Sunday, June 30, 2013


My compliments to the late Patrick O’Brien and his famous crew of HMS ‘Surprise’..
Let’s move on though –

Somehow with so little time the ‘polls’ are announcing almost even odds for the next federal raffle.

Such must be a right bastard for those running a tote on the outcome.

It strikes us all here that abbortt must be chewing the carpet the last few days – yet all he can do is keep acting in the same despicable way as always.

While everyone has been told by the hopefully now deceased Gillard faction that Kev was/is a bit of a turd – a loose cannon and a sometime psychotic – that opinion does not seem to divorce him overmuch from the rest of the population.

In fact the ‘springback’ from the Gillard polls are remarkably astounding.

Put it this way.
Kev might have been on a bit of a tight learning curve after deposing the war criminal, howard.

All things considered there might have been a fair backlog of work confronting him – a stressful situation for anyone.

But the worst he ever did was give a few people a (probably well deserved) tongue lashing.

Abbortt is entirely another matter –

Who wants this twitchy bugger/pugilist as our premier and thank God and the living Harry that we are not nuclear capable.

So Keating seems to agree -

Besides which – in our estimation the Gillard faction decided to dump Kev for the main reason that the abbortt klatch dumped wassisname? -  Turnbull.

Not that Turnbull was a sparkling example of an opposition leader post – 2007.

But at least you could point your finger at him and declare that, unlike abbortt, he was a sensitive man of ‘culture’.

Now, to refute that We’ve been googling furiously but cannot immediately find information about that oddball piece of art he acquired some years ago.

Yep. You have it.
That artwork hanging on his wall that others of a more Cro-Magnon nature in our society  is sometimes called kiddy porn.

We only mention this for the simple reason that the vast majority of Australians have such a short attention span and no sense whatsoever (other than their immediate greed) about the sell-on price of an objet’d’art.

Conclusion –

So, Rudd occasionally spits out his dummy and lets people know what he thinks of ‘em.

Big deal!
Nonetheless, he was condemned for that.

Then we have abbortt, who give the same body language as matches his speech.
Nothing but a pugilist and as the record proves – one, as ready as not, to sink in the slipper as abide by Queensbury rules.

In this regard, some may recall what he did to Ms. Hansen.

Then, even if the conservatives could depose abbortt – the only acceptable usurper is a ‘sophisticate’ possessing of an alien standard quite unacceptable to the common herd.

To put that another way – there are one set of rules and values for the ‘toffs’ and a completely different set of rules for the peasants.

Now, if I were one of Mr. Rudd’s spindoctors – I’d read this and take note.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


We can’t get over this.
Unbelievable that anyone/any klatch of complete idiots could be so focussed on their fundaments.

Howard was defeated soundly in 2007 and lost his electorate to a female Gay Bee Cee journalist, to boot!
A ‘professional politician’ completely trounced by an utter incompetent.

All so easy as that.

And now the abbortt digs that horrible article, ‘howard the war crim’, out of retirement and offers it as some exemplar of morality and democracy?

Save us – are our attention spans so short that we can’t remember his complete and justly deserved defeat?

Are we all such complete fuckwits that we’d accept that howard could dress Rudd down after that?

Oh, we won’t deny that the scenario wasn’t unexpected from those idiots – but this is a reminder for you dillwits –

The message isn’t too complicated.
Just strain your brains for a few seconds.

Try to remember as best you can how things were going rather well, economically, before the howard regime began.

But johnnie had to go ’all the way’ with the Bush family’s perverted interests for all those years.
How that has lead us into being in more kack than after the VietNam war – after going ‘all the way’ with ‘LBJ’.

Have you dolts any idea what wars of adventurism cost?

So Rudd sinks howard and then there is the Gillard coup.

Then gillard sinks us for the next three and a bit years  dictating a situation where we are committed to supporting a lost cause - but more nefariously supporting these –
- the filthy moneygrubbing bastards that make money from the abject misery of innocents.
Then, what have all these recent grubby wars cost us?

I can tell you for sure – immensely more than that ‘police action’ in VietNam which caused so much fuss when I was ‘young and immortal’.

Now that Gillard has ‘retired’ maybe our new regime might find a way of speaking the truth about that.

