Sunday, September 23, 2012

“DO WE HAVE TO PERISH?” Or - I can’t smell the neighbourhood meth lab or the bloke burning those mango tree roots two houses up the street; what with all that smog blurting from that frigging sugar mill!

So why, lately, have we -
·        been coughing our guts out,
·        waking with nosebleeds,
·        watching our mammalian pets sicken and die,
·        finding it impossible to balance the PH in the fishtank
·        seeing our plants yellow and die

Sunday arvo 20 minutes to 3 o’clock and from 3 kilometres away I can hear the roar of steam being released form the boiler safety valves.

Ah God, another stuff-up - a long chain of stuff-ups in a not too difficult process plant management train.

But that’s not what prompted me to begin writing this article.

The mill blurting several thousand dollars worth of steam out into the atmosphere just now was pure coincidence - or looking at it another way, such a common occurance it had to happen at some stage while I’m writing this.

Back to the theme –
”a big empty space in the skyline of Bundaberg East from tomorrow, when the chimney stack at Millaquin Mill is removed” - “manager David Pickering said the 62m stack would be removed in sections”
”There’s always been this great big stack sticking up in the middle of the community.”
“Mr Pickering said the old stack had provided many years of service, but wear and tear meant it had to be replaced.”

For convenience and brevity I shall call Mr. David Pickering – 'Dave' – in the commentary –

Yes Dave. The old engineers knew they needed a stack that high to keep the air in Bundaberg reasonably free of smoke pollution. It worked – except for about half a dozen days a year when we had the inevitable mid-crushing inversion layer occurrences associated with the seasonal weather.
You would have records and drawings of all that Dave – exactly how they went about it.

While he was unsure how long this particular stack had been in place, Mr Pickering said the mill had been there since 1882 and there would always have been stacks since that time.”

I guess you could have added that they’ve always been bloody high until now. Eh Dave!

Mr Pickering said removing the old stack gave the company the chance to replace it with a new 35m version that would have less impact on the community.”
“part of a $40 million upgrade of the - Millaquin site. - equipment already in place had proved beneficial to the environment - reduced stack emissions to industry best practice, which had made them 14 times better in - environmental performance than before.”
Okay Dave, I get it now. You are playing with words.  Being shorter they’d have less impact on the community – IF, HA HA, THEY FELL OVER!
You ARE being a bit of a jokester there.
I almost missed that one.

Back to the boardroom of BS. (Bundy Sugar)
You’ve had to demonstrate a willingness to install some pollution reduction equipment to gain your carbon brownie points or risk being penalised.
So you’ve done that but gone the swings and roundabouts way and cheaped out on a few other items like stacks (that’s stacks plural) of adequate height.
Any halfbaked engineer can see your compromise there – escalating materials/construction costs – the need to increase mill throughput, while economising on everything.
Of course Bundaberg is going to get gassed out. Stands to reason since the shareholders demand a return for their money – besides which, the citizens are all too gutless to complain about anything as inconsequentially piffling as emphysema and black-lung.

“He said fossil fuel use at the site was being reduced as the mill moved
towards being a self-contained processor and power generator using renewable
energy from sugar cane waste.”

Oh wow Dave. I could have sworn that a certain sugar mill (where a lifetime ago I endured my engineering traineeship) fired its boilers with bagasse (what you call ‘renewable energy/sugar cane waste’) at about 98% of the time.
They also used bunker oil instead of coal for black starts and contingencies.
That was back in the early 1970s, though, Dave.

What’s the go Dave? Did the mills go into a bit of an enviro/efficiency backslide after I left?
But I s’pose you’d call me the liar.

”end of next year we plan to be using a minimal amount of coal - last year, steam engines replaced with electric mill drives that had contributed to increased reliability and better performance. New equipment installed this year - give the mill capacity to
crush 400 tonnes cane/hour.”

Was propaganda mentioned somewhere else on this blog?

Dave’s last few comments let us know why he needs those two shorty smokestacks. It fails to tell us that those stacks do not and can not get Dave’s nice clean, world’s best practice, chronic smoke pollution to clear the environs of this sorry, sickening, yet uncomplaining, little burg.

