Thursday, July 25, 2013


As I understand it we have had for quite some time a senior naval officer, an admiral, in the situation of overseeing our naval choke points, our approaches and our littoral zone.

This is about his ‘Operation Sovereign, thingy’.

Anyone would expect that a bloke, not the full quid, should shut up about something beyond his reach.

So what the hell does abbott want?

A jump up in rank and someone foolish enough at that seniority to commit themselves to running our concentration camps for him?

Someone senior enough, yet paradoxically stupid enough to go to the war crimes tribunals for him – once this shitfight is over?

Maybe that’s why there has been one helluva lot of phonecalls to the defence super fund from the offices of our star rank commanders today.

But surely that won’t worry abbott.

All he has to do is promote a corporal, wham, bam thank you ma,am up through the ranks – if, that is, this nation is braindead enough to let his team win the next raffle.

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