One thing is for sure the present opposition has no problem with suppressing or supporting howard’s war crimes.

There’s no way they can admit that they supported a mob of amoral multinational bastards.

But they rely upon your short memory – they believe you are too stupid to remember.

The ‘mining boom’ has now imploded.
That was just another artificial ‘bubble’ – this time caused by some amazingly canny and gifted people in China.

Essentially, they managed a perfect ‘payback’ for the western economies.
They set ‘em up and shot ‘em down in a few years.

Getting back to Australia – if Rudd and his faction have a chance at winning the next raffle we have a 50/50 chance of survival.

If we are so stupid as to hand the ‘helm of state’ to abbortt – then we are all down the gurgler.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Q - What is lacking in the Australian consciousness?
A – Any understanding of correct process and our constitution.

Q - Do we need to go to the raffle as soon as possible?
A – No.

Q – Why not?
A – Why play into the hands of a mob of loonies.

Q – What mob of loonies?
A – Her Majesty’s opposition and that recently and rightly deposed laborite faction.

Q – So why are they loonies?
A – ‘Cos they refuse to accept that our great nation is an Asian Nation and that our prime interest is in this region.

Q – So why shouldn’t we stick like glue to the ‘us of a’, then?
A – ‘Cos when they run out of money and influence soon – they will discard us like a soiled rag.

Q – Why would they do that?
A – ‘Cos they are rapidly running out of money and influence.

Q – Are they?
A – You bet your sweet bippy that they are.

Q – How do you figure that?
A – Okay; remember when howard was the premier and the currencies and Asian economies were close to collapse?

Whether any of you are aware, or not, of that machination -  it is our turn now.
That is precisely why Mr. Rudd has been pulled out of the closet - in order to save us from the clusterfuck resulting from howard's stupidity.

He might be a bit of a toolhead with a short temper.
He might have been born and raised in Nambour, Queensland – but he does have some interesting insights about how we can survive as a modern Asian Nation.

I’d risk suggesting that the little bludger, if given half a chance, might be able to help us THRIVE as a modern Asian Nation.

Then again – coups can be so readily arranged in Oz these days.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This evening, by popular vote of his parliamentary peers, Kev was put back into the job he outasight earned in 2007 by sinking howard, the war criminal.

The usurper (thank the Gods) is finally finished.
Madame declared the (her) terms, has lost the gamble, and by her own terms must now be gone.

Which leaves Kev with a world of nausea in parliament  tomorrow.

But hang on for a second.
Who will do his damnedest to cause kev grief tomorrow?

Stap me – none other than the pugilist – that Abbortt.

The traitor in the laborite ranks has finally been dealt with but there is another high profile traitor remaining in our parliament.

Sorry, what?

Oh, right. Have you forgotten the game abbortt turned on Turnbull?

Please get a handle on the sorry show – the last several years we’ve had, instead of parliament, progress and reasoned discourse –
Instead of that we’ve had two complete opportunists pretending to bark at each other like ferals.

Both viciously manipulated coups against their own party leaders and at this juncture, both Gillard and abbott, both, should deservedly be sent to Coventry.

What a completely sickmaking waste of time these last years.

And what utter crap will these pathetic, unimaginative – self destructive, useless bludgers will pull out of their arses to cause 22 million people more angst in the next several weeks?

Honestly, I’d rather vote for Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny than any of these dorks.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Anyone ever considered the way the usa has conducted itself throughout its history since about the 1770s?
Weren’t exactly law abiding British subjects; were they?
Then later when they pretended a policy of ‘isolationism’ they were busy screwing people’s lives while they acquired useful real estate like the Phillipines, Alaska and Hawaii.
All of course by sheer accident and mistake.
Then there IS the ‘Marine’s Hymn’.

‘From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli’.

Now what right did they have to be stuffing about with Mexicans and Bedouins?

The schoolboy histories pretended that these arseholes had a policy of ‘isolationism’ all the time that they were the most ‘interferist’ mob of horse thieves, highwaymen and reivers this world has ever seen.

We don’t even need to speak about how their capitalist ubermensch stood back to take maximum profit and advantage during the World Wars of last century or smacking down the peasantry in Korea and VietNam.