Before I forget -
“Contractors are now putting the finishing touches on the 1000-tonne circular bagasse storage system as part of the major upgrade.”

Well, Dave calls it a bagasse storage system. I call it a 1000 tonne bomb perched on legs at just the right height to blow apart the East side of town if it ever catches on fire.
Won’t do that Dave?
I disagree.
Smokestacks that can’t scavenge the boiler combustion chambers well enough to clear the environs of combustion gas are potentially going to dump hot gases and embers close downwind.
Your bagasse roundhouse is downwind from your stacks right now Dave.
And we’ve been copping your smoke too.
Then as you bloody well know you don’t need an external source of combustion.

For you gardeners out there -

For those who care about the space in which they live -
Extract – “A 2006 CSB study identified 281 combustible dust fires and explosions between 1980 and 2005 that killed 119 workers and injured 718, and extensively damaged industrial facilities.”

This author’s wife was commissioned to research and write an article for a local newspaper about the dumping of  massive quantities bagasse in a council garbage facility.
Being my lady wife and knowing of my  sugar mill acquired engineering background she asked me about the wisdom of burying bagasse underground.
I detailed what I have been now been able to corroborate thanks to the internet.
She wrote her article and was told that essentially she was scaremongering and going too far with suppositions.
She resigned.
About a month later after a few days of light rain that garbage dump caught on fire.
That fire kept burning underground for many months.
These days thirty or so years later voids collapse there leaving gaping holes in the turf.
What was supposed to be reclaimed swamp land for use as sports grounds still cannot be used.

If anyone cannot detect a theme here – it is about begging people to have their say.

Our cities. Those who win the raffles of election and usurp control of our lives simply because we are too busy – stressed out or gutless to regain control of our circumstances are systematically being replaced by incompetence.

This is happening everywhere.
Completely desperate toolheads take on jobs at a non-union rate and work a 35 hour week at the regular rate of 20 hours a day/8 days a week.
God only knows how they can pretend they are even functional but somehow they leak into sensible communities and bugger up everything for everyone in a couple of weeks flat.
Sure they get their break a few months after they start – and are packed up and pissed off down the road to their next adventure.
Yep. Goes without too much guesswork that our Dave mentioned above will be off to the mines or back home to wherever once we old timers are coughing up black blood from our lungs.

But why.
But why do we so stupidly forget EVERYTHING that is so critically important to remember.

Why keep falling for the crapola and propaganda that diverts us from what is right there before our eyes, saturating the very air we breathe and undermining where we walk.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

“Julian the apostate” – first amongst equals – or - who can we blame next.

We at the CH team mightn’t be the brightest bulbs in the lightshow but it struck us the other day that someone will have to be blamed for causing all this recent violence at so many diverse locations around the world.

See –

Someone somewhere out there in ‘mainstream’ journoland pointed out that merely making a movie (surely) couldn’t cause all that much strife.

Tell that one to Goebbels or Leni Riefenstahl.
(Yep. We know that the smarmies jeer at anyone mentioning dear old Uncle Adi – but what the hell.)

But if you think about it for a few seconds it becomes obvious that the act of film making follows the boring old cause and effect principle.
People generally decide not to make a movie about some topic no-one wants to watch.
No way Jose!
(This is why we chose to cite “Triumph of the Will” as a pure example of propaganda that people DID want to watch.)

They (the movie makers) periodically have these ‘meetings’.
Actually, little more than an excuse to snort numerous lines of coke and scarf whatever else is available while they work out how to suck as much investment funding as possible over the next year or five with the least effort on their part.
Now, despite the profoundly flawed motivation behind these little soirees they have produced some miracles in outcome.

No-one could deny that, say, “Little Big Man” or “Billy Jack” were parables condemning the brutalities being perpetrated by the establishment and through analogy the activities of the ‘military/industrial complex’ in those undeclared wars against noble socialist opponents in South East Asia, South America, and for that matter just about everywhere in the last century.
On the other hand all those John Wayne propaganda movies usually presented as the second feature caused much confusion in the minds of youth.
(Second feature? Yep. Back then you got to watch TWO movies for your money per viewing session. Mind you the second movie was usually crap.)

