Tuesday, July 16, 2013



''so-called market in the non-delivery of an invisible substance to no one''.

Yet as Turnbull said years ago - drop a block of dry ice on your foot, Tony, and you’ll know about it, big time.

But that’s the problem with our politics and no-one will accept that the whole lot of these raffle winners might be all so completely wrong.

All wrong, but especially Abbortt and his greedy mob.

A fair few of our intelligencia have come to the view that climate change is something outside our human means to control.

After all, volcanoes, natural eruptions and the like spew immensely more into our atmosphere than any human abstinence of that ‘carbon’ resource could ever hope to reduce.

Then impending zero oil?

Forget it. The old wells, remarkably, are producing again.
Deeper wells produce immensely more.

In fact the whole show about the tailspin into doom of our usage of mineral (earth origin) fuel is a crock of complete crap.

But as Abbott once said in entirely another context – “shit happens”.

I suppose shit will always happen if his sort keep winning those raffles.

Or the stupid buggers keep pretending they didn’t lose the last big one, big time, back in 2007.

Whatever the situation resulting from the next raffle – you poor bloody peasants will be screwed hollow, hell west and crooked by those ‘winners’ of that raffle.

In a few more months your lights won’t work at night.
You WILL have no power for heating or preserving food.
And you will not be able to afford fuel to drive or catch affordable public transport to the supermarket and back anyway.

In short, 22 plus million of you are of no account whatsoever.

It isn’t so much about you bludgers poisoning the earth (but it would help if you fuckwits shut down your motors instead of enjoying your free air while you are parked) but more about legislating your mobility out of existence (which will inevitably happen if you refuse to shut down your tonka-toy motors when you park).

Someone once said that there is nothing as gullible as an Australian.

It looks like you floggers intend to prove him outasight right.

Standing back and looking at the situation the greenies and the ‘progressive’ raffle winners keep making bald statements about how we should drastically reduce our ‘carbon signature’.

Meanwhile these fuckwits, as mentioned, gas us all to buggery in their stinking SUVs.
They drive like the own the road and, once again, as mentioned, refuse to shut the stinkers down when and wherever they park.
(I'll just sit here in the aircon while hubby visits the brothel.)

If brought to task about their stinking, polluting, goddamned ignoramus behaviour – these dorks say that ‘since it ain’t illegal’ they’ll keep their shitbox gas guzzlers running.

Now, if I did the same in front of their hovels these bogans would be out with their machetes.

Yet that abbott crackpot keeps on about these boat people and their potential for bad manners.

I reckon that one thing will deter this invasion from overseas of all those potential terrorists.

It’ll be the disgusting behaviour of our lower-deck filth from the southern states.

If abbort wins the next raffle and wants to stop the boats – then all he has to do is deport the southern scum out of queensland and back to nsw and victoria and have ‘em wait there for the new arrivals.

The ‘boat-people’, the ‘queue jumpers’ will get such a fright from these turkeys that, at first sight of 'em, they’ll be back to wherever they came from in a flash.

Which will leave us only having to contend with arrogant bloody asiatics expecting we citizens to crawl into the gutter as they step boldly forth wherever they want.

Not all of them; but a fair number of them are as ignorant as our worst cases from down south.

The future looks bleak either way.

in my youth I stupidly accepted as fact an essentially European Australia with the proviso that our ‘first people’ would later be rightfully taking more than a fair share in our future.

Politicians are playing another game.

It isn’t only the first people being progressively denied their rightful place – but white Australians are being sidelined too.

I’d like to suggest to the Elders of the First People that the whiteys are being exploited as a political buffer placed in the way of your ambitions.
Repeat - the elders of the first people should give careful consideration to what is happening - the eternal divide and conquer thing.
In fact the same game as they play off the 'comfortable' against the desperate.

Our destiny should be as an Asian nation.
OUR Asian Nation.

Perhaps as hateful as our history was – OUR Asian Nation now – where and when we come to some real accord before the place is, by default, overcome and sold off to hostile interests.


  1. Kantankerous PrickJuly 16, 2013 at 5:04 AM

    Been reading Arthur C Clarke, have you?

    What happens then when you are proved wrong?
    I believe in climate change, global warming and oceans rising.

    I KNOW that I am right.

    I defy you to prove otherwise.

    1. Actually Kant, I was talking about the way it goes here in ‘orstraya’.

      That’s the way they say it down south – Australia is ‘orstraya’.

      Too bloody lazy to say the word properly.

      Mob of pigdogs, in my opinion.

      Which brings me to mention the phonecall we had this evening about the meth lab busts down our street.

      Of course, not those protected fuckwits over the road.
      Just the no consequence small-timers down the road.

      I’d been wondering why the flabby gutted pig-dog pretending to ‘manage’ the chew and spew over the road had been hanging over his back fence glowering our way all afternoon?

      I’d been wondering why this turkey of similar phizz, a prison haircut and lots of tatts was hanging off the fence beside the dork for hours on end.
      Mutter, mutter – point their goopy finger – look threatening – then finally piss off when the light failed.
      Like bullies in the schoolyard.

      Not a problem – their sort breed like rabbits – are oxygen thieves and pollute the earth.

      But why do they get to continue with their games when small time players go to jail for brewing small time stuff when these arseholes get away with industrial scale filth production for the mining/transport industries?

      Is it something about ‘economies of scale’?

      In other words do they have the rollover income to pay off the ‘right people’?
      Like the police?

      What has that to do with anything?
      Not a lot in the grand order of things other than the shit we have to endure on a daily basis.

      Is that why the gendarmes, their crimestoppers mob, the cmc, the office of the premier of newmania – the whole rotten mob in a completely dysfunctional queensland – are in on the game of selling mind numbing shit to all those turkeys out there wearing those ridiculous flouro shirts?

      Is that what’s it about?

      Watch out.
      Any flogger coming down the road wearing that sort of clobber might be bug-eyed and completely off his trolley?

      Anyway Kant –
      That’s what I was talking about.
      God only knows what your problem is in this world when decent people have alltogether too many.

      Bless you regardless.

  2. Wow, Klaus,
    I had to read it a few times to gather what you were on about.

    I get it now.
    If the sort invading queensland from the southern states were deported back to the southern states.
    Back to those southern states being populated by the emigrants - then those emigrants (the lot Carr doesn't want) would be amazed to find that this dump wouldn't be the asay takeover they believe.

    They'd have active competition and preexisting organised crime.