Tuesday, July 30, 2013


There has to be a raffle some day soon.
It would be best to be patient in order to give Kev MK11 a fair go and have that election as late as can be possible.

Cos the amoral, unscrupulous arseholes who rule your pathetic little lives want to keep exploiting you.

Best you all leave Kev alone for a few months and let him drive Jughead to chewing his carpet in utter frustration.

Meanwhile at least inform your sorry selves about massively increased oil production – one helluva lot of which is oozing out of once declared extinct wells.

Something is wrong with that old saw about oil being a finite resource.

Appears that the scaremongers and mindbenders were,at least, partly wrong.

It seems that here in Oz, we have centuries of supplies and enough is bubbling out of the ground in America to last into the next millennium.

All of that somehow loosens the grip of Coles and Woolworths off your goolies.

Well, it would if you take notice of fact.

Wherein lies the problem.

Not many of you bludgers are energetic enough even to go google some fact from the pissant internet.

Just imagine it – you halfwits. The real price of petrol is about a dollar a goddamned gallon.
You’ll be able to park your smoking shitboxes anywhere you like while gassing out the neighbourhood.

So why not get into the jughead or Mr. Rudd and demand that they tell you the truth about why you are all being screwed hollow by woolies and coles for your pathetically small ration of fuel?

Too much bother?
You might UPSET someone?

You gutless creatures.

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  1. Are you serious?

    Oil production is increasing?

    Therefore the price of supply should be dropping?

    So why hasn’t anyone told me?

    Who do I talk to about this?