Anyway, the point being that movies as a medium of propaganda don’t necessarily have to be particularly ‘good movies’ – just persuasive.
(Otherwise how the hell could dear old John Wayne have ever made a living in the movies?)
Nonetheless they must possess a recognizable, often simplistic theme usually conveying the message through repetition; the establishment, then reinforcement of a few simple social values while maybe also creating some handy stereotypes and taboos.
All in all good propaganda produces a societal tension through inciting a predictably artificial mix of ideological/political values impinging upon those aversion responses induced amongst the target audience.

If the individual might be leery of the message – then peer group pressure might sway the gullible toward the intended response.
In any case time and inertia are on the side of the propagandist.
Any filmmaker is going to be pellucidly aware that a movie about a religious subject tends to be taken either as propaganda or mortal insult by those viewers of a pious persuasion who disagree with the content.

Given that good propaganda usually results in outcomes perceived as positive by the stakeholders it is difficult to understand what was being attempted by those film makers who so recently offended Islam.

Unless, of course they –
  • intended to cause worldwide mayhem and loss of life,
  • were working under orders and the show misfired,
  • were profoundly clueless, or,
  • didn’t give a stuff about the consequences,
  • matched all the above and a few more that are so bloody obvious that mentioning ‘em would be overkill.

It is significant that the US secretary of state condemns, then denies her administration’s involvement with this filmshow and an actress cannot convince their courts to remove the show from publication.

It all becomes clear in the mind.
Something emerging from the USofA is identified as a focus; a motivation for violence and insurgency – yet somehow cannot stop its dissemination? - “the message reiterated by US officials throughout the crisis: that the "disgusting" film was not made by the US government, but that there is never any justification for violence.”  - US diplomat rejected outright rumors that Stevens had said in the weeks before his death that he was on an Al Qaeda hit list.” - “It would have little to no effect because other websites are showing the film," Reynolds said. "It would be a moot point”.

Now, Mr. Assange has been accused of endangering lives through public disclosure of documents provided to Wikileaks.
His being treated with a certain lack of procedural fairness lately pales into insignificance compared to the violence meted out to US ambassadorial staff allegedly as a result of that movie.

Yet his liberty has been effectively denied for too long now even if his alleged crime of having a bonk while suffering a condom blowout was proven beyond reasonable doubt.

So, in comparison, what will the seppos cook up to ‘deal with’ these troublesome movie makers – or will ‘the truth’ protect them from any form of censure?

What truth?
Well, if anyone believes the Moslem world cares about a movie they are wrong.
What they care about is how and where the US conducts business. They also care about what sort of business the US engages in on their respective patches.
It seems to upset ‘em that the US can’t even get it right even when it has the monopoly.

Maybe Islam isn’t annoyed about that movie other than as a symbol demonstrating what that country thinks of most of the rest of this world.
It is just about the last straw.

A spot more reading -  - closed after 646 comments

Monday, September 17, 2012


It is undeniable that modern aeromodelling technologies equate with those utilized by military and security organisations.
In fact these days a fair deal of the equipment used by these organisations has not been adapted from - but rather directly adopted right off the shelves of suppliers whose original activity was creating hobby products.

Many of those crazy old farts out there playing with toy aeroplanes in the paddock also happen to play with full-size aircraft and the like at their day jobs.

That tradition began in the infancy of flight –

It is no wonder, therefore, that miniature aircraft tend to be more innovative than and as technically advanced as their full-sized counterparts.

But remember that the ‘Gay Bee Cee’™ wasn’t tasked with reminding the mug-listener of the truth.

What they were required to do was create another disinformation scenario – essentially placing the products of one of the world’s most vitally important industry streams into the same ‘yucko’ category as cigarettes and the AIDS virus.
Image – Yep, here it is. Sharpen up your pitchforks and make up some of those firebrands they used to set the fire going at witch burnings. This is indeed a radio controlled miniature aircraft. See one of these flying in the local park and come out running and screaming. Bash the pilot to the ground and stomp on his transmitter. For sure that plane of his is taking illicit photos of your saggy bummed old woman loafing about in her underwear in your backyard.

