Friday, July 26, 2013

"Most of us are sick of being either stuffed about or ignored by you collective klatch of greedy idiots."

I found his page and tried to send him a comment here -

National Security ™ was obviously operating his firewall.
So I decided to do it this way – on these pages –

An open letter to Bill Shorten, soon to be a pensioned off mp –

Dear Bill,
Now that you and labor have shed Abbott’s best ally it might be best for you to tell me, after more than three years of wasted time, what I/we can expect if by some miracle labor retains the slimmest majority in parliament in the future.

I’m confident as to what I can expect with Abbott as majority leader (certainly, I cannot bring myself to call him a potential premier) – yet as so many are saying – in this next raffle we are confronted with a Hobson’s choice either way.

So forget the poor bloody reffos, illegal aliens and the like and just for once tell me what you intend to offer we Australian citizens for a change.

A spot of actual representation might make a change.

Addressing such social issues as have been completely suppressed these last years is obviously something that has been stuffed completely under the event-horizon of all you so called ‘representatives’ af any persuasion for too many decades.

Try having a lash at some of this before the date of the next raffle is declared.

A hint. None of you live on Alpha Centauri – rather here on the once great south land.
Give some regard to the fact that most of us are sick of being systematically either stuffed about or ignored by you collective klatch of greedy idiots.

Try thinking about it if possible.
Your team might actually gain a few points.

What say you?

Best regards,
A cantankerous old fart

PS –
Don’t think for a second that I only refer to you laborites.
The whole show of you bludgers are all the same – as are everyone who works for you in your beyond dysfunctional offices and alleged agencies of governance.
Even those few decent people left under your collective influence are too bloody scared to ever risk their job by doing the right thing according to their jurisdiction, job description, or charter of ethics.

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