But the stale show has gone for far too long.
They invaded Iraq – then systematically destroyed (as best they could) over 5000 years of recorded history.
Meanwhile they were doing the same in Afghanistan – continue the same way in Afghanistan.

These bludgers and lizards are completely sick.

It doesn’t particularly matter your belief, philosophy, or conspiracy theory  - these bludgers are completely beyond the pale.

Without any doubt whatsoever they are behind the scenes here and now pulling the strings of the puppets up to this next ‘election’.
Without any doubt the seppos (sepric tanks, yanks – the u.s of a) wants a conservative regime here in Oz.

So how is it being achieved?

Are our raffle winners being bribed – or threatened??

Monday, June 24, 2013


Fact – she’s not a laborite – she’s an ‘Emily’s Listite’.
She’s neither laborite nor socialist.
She’s this –

Which excludes about 50% of our population.

Which wouldn’t be so bad if the 50% being aggressively ignored and discluded from the social arena were the amoral, manipulative shits that deny people a chance in this increasingly wirebound world.

But sorry; it is the amoral and manipulative shits doing that discluding..

Google – gillard traitor – produces almost two and a half million hits - gillard emily's list – something over thirty thousand.

Whereas Rudd for prime minister produces fifty million, two hundred thousand results.

Without any argument much of this stuff is beyond the pale.

Which is precisely why it is worthwhile mentioning.

Somehow the first Emily’s List prime minister of Australia has driven such a wedge through her professed sphere of politics that it will likely never recover.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Trautloft J. BSC (Hon)
As far as we are concerned – if the laborites refuse to dismiss the traitor and her traitorous faction – then we’ll likely see rebellion here in oz.

If abbortt supports the sort of stuff at the federal level than newman is driving here in qveenstlandt, then it will be a gynormous fuckup. (Sorry there is no other word for it.)

What exactly is the end-game here?

What are the laborites about?
Who the hell are funding their treachery?
Are our people so completely stupid that they cannot see that Gillard and company are handing the conservatives a win?

I mean, give us a break –
Here’s over 50% of the population praying on bended knee for this Rudd poonce from nambour, qveentslandt (or somewhere) to give that obnoxious dame the bum’s rush.

But will he?
Or will it matter if he does?

Should we all refuse to vote for a useless mob of opportunist/psychopaths??

Best if we gave ALL these useless goddamned bludgers a big miss at their next raffle.

What a wonderful world we all inhabit now?
We’d like to speak plain language.
We’d like to express forthrightly exactly how we’d like to deal with these cheating curs (heaven forfend the bitches) and where we’d like to send their useless lot.

But they’ve stitched us all up crossgrained and hollow – the overweening creeps.

Goddamn them all and may they spend an eternity in a similar purgatory to which they’ve condemned us.

At the next raffle – a ‘win’ for abbortt is another stretch in hell for the majority of Australians – likewise to the misery we had to endure with that despicable article, howard.

Short memories do not contribute much toward sensible political decision.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Another  raffle looms,
The pm intends to visit the Indos soon.

She’ll head off as pm/gillard and with any luck for us dimwits some arrangement may be contrived for her to come back as Ms Gillard, backbencher.
Nothing like a good countercoup.

If so the world (at least our region) might progress a click or two.
Get into it Kev!


Their words, not ours – but a fair appraisal -

Nothing new. See here –

The bastards have been doing this to us, one way or another, for most of our sorry lives.

Maybe these voyeurs have nothing better to do during their momentary grasp at power?

I reckon so.

They are so full of cack as an egg is, of ‘meat’.

The proof?

Look at this hateful game with Manning, Assange and now, Snowden.

How many others occupy their same pathetic space?

Weren’t ‘show trials’ and the surrounding brutalization of decent people - the ambit of the likes of the old USSR?

‘Democracy’, hey!
What a friggin’ joke.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Here we go again.
Things look bad for the laborites.

A damned good chance is coming along to get even with the proletariat despite the fact that it seems that labor has been getting even (leastways as even as jackboot johnnie did) with the proletariat all the time they’ve held office.
So Ford closes - Holden threatens the same – as does ANZ and a bunch of others.

What does S.O.P. stand for?
Standard Operating Procedure/s – that’s what.