What these buggers were paid to do this time was avoid the fact that Australian electronics and precision manufacturing has for all intents and purposes been exterminated through and by political interference.
Anyone mug enough to try to do some design and manufacturing of any sort of original equipment in Australia inevitably ends up being the meat in a sandwich on that table eternally being squabbled over by out corruptioneers.

New word I put together for a specific purpose.
I guess it implies ‘engineers of corruption’ aka – politicians/ politician’s employees/ those employed in agencies supposedly of ‘governance’ and therefore politicized.

Clearly if design, manufacturing and value adding have been systematically liquidated there is no call for encouraging such skills in our youth.

Much of these affordable, technically advanced hobby artifacts are made in China and marketed as novelties rather than ruggedised equipment.

Australians may soon find these products less available - not because they present any privacy or safety risk for the citizenry – but because, as a nation, we’ll more likely than not soon cease to be able to afford their import and purchase.

Not a good outlook for the aeromodelling hobby, nor for those imaginative kids so inclined – nor a good outcome looming ahead for a nation whose younger population has never been shown how to improvise, invent or construct for themselves!

Then there is the other consideration surrounding the fate of the privately owned autonomous reconnaissance vehicle and the emergence of the grand age of the ‘wannabe’. (Wannabe, definition – one who aspires to a situation or vocation – usually a futile aspiration through lack of capability, capacity and/or opportunity)

There are big bucks to be made selling all sorts of licenses and approvals to ‘wannabes’.

There’d be a fair number of punters out there who’d pay hard cash to be ‘approved’ to fly camera/sensor equipped aircraft.
Maybe not ‘licensed to kill’ but it takes little imagination to see how someone officially licensed to perve would soon begin adding to their salary by flogging off salacious footage to the highest bidder.

Image – A drone pilot. Don’t let this bent little bastard have all the fun. In a few months time new legislation will be introduced providing responsible people in our society with exciting and groundbreaking opportunities to rubbernose from on high and interfere relentlessly in other people’s private business.
(Imagine it. government positions vacant – wanted one licensed perv capture aerial drone subcontractor)

Then look at our political masters and what motivates their sort -
More, infinitely more, than in the age of ‘selling of indulgences’ by Popish priests to those (in Martin Luther’s view) they abused.
All of which was an amateurish effort compared to how present day bureaucracies and the corruptioneers go about dispersing and offloading (outsourcing) their supposed authority through every tier of society.

At the end of that nasty little radio concoction the surf lifesavers were drooling at the prospect of having these supposedly silent, intrusive little UFOs at their disposal (they claim) in order to comprehensively patrol the littoral zones.
There was the suggestion that the vehicles could save the lives of those washed out to sea.
What seemed to interest their representative more was what might (in his imagination?) be happening further inshore from the immediate coastline strip.

In fact he mentioned this certain nude beach that (he insinuated) might not be legal.

So ban a rewarding and absorbing lifetime vocation and sell it off for exclusive fun and profit to the sort of drooling idiots prepared to pay a premium.

Isn’t this sort of thing happening at some level in just about every human activity?

To summarise –
1.      There is nothing new emerging (understanding of our present behaviour) in comparison with any historical study of human behaviour.
2.      Greed always saturates, then inflates, what was the vacuum of opportunity.
3.      People tend to be either too trusting or too lazy to act expeditiously in their own interest.
4.      People (the majority, exhibiting the attributes of a certain type) enjoy witnessing the pain and/or embarrassment of others (and consequently gain some gratuitous solace after failing at point 3).
5.      There does exist an incestuous relationship between the posture of righteousness and the hidden fact of depravity.
6.      Which is why all those 30 + year disclosure laws are so prevalent.
7.      Indeed, all our systems (collectively known as the establishment) are compromised utterly. There is no escape from that fact.

