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It is undeniable that modern aeromodelling technologies equate with those utilized by military and security organisations.
In fact these days a fair deal of the equipment used by these organisations has not been adapted from - but rather directly adopted right off the shelves of suppliers whose original activity was creating hobby products.

Many of those crazy old farts out there playing with toy aeroplanes in the paddock also happen to play with full-size aircraft and the like at their day jobs.

That tradition began in the infancy of flight –

It is no wonder, therefore, that miniature aircraft tend to be more innovative than and as technically advanced as their full-sized counterparts.

But remember that the ‘Gay Bee Cee’™ wasn’t tasked with reminding the mug-listener of the truth.

What they were required to do was create another disinformation scenario – essentially placing the products of one of the world’s most vitally important industry streams into the same ‘yucko’ category as cigarettes and the AIDS virus.
Image – Yep, here it is. Sharpen up your pitchforks and make up some of those firebrands they used to set the fire going at witch burnings. This is indeed a radio controlled miniature aircraft. See one of these flying in the local park and come out running and screaming. Bash the pilot to the ground and stomp on his transmitter. For sure that plane of his is taking illicit photos of your saggy bummed old woman loafing about in her underwear in your backyard.

What these buggers were paid to do this time was avoid the fact that Australian electronics and precision manufacturing has for all intents and purposes been exterminated through and by political interference.
Anyone mug enough to try to do some design and manufacturing of any sort of original equipment in Australia inevitably ends up being the meat in a sandwich on that table eternally being squabbled over by out corruptioneers.

New word I put together for a specific purpose.
I guess it implies ‘engineers of corruption’ aka – politicians/ politician’s employees/ those employed in agencies supposedly of ‘governance’ and therefore politicized.

Clearly if design, manufacturing and value adding have been systematically liquidated there is no call for encouraging such skills in our youth.

Much of these affordable, technically advanced hobby artifacts are made in China and marketed as novelties rather than ruggedised equipment.

Australians may soon find these products less available - not because they present any privacy or safety risk for the citizenry – but because, as a nation, we’ll more likely than not soon cease to be able to afford their import and purchase.

Not a good outlook for the aeromodelling hobby, nor for those imaginative kids so inclined – nor a good outcome looming ahead for a nation whose younger population has never been shown how to improvise, invent or construct for themselves!

Then there is the other consideration surrounding the fate of the privately owned autonomous reconnaissance vehicle and the emergence of the grand age of the ‘wannabe’. (Wannabe, definition – one who aspires to a situation or vocation – usually a futile aspiration through lack of capability, capacity and/or opportunity)

There are big bucks to be made selling all sorts of licenses and approvals to ‘wannabes’.

There’d be a fair number of punters out there who’d pay hard cash to be ‘approved’ to fly camera/sensor equipped aircraft.
Maybe not ‘licensed to kill’ but it takes little imagination to see how someone officially licensed to perve would soon begin adding to their salary by flogging off salacious footage to the highest bidder.

Image – A drone pilot. Don’t let this bent little bastard have all the fun. In a few months time new legislation will be introduced providing responsible people in our society with exciting and groundbreaking opportunities to rubbernose from on high and interfere relentlessly in other people’s private business.
(Imagine it. government positions vacant – wanted one licensed perv capture aerial drone subcontractor)

Then look at our political masters and what motivates their sort -
More, infinitely more, than in the age of ‘selling of indulgences’ by Popish priests to those (in Martin Luther’s view) they abused.
All of which was an amateurish effort compared to how present day bureaucracies and the corruptioneers go about dispersing and offloading (outsourcing) their supposed authority through every tier of society.

At the end of that nasty little radio concoction the surf lifesavers were drooling at the prospect of having these supposedly silent, intrusive little UFOs at their disposal (they claim) in order to comprehensively patrol the littoral zones.
There was the suggestion that the vehicles could save the lives of those washed out to sea.
What seemed to interest their representative more was what might (in his imagination?) be happening further inshore from the immediate coastline strip.

In fact he mentioned this certain nude beach that (he insinuated) might not be legal.

So ban a rewarding and absorbing lifetime vocation and sell it off for exclusive fun and profit to the sort of drooling idiots prepared to pay a premium.

Isn’t this sort of thing happening at some level in just about every human activity?

To summarise –
1.      There is nothing new emerging (understanding of our present behaviour) in comparison with any historical study of human behaviour.
2.      Greed always saturates, then inflates, what was the vacuum of opportunity.
3.      People tend to be either too trusting or too lazy to act expeditiously in their own interest.
4.      People (the majority, exhibiting the attributes of a certain type) enjoy witnessing the pain and/or embarrassment of others (and consequently gain some gratuitous solace after failing at point 3).
5.      There does exist an incestuous relationship between the posture of righteousness and the hidden fact of depravity.
6.      Which is why all those 30 + year disclosure laws are so prevalent.
7.      Indeed, all our systems (collectively known as the establishment) are compromised utterly. There is no escape from that fact.

Conclusion –
Just keep listening to the outsourced semi-privatised national broadcaster and hope they do something even sillier next day.

Then ask yourself that simple question – Did they?
Oh hell yes.
Today they had some dame claiming to demand the rights of our defence/police action casualties to have their names on the war dead honour boards/ memorials/ rolls.
Such, of course, should be the case.

This dame, pretending to be someone with an altruistic attitude toward deceased Australian defence personnel encouraged anyone out there listening to log on to and follow the links to sign of on a petition to support our posthumous diggers.
At no time did she mention her representing an American – for profit business which harvest then sells on the personal details of anyone stupid enough to fall for their trap.

Now that trap is being sprung on innocent Australians by their dear old ‘auntie abc’.

How completely, criminally, stuffed is all that?

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