These idiot raffle winners pull the same stunt every election and the peasantry are too bloody naïve to notice.

Mind you, what say do they have when the socialist camp has been either exterminated or dispersed as efficiently as the first people on Paddy’s Island here in Queensland or at Wounded Knee in the usa.

The laborites?
Straight from pre-school into their auntie’s electoral office - then given a plum electorate after a few years of toadying.

No bloody wonder they want the next few years to be a relatively stress and consequence free time for themselves – while the conservatives  complete the sale of us off to China.

Without a doubt, any reasonable person can see that our raffle winners intend that.
No patriotism whatsoever.

That is the single cross-party element that binds these opportunistic reivers – they are liars, cheats and thieves – and have no patriotism whatsoever.

So why the hell are we sitting on our fat butts, sucking the suds, while passively watching this destructive fiasco unfold?

There is no way possible that a certain faction pretending to be laborite have not sold out to this other faction pretending to be ‘liberal’.

The firesale of Australia will happen in the very near future.

The resurrection and redemption of Rudd will only stave off the inevitable for a few months.

But those few months might save our sorry arses if some few decent people demand their say.

I know – A forlorn hope if ever there was one.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I was intending to say that people, these days are behaving like animals.

Which would be completely stupid.

Animals care for their young.
Animals care for the common interest of their herd and their environment.

Even predator animals tend to do that.

But not our lot.
Somehow some screw has got loose in this dump.

Driving into town to pick up some fodder has become something close to a combat sortie.

I never have particularly given a fuck for the bullshit rules of the road jokingly established by our masters of incompetence – but at least they had, in some inadequate sense, ‘established’ some ‘survival’ ground rules in the past.

These days the berserkers rule.
If you can see the froth coming out of the mouth of the dickhead to your left – then by all means give way to that wanker.
Then give way to the other wanker coming from your right.
If you are fortunate enough to be in a situation at any intersection that no froth mouthed wanker is behind you – then maybe you can back up a bit and avoid being rammed.

Either that or call ‘em over to the side of the road and smack their stupid lights out.

Naturally, if they are by themselves they’ll never stop for that challenge.

Where the hell do they come from recently and what bugjuice intoxicant are they all swallowing?

Why the hell don’t they piss off back to where they came from and give the original occupants of this burg some peace?

But something happened just the other day.

The chief cop retired and with any luck will take his  meth lab pals into retirement with him.

But I doubt that.
Crime is an industry and anyone in industry knows that it takes two sides of the equation to make it work.

So, off he goes into happy retirement (riding his motorcycle and enjoying his hobbies) leaving drug labs fully operational and a complete clusterfuck of a traffic situation here in town.

And while he was blurping away to the local Gay Bee Cee the actual morning of his retirement he left his troops dealing with a ‘suspicious death’ on his patch.

Caring bloke, isn’t he?

Perhaps that is why he never gave a continental about his meth lab mates over the road from us, poisoning us, these last years?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Has it ever entered your tiny head that some majority of us might be slightly pissed off by yet another political coup.

Has it ever occurred to you that Rudd sent howard down the tubes by exercising his skills.
Has it ever crossed your mind that Gillard blew her chances away by pulling her stunt, the coup, on Kev?

Has it ever crossed your mind that she stuffed up big time and betrayed the populace by doing that?

Has it ever crossed your mind that she should rightly quit?
Has it ever crossed your mind that she knows that she should quit?
Has it ever crossed your mind about why she refuses to quit?

Has it ever crossed your mind that in a democracy she should quit s a point of decency, honour and process?

Have you wondered why she will not quit?

Is there some valid reason that stops her from quitting?
Is it because she is a w---? (Sorry, can’t go there)

Or is it because she intends to hand over the entire show to ABBOTT?
I happen to believe she/her faction intends to hand the show over to ABBOTT.

All of which arises the big thunderous question.
What the hell is this silly dame doing by abusing her apparent opposites across the slantwise gender/misogyny barrier about all sorts of utter bullshit having completely nothing whatsoever to do with the progress of a modern nation state.

‘SHE’ can play these games with Abbott and pointlessly drive us all to drink.

There is no purpose in that, other than gaining votes for the pugilist - other than gaining votes for someone who (in the same fashion as herself) stole the leadership of HM’s opposition from an immensely more acceptable person.