Conclusion –
Just keep listening to the outsourced semi-privatised national broadcaster and hope they do something even sillier next day.

Then ask yourself that simple question – Did they?
Oh hell yes.
Today they had some dame claiming to demand the rights of our defence/police action casualties to have their names on the war dead honour boards/ memorials/ rolls.
Such, of course, should be the case.

This dame, pretending to be someone with an altruistic attitude toward deceased Australian defence personnel encouraged anyone out there listening to log on to and follow the links to sign of on a petition to support our posthumous diggers.
At no time did she mention her representing an American – for profit business which harvest then sells on the personal details of anyone stupid enough to fall for their trap.

Now that trap is being sprung on innocent Australians by their dear old ‘auntie abc’.

How completely, criminally, stuffed is all that?

Required reading -

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Today, 16 September, 2012, that ‘Gay Bee Cee’™ mob achieved the pinnacle of abject stupidity.
Undoubtedly they’ll do better in the near future because that’s what their performance curve indicates.

But for the moment their Sunday morning national radio show “backstab and debriefing” about (Oh my Gawd, Martha!) ‘DRONES’, was even better than their attempt, in 2007, to accuse a Queensland defence industry firm of making miniature killer robots with the help of the Exclusive Brethren.
Image – Killer robots according to some who should know better. But as anyone can see, they are indeed metallic, quadrupedal and vaguely animal shaped.

See - - where you’ll discover the truth about killer robots.
To quote the above article –
“We have been informed that the Greens have been assisting an ABC Four Corners investigation into the Exclusive Brethren and your company has been supplied to them along with "Megatoys". 
The ABC person investigating is: "Allison"  0283334869 / 0408495743 
A Four Corners Expose will be out in a couple of months. 
Please inform relevant people. 
Watch out, stay strong and good luck.”

One wonders what might have motivated them then.
On the face of it a person could be gulled into assuming that dobbing in killer robot manufacturers would be in the vaunted public interest.

Truth of it was that one of their mates (Max McKew, was it?) was standing against dear old Johnny Howard who, allegedly in a fit of desperation, was (futilely as it transpired) receiving bootleg electoral funding from certain religious and ethnic groups.

THAT”S why they wanted the Brethren to be embarrassed and the public interest be hanged!
Okay, okay ridding Canberra and Bennelong of Howard was a limited public service but that doesn’t justify mistruth.

Considering that and rolling along to this weekend’s production - - where apparently the contagion (mental/emotional imbalance, politicisation, bribery, corruption, threats, whatever) has spread through the ‘organism’ enough to cause Australia’s best forensic journalists sufficient delusion to have them mistake a technological work of art; an innocent hobby artifact for something alien, threatening and dangerous.

Image – Okay we confess. That other pikkie was of the ballistics traps/unloading devices sold to the Qld porkers to save ‘em from shooting themselves in the foot with their own Glock pistols. But these deadly little suckers in this photo are the real Mc Coy. These are genetically engineered mutant vampire rats which were developed and produced in a top secret, CIA funded, subterranean laboratory deep below the regional “GAy Bee Cee”™ studios in a certain regional Qld town.
Shhh! Don’t tell anyone lest the rats seek out your big toe in the middle of the foggy night.

Of course these professionals ain’t as bloody stupid to believe the crap they publish themselves.
But they seem to think their listeners are pretty thick between the ears.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


If anyone out there is wondering why there are so few ‘comments’ to our little blog?
None of us here would have a clue or does anyway care.
We leave that ‘reply’ facility open for the brave and foolhardy who might like to provide input – otherwise too bad for all of you missing out on your opportunity.

Besides which we refuse to ‘invent our own’ like so many others in the incestuous industry.

Strikes us, though, that we live in a gutless world where the internet is lately managed -(COMPREHENSIVELY CENSORED WOULD BE A BETTER TERM) – though we’ll keep plugging along ‘cos we’ve noticed that friendly dialogue is short in this medium.

Reckon otherwise?
So then smartie – why are all these funny new ‘laws’ being introduced?

Go figure yourself.