Tuesday, July 30, 2013


In this part of the world a person who refuses to watch tee vee - or buy any of the disgustingly biased blether churned out by monopolistic newspapers - must rely upon our national propaganda outfit for the occasional episode (our dose of) of brain-rape.

Actually they are quite depressingly good at it.

The last few months when they haven’t had Madam Gillard facing execution they’ve been driving every hypochondriac into an early grave simply through the process of monotonous repetition; the disgorging of every imaginable physical/medical ailment and the inevitable dire consequences.
Consequences confronting each and every member of the human race.

I have no idea why they must carry on that way – but they do.

According to them the real terror is there in full flood. Some cross-species pandemic will have you and your extended family nothing but mould covered bones before next effing weekend.

Maybe that’s what they’re up to. These wankers want us to have a raffle (election?) as soon as possible for some reason.
Maybe they believe their scare tactics might somehow project their agenda?

Not to have a raffle win for abbott – but to film us fitfully staggering like zombies toward the ballot with bits and spare parts falling off our diseased carapaces?

Such WOULD make for a scoop – but hopefully just as unlikely as Kev acceding to their strident demands for an early election.

As Phillip Adams frequently says – the only thing between this continuum of misery and the real world is that no bastard ever listens to any of the floggers at the ‘Gay Bee Cee’ (ABC ™) anyway.

Let’s reject such scare tactics out of hand.
Our private poll held the last few days and numbercrunched this afternoon finds Kev and the greens well ahead of that mirthless klatch, the overconfident and overweening oppos.

The reason is obvious.
Anyone with half a brain can see the late resources glitch folding like a dying spider.

All those happy little bludgers out there in ‘minesville’ would have voted for jughead if those dollars kept rolling in.

Except they soon will not.

A bitter choice will soon be confronting them between the dole or somehow finding the energy to fit in something like, at least eight, eighteen hour, shifts each week.

Yep. If they’ve had the time to chill out enough to listen to the news lately – they’ll find that their circumstances and their bargaining power are about to change.

And if they all believe that it is ‘okay’ for Jughead to condemn thousands of refugees to tent camps – then the should take time to consider how they’ll be living in mining camps under a jughead regime.

Think about that, dudes.
Abbott will surely bring in peter Reith as consultant while reconfiguring the workplace regimes of your ‘industry’.

Just imagine all that.
Having to work your rings off with SFA disposable income and not even five dollars spare for a tab or two?

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  1. DIMBULB WRITES INJuly 30, 2013 at 2:53 AM

    Had you ever considered that the peasantry should be denied disposable income?
    They don’t know how to make use of spare funds and usually cause mucho trouble for everyone whenever they access it.

    Once the bludgers get their toe –in they get pissed – then start experimenting with cheap drugs – the useless dolts.

    Beattie raised this issue of the great southern migration into Queensland years ago.

    That and the colossal screw up over blowing away all our finances in the sub-primes disaster ended his crooked regime.
    He bailed out like someone shot down at 40000 feet.
    If he hadn’t been so nimble he would have crashed and burned.
    A shame that he didn’t.

    In the meantime we have to patch up his damage – the amoral turd.

    The result – a bankrupt queesland overpopulated by drugfucked blow-ins occupying every corner of this corrupt little state.

    As you mention, the best chance we have is that they’ll all bugger off back home – or to their next opportunity somewhere else.

    I reckon that Kev is waiting for them to bugger off somewhere else pre the next election.

    But somehow I have to concede that a firecracker up their arses won’t move ‘em on in sufficient time.