If there was any chance of arranging some change in our useless constitution surely it would be about being able to lodge a negative vote (a blackball) for someone who has proven to be a complete waste of time and oxygen.

To make that plain both Gillard and abbott (and their cliques) are beyond the bloody pale.

Just completely beyond the pale.


Stap me.
That last one. I was only whingeing about bad service with supply of white goods.

Then this person wrote in and pointed out that there was something rotten (not in Denmark – blame Shakespeare) in Sweden.

So what do we have?
Little threads of nastiness interconnecting nodes of ‘don’t give a frig’ from one corner of the earth to the other.

Too right mate – the Swedish legal system acts in much the same way as their industry connections treat honest ‘consumers’.
They literally don’t give a good goddamn.

See the tip of that iceberg here –

To put that into some sort of slanted perspective they pretend that they’re hellbent on accusing a bloke for rape when his sonkie slipped off.
In actual fact they want to hand him over to the yanks to be tortured, sent through a series of show trials, then be put away for his natural.
Meanwhile the sell, all around the world, dangerous crap to innocent consumers.

Assange tries to save lives while Sweden extinguishes ‘em.

That’s the way it seems.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Dash off and do something boringly domestic like washing clothes, etc.
Even the ‘masters’ like to wear clean clothes and fart into those crisp Egyptian cotton sheets.

So, occasionally, do we peasants.
The masters have someone else to do their laundry for them.

We peasants have to do that chore ourselves.
The masters usually consider that someone ‘low’ enough to do their laundry are ‘expendable’ so it might not matter to them if some slave doing their washing was zapped by defective  appliances they bought on the cheap.

Whereas someone doing the washing for we peasantry would usually be ONE OF US, a loved one.

On top of that we peasants have to cough up the full retail price for whatever crap appliance happens to be available when the last pile of junk does a flamer.

Which brings us back to what is available to do the bloody washing.

Some ‘appliance’ – available from some ‘retailer’ manufactured then distributed by some ‘tontine’.
By some multi-national bunch of arseholes.

These days there is not much choice other than purchase the. Designed in obsolescence crap they turn out.
But give us a break – they don’t have to sell a stupid bloody washing machine that leaks water all over the supposedly ‘dry side’ of its guts.

A bag of junk that starts rusting and short circuiting its guts out from day one.

So when our brand new washer turned out to be thusly defective from day one - I wrote this –

Let me make it plain.
We don't want anything more than an appliance that works properly.
Your franchised people delivered us a lemon that leaked water into the 'dry side' of its system right from first start.
You would be more aware than I am of the numerous recalls of your product line.
As has so often been mentioned - water and electricity do not mix.
Electrocuted customers do not make for future profits.
Your people seem to represent your 'corporate identity' when contacted in an entirely different and incredibly stupid way than is projected in your advertising blurb.
I would suggest that you get back to us with a replacement appliance that works as it should and for a reasonable time.

It has all been said below.
Do me the honour of reading that carefully and replying sensibly.

----- Original Message -----
From --------------------------
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2013 6:27 PM
Subject: A lemon


We purchased a Simpson washer Mod# SWT 554 on 6 march, 2013 from a retail business known as “Betta Electric”.
It was delivered the next day, was immediately put into commission and has been sitting over a film of water since about the 8th of March.
Indeed, it leaks – is somehow and increasingly bleeding water internally.

Today is the 12th of June and Electolux’s local warranty agent has visited, looked at the machine – told us that there is a ‘design fault’ or two (or maybe a combination of faults) that cause the problem.

I put to him that the object should never have been offered to us for purchase with any design faults as obvious and detrimental so as to cause splashing water to reach the ‘dry side’interior of the machine which consists mainly (after all) of electric and electronic components – the remainder being corrosion prone metal.
I put it to him that we’d been sold a ‘lemon’.

Apparently, according to the Simpson warranty chain of command, electricity and water DO mix.
At least the sparky was good enough to give me a contact phone number which Simpson for some reason no longer prints on their manuals.
For some reason ‘Jenny’ on ‘1300 363 640’ flat refused to enter into any argument or patch me through to some more reasonable person.

