Sunday, July 21, 2013

“The responsibility is ours. We must reclaim our political identities as citizens, not consumers of politics. We can use old-fashioned methods of writing to and meeting with our local members. We can use new opportunities presented by organisations such as GetUp! and the plethora of web-based organisations that allow us to build petitions and grow campaigns about issues we care deeply about. We can become ''citizen journalists'', investigating the issues that concern us and partnering with progressive media to tell the stories. There are many ways to engage. We are limited only by our imaginations and our capacity to break with the cynicism and exhaustion that the current mediacracy produces.”

All of which is a screaming joke.
Unless you happen to be an accident of nepotism, either by birth or association – then you have absolutely no chance of any sort of meaningful interaction with the raffle winners.

They simply don’t give a continental once they’ve won their ‘seats’.
It is as crooked as the old ‘shell game’ in the circus sideshow.

There is absolutely no way any (shall we say, ‘non-aligned’) citizen confronted with any complex issue causing them real detriment will ever have a proper hearing, let alone be delivered a just solution by putting their valid representations to these raffle winners in our legislatures.

Local government doesn’t even exist according to our federal constitution.
The states are equally mangy in most cases.
And the feds exist more or less because they insist it exists according to a hairy arsed scrap of paper that doesn’t even recognize our municipal/local authorities.

Anyone with half a brain would choke laughing at all this.

But clearly Australians can’t be bothered to notice how they’ve been gulled all these years.

And the circus is coming to town.

Instead of any sort of discourse, comment, dissent about this execrable situation – the raffle winners in what they claim to be the pompous three tiers of ‘politics’ want us to vote off the last vestige of our rights and hand our municipal governance over to a greedy, incestuous mob of real-estate con-men and con-women.

Interesting, that!

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