reaches his desk by employing staff who abuse the stuffing out of anyone stupid enough to contact his office – then tell that citizen to piss off.

A reasonable person could come to the opinion that the bastard is corrupt.

Which could lead to another missive – “How queensland works”.


More street theatre -

Abbortt won’t come to the show.

Might it be that he feels somewhat intellectually challenged if he happened to accept such a challenge?

Could it be that he’d founder if confronted with some real issues?

Strike me pink – Kev even offered to let jughead set the agenda.

Even then he’s not game to front up.

The bludger has been keen enough the last three plus years.

So what is his problem now – other than his reasonable expectation that he’ll be made to look like a complete idiot.

Perhaps that poor inarticulate sod could offer, say, Turnbull, as his proxy, to engage in verbal warfare with our (not so) new premier?

But that can’t happen without the risk of another coup with the conservatives.

If it were not so serious the show would be a complete scream.

In fact – what a complete scream it must appear to those of our trading partners.
We believe we can forget about how stupid we appear to our allies – ‘cos they are the  sick bastards who have engineered all this hate.

We, collectively, are on a sabre’s edge.
If we cannot get past this wealth of squabble – then the Common-Wealth is fucked beyond recall.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Why shouldn’t Mr. Rudd have the grace of a sort of compressed timeframe to attempt finishing how he began the miserable and unrewarding task of being premier of this dump.

Even the deaf and blind can accept that those retiring from the laborites are a mob of self interested, meretricious, bastards.

Funny, isn’t it that the smarmy press never mention that a fair few of the opposition are past their use-by-date too?

What exactly was gillard’s game by declaring an election date so far in the future that without any doubt it had HM’s opposition barking like the proverbial junk-yard dogs?

Baying like junk-yard dogs interspersed with the odd pious statement/lament about cross-party support for utter flapoola whenever they think the punters will halfway believe them.

Stap me; if, in the old days, they were the supporting act in a music-hall show they’d cop the ballistic custard pies and rotten spuds.

Now is the time to do that – for the peasants to go ballistic with representations to these bludgers hoping to win the next raffle.

Nail the buggers down now – because you won’t ever get to meet with the creeps once they’ve won their shiny little seats.

All of which, none of which has addressed the core problem with these floggers.

None of them seem to be aware that they are placed there (as stupid as our arbitrary process is) to REPRESENT their electorate and the everyday problems of those in their electorate.

That includes those howsoever disenfranchised by our brain-dead bastard system.

In one sense – nothing will change – whoever ‘wins’.

But that is their eternal confidence trick.
It isn’t THEM supposed to win – those raffle winning pricks.

It is supposed to be YOU, the populace – who by carefully placing your vote gains a reasoned parliament.

But you fools cannot work out what is provided under the constitution – nor are you valiant enough to band together and cry ‘foul’.

Good luck – and don’t forget to put a buck each way on the next one.