So this is what we have –
·        A three month old machine with two years warranty that has been leaking (go figure) for three months which means even if the design fault/s can be fixed the water damage unquestionably remains.
·        A warrantor that refuses to replace a day one lemon with a new appliance
·        An ‘authorised service agent’ who can’t work out that electricity and water DO NOT MIX!

This, as any reasonable person can see, means that Electrolux don’t seem to care too much about their customers getting zapped.
As an engineer with his quality assurance diploma in his files since 1989, I find this scenario quite remarkable and the posture taken by Electrolux overweeningly arrogant, insupportable at law and for a corporate entity wanting to retain customers and return dividends to stakeholders, incredibly delinquent.

All of which is a vastly different story to the spin on their pages –
When I contacted Eloctrolux at their 1300363 640 number - 'Jenny' refused to put me in contact with her superior - nor did she inform me about this contact -

In closing I submit that electricity does not mix with water and Electrolux failed to furnish a safe product - which though seemingly functional at the moment remains a risk for the operator and an increasing risk as the inevitable corrosion caused by internal water infiltration (itself caused by known design faults) increases that electrocution risk.

Best regards  ------------------------

Guess what – they don’t give a continental.
Which means they don’t care about YOU either.

Now, isn’t that so good?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Dweebs – like little sparrows leaping about and picking up miniscule scraps.
So are our people.
Like the last lamented premier of queensland – the premier of our commonwealth has such a hate against kev – she announced today that she intended to lead the laborites into the most impressive defeat of all time.

Now, is her head screwed on properly?
Has someone bought her off?
Or is she completely stupid?

Three BIG questions.
None of which, if answerered, will gain her votes.

She would be best advised to become ‘unwell’ and let someone better qualified take the laborites into the next raffle.

But she won’t.

No doubt about it.
She wants and intends to give the opposition a landslide.

Top price lady that.
You’d have to be completely off your tiny mind if you couldn’t work out the catch in that set-up.
In that set-up.
In that set-up.

So Gillard has been  - what?
Or purchased?
Or threatened and purchased??

Monday, June 10, 2013


Trust me, I’m stupid and wouldn’t have a clue.

My namesake, Kev has had a complete gutful.
In any case he’s a career politician.
Fine. So he’s ruled out putting his pecker up against Gillard.

Once the pugilist has completely destroyed anyone’s belief in a democratic sytem – he’ll be lurking in the wings waiting for another chance.

But not before the pugilist, that ‘wingnut’, has reduced our society to the base level.
One way of avoiding that fate is to refuse to vote for the ‘wingnut’ and his mob of putative Nazis.
Think ahead a bit guys. The main reason the wingnut wants to be the grand master is so that he can scoop in enough dough to pay off all his mortgages.

He’s no different from the rest of them.
Which means he’s corrupt beyond buggery.

Essentially there are two choices.
Vote for an immensely hurtful change in this society –
Or vote for the useless bludgers who have been letting the place go to rack and ruin for the last years.

I’d go for the latter myself and hope to high heaven that another coup will happen shortly after the raffle.

Definitely a no joy situation –

but at least there might remain a few, less than rabid, people that may be reasoned with.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Yep. I have to confess that my real name is Kev.
‘Kevin Winston Abott (Abott, one b)’ is indeed my name.

My microscopic circle of friends used to call me ‘Kwa’ – which amused them by sounding, as best they could manage, like what Manuel used to exclaim interrogatively whenever Basil Fawlty gave him a hard time.

True – I’m a complete doofus jammed in that ‘Corrosive Littoral of Habit’ –
but whatever you do – don’t click on to that otherwise James Gleeson’s sentiments, expressed all those years ago in 1940, might offend you.

Why bother mentioning that?
Stuffed if I know.

Getting back to the outing-
I have decided that the Calligula thing was a really bad choice for a pen name (I jammed two ells into that in some turnabout defiance of my own wonky surname).

Then there is the way that politics is going here in Oz.

My real name is a great name – however Kevin is so completely bogan these days, that it is, in my own mind, way outside the pale.

If I choose Abott – everyone will abuse me if Tony wins the raffle happening just down the road (despite that different spelling)

Then there is the ‘Winston’ Churchill thing and that unfortunate coincidence of Jackboot johnnie’s middle name.

