Sunday, July 14, 2013


How do I know?
The stink of garbage dump smoke endlessly coming through out windows.

Which means that early tomorrow morning there will be this other strange smell – a mixture of vomit, diesel fuel and paint thinners.

That stench usuall follows the garbage dump smoke.

So “what does a meth lab smell like” –

Which means if we are downwind from their shit - we have to endure a series of disturbing symptoms – like shitting our pants if we accidentaslly cough, puking our guts out without any notice – stopping breathing – chest pains – extreme pain/ numbness in the limbs/extremities and a wild desire to go over the road and kill these shiteheels causing us all this grief.

Why that wild desire to kill ‘em?

Mainly because they are KILLING US along with a few others in our vicinity.

I would suppose that has something to do with the fact that we are INVOLUNTARILY being subject to methamphetamine intoxication as a matter of being downwind from the lab set up there by those arseholes.

Not our choice that we have to breathe their exhaust – but by god it plays the fuck with your sense of decorum.
It drives your inhibitions out the door.

Back to the shit we have to endure -

It’ll start leaking through our home sometime between six or seven tomorrow morning so that if I wake up then I’ll be as fresh as a daisy – but if I drop off back to sleep I’ll wake up with something like the world’s worst hangover.

Something like being bashed across the back of the head with a two by four.

They seem to run a cycle of production.
Now that I’ve noticed I can fairly well predict how sick we’ll be on a given day.

Now, is there some way to get the message across – we don’t want to be downwind from these dickheads.

Nonetheless we are NOT going to move out of our home under threat from a mob of jerk blow-ins temporarily across the road.

Meanwhile these fuckwits get to play a sort of semaphore game with the mobile signage in front of their dump.

They wheel out a blackboard with ‘red emperor $5’ the next day after they’ve been doing a brew.

Today they wheeled the blackboard out the front with no text on it whatsoever.

I’ve been thinking about that all bloody day.

Who the hell would be stupid enough to wheel a bare blackboard out in front of their chew an’ spew?

Unless they were poisoned by their own brew?

Are they as stupid as that or does it mean that no ‘red emperor’ is available today?

What red emperor?
This red emperor?

I have seen that arsehole over the road roll one of his unconscious customers just a few steps down the street.
He kicked the poor bastard over, went through his pockets, then stole his wallet as this poor smacked out bastard was lying, unconscious in the gutter.

We’ve had ‘interesting’ people knock on our door late at night to ask whether ‘madam’ over the road is available to score a deal.

A nice part of the world I/we live in these days since these pig-dogs moved in and started elbowing and muscling to expand their sphere of influence in this regional dump.

Judging by the filth turning up over the road it seems like these shiteheels keep brewing their poison for truckies, the inmates of the mining industry and the like.

If they keep their toxic exhaust blowing through my home – it is coming to the crunch.

One day soon I might decide to walk over the road, drop my dacks and drop a couple of pints of my reeking, watery shit right down there in the middle of their shop floor.

Probably wouldn’t even be noticed judging by the behaviour of their 'customers'.

Would the joke justice system of queensland understand why I’d do such an outrageous thing as that?

I doubt it.

There is no way that they’d accept as evidence - notice from their own official information about citizens being poisoned by police condoned drug labs.

But that is there in the official record.

Not when the fuckwit ex-sergeant police minister himself and his brother, sweet Michael Dempsey, are in on the job of driving citizens from their homes.

Yep – we’ve had the occasional natural disaster here and fat jack, his brother mick and that longtime Neville twat (must be close to death’s door) have been doing their best to take advantage of every poor bastard’s misfortune.

Anyone else on that game?

Chrissakes, give us a break.
Go to the ‘regional council’ pages.

Where you will find yet another mob of corrupt scheming bastards whose entire life is focused on ripping you punters off blind, west and crooked..

The whole shower are nothing but exploiters of other people’s misfortune.

‘What democracy, what politics – what a complete clusterfuck the whole show has become’


  1. Bruce Teedswell, ANUJuly 14, 2013 at 5:44 AM

    Creeps aren't they.
    The not so silent majority are abject creeps.
    Nothing to be done about that excep accept that their use-by date will usually come up before you lose your patience.
    Just hang in fella and they'll soon be gone.

  2. ARTHUR, the authorJuly 15, 2013 at 2:48 AM

    As it happens, Bruce,
    today they've began moving downto premises the other side of the pub.

    That should make their core activity more easily available to their victims.

    It beggars the question why they'd want to move down to where it floods with stunning regularity.

    Maybe their cash product is mobile enough to move out at a moment's notice.

    That'd fairly describe meth, wouldn't it?

    But I'm sure the principals of that outfit over the road will keep their chained dogs running the chew an' spew there.

    Seven days a week of their sort of dickhead and their gross customers lurking about there, day and night.

    Now Bruce, never mistake for a second that I have a hate on anyone stupid enough to resort to drugs.

    It is their sort of shiteheel EXPLOITING those poor buggers they're selling their poison to.
    The junkies are innocent victims in my view.

    Their sort of manipulative psycho are giving the poor old weed dealer of days gone by - a bad name.

    And one generation on it is impossible for us to accept that the queensland police farce condone and support their criminality.

    Enough said?