Monday, July 8, 2013


I began writing this as I listened to abject drivel on GayBee Cee radio this evening.
Whalid Ali is the ‘compere’.
They are blethering again about laborite coups.

Obviously they couldn’t get any commies ‘on’ tonight – so they had to rely upon some rightie journos with an adverse view about recent events.

Funny how these ‘guests’ grovel in order to push their sickeningly narrow little theme.

None of ‘em appear to have any regard for the fact that this coup bullsh would happen less often if modern communications were utilized effectively and efficiently to have the POPULACE gain some oversight and control of our alleged representatives in parliament.

Oh, of course, a pipe dream.
Of course it is a pipe dream.

This dump is still essentially a penal colony with the descendants of the rum corps still running the show.

That IS the way it has been running since 1788.

There’s NO BLOODY WAY the inbred halfwits of our political caste are going to let anyone of any intelligence into our legislatures –
  1. Firstly and obviously it would show the whole shower up
  2. If by some trick of circumstance some bright spark arrived in the public arena – anything sensible they put to the peanut rush would be instantly misinterpreted by that same peanut rush.

Perhaps that is why those dorks pretending to be our intelligentsia have been complaining bitterly about the ‘braindrain’ away from Australia these last many years?

Nope. Something bad is happening here in dear old Oz.

It would be too easy to indicate that the majority of the population are disempowered and disenfranchised by years of the abysmal conduct and zero performance of our raffle winners (our alleged elected representatives) in most of our jurisdictions.

Yet more to the point – there seems to be this cloud of apathy resembling a pea-soup fog – choking any reasoned discourse anywhere in this godforsaken dump.


  1. Next you'll be suggesting that our politicians are lizards lurking under rubber masks.

    Okay. They act as if they are lizards lurking under rubber masks - but so do used car salesmen.

    Anything to add to that?

  2. Dear Legion,
    If they look like lizards and act like lizards - then the probably ARE lizards.

    They tell me that, even with modern technology, it gets hot under those masks.

    Look at the Abbott mask.
    The ears are puffing up and the eye sockets are bulging.

    Then with all the stress of the recent disappointment - it does tend to hiss too much between phrases.

    A bluetongue, maybe?

    1. Hello again Cally,

      A bluetongue maybe.
      Abbott certainly isn't a blue-stocking - unlike Daffy Downer.

      Back to the main theme.
      If anyone would care to look at Australian politics for the last five years - it has become somewhat fraught with self-interest.

      Before the next el - (before the next raffle - as you people put it) I intend to place some stoppers in the face of seething greed and ambition.

      It is undoubtedly a race against time - but let's see how it goes.

  3. J Winston HowardJuly 10, 2013 at 8:59 AM

    Listen scheemeel,
    I CREATED the cloud of apathy hanging OVER our politics.
    It took decades.
    I invented that thing about saying "LOOK".

    Look at what was a moot point but I invented it.
    Even laborites are still saying 'look'.

    Now 'LOOK' I want to be the next Governor General with that Mr. Abbott as my Prime Minister.

    So get out there and tell your relativbes and freghnds to voite for me/him.

    If you have any doubt about that - go to the webpage and pledge your generous contribution.

    You want me to provide it here?

    Go shag yourself.
    Be self-assertive and google it yourself, you lazy creep!