You might appreciate that I’m jammed solid between several rocks and a hard place – hence ‘Calligula’.

Should I maybe choose a nice Jewish name like so many in the finance and banking industry adopt – how goes ‘Chaim Silverberg’?

Or some nice retired cop – sort of ‘avatar’.
‘Michael O’Reagan’ could pass muster?

I AM completely beside myself with worry about this.
I’m confident that none of you reading this will care.

I know that the entire lot of you useless bludgers hide behind similar screens yourself.

So why not just admit it?
The Net is suffused with people hiding behind trick identities.
They write in smartarse comments to their own blogs.

Or they have a stack of like-minded pals (or colleagues of the same agenda) who are so completely bored, that they write in, droll, glib, crapola for them.

The entire confabulation is somewhat of a colossal, overweening, lie.

Why not just admit it?

Saturday, June 8, 2013


As it happens when I was setting up this pathetic little blog – I was encouraged by the ISP to think outside the square when choosing a pen name and url.

For some reason, being something of an amateur classicist, I chose ‘Caligula’ then decided to spell his name with three ‘ells’.

Ever since then I have copped flak and excess crap from anyone without a clue.

How best to express that?

Obviously, anyone mug enough to take on the job of Emperor of the Roman Empire as heir to Tiberius would have a tough job.
If he was young and inexperienced the job would be a frightful impost.

In short, he did his best but copped bad press from a mob of conniving bastards who wanted him out of the way, ASAP.
That was ‘CALIGULA’ with only two ‘ell’s.

As opposed to this ‘CALLIGULA’; if any of you halfwits can manage the concept that we ain’t related.

Now what, in Latin, does that nickname, Caligula’, mean?
“Little boots’, isn’t it?

So, what’s the big problem with you ignorant dropkicks?

Getting back a couple of millennium ago; that original ‘Caligula’ might well have been the first ‘Commie’ who was unfortunate enough to have an empire dumped on his head.

Doubt whether he was perfect – but something of his policies about redistribution of wealth was mentioned back then in the records.

Is that why so many pretend to hate him these days?

Was his scheme to give all those Mafia bastards frigging about with everyone’s lives – was it his scheme to dump those bludgers into the Tiber and give his ‘people’ a chance for some little while?

Nothing would surprise me.
So, was his short reign some sort of ‘Roman Spring’?

Duhh. Too difficult a concept?

That would undoubtedly be right.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


See –
And this piss poor, as near as dammit vindictive little effort from guess who –

Nonetheless,  precedence has been re-established in queensland overturning decades of insanity about a person’s right to protect their self, their family, their neighbours and their property.

So what will happen next.
I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if the rozzers didn’t appeal against the beak's decision.

Why do I mention that?

Over on the other side of town there were some of us in the same situation at that time.
When we went out to survey the  situation with the floodheight only a few yards away the loonies in the meth lab over the road came out of their hide screeching, yipping and waving their little fists.

I kept my patience and resisted emulating Mr. Faulkner’s actions.

There is something going completely pear-shaped in this happy little burg.

And that’s likely the reason the rozzers chose to book Faulkner for his doing merely what was right.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In real democracies those who take up the task of premier tend to accede to the reality of demands that they resign.

Not this one.

I don’t expect that she’ll take it as far as Hitler – but the ‘silly girl’ (?) is going to hang on until the final days.

Enough said – except that which begs the question .



Surely anyone as ‘intelligent’ as our prime minister would have worked out by now that she would be doing her party the favour of permitting that party to survive after the next raffle by quitting now.

It has absolutely nothing to do with gender – nor misogynism.

It has more to do with the fact that most Australians consider her a traitor delivering the next parliament into the hands of the emerging (talk about coming out of the closet) right wing of the liberals.

If that wasn’t her intention (and that of her faction) then she must be the most incredibly incompetent ‘premier’ this commonwealth has ever had to endure.

Since the coup - the dame has produced nothing, offered nothing. Professed nothing – nor suggested anything that might give hope or any succour whatsoever to those who once used to vote for labour.

All the crapola that labor pretend has been a rollback from howard’s damage counts for nothing.
All that should have been achieved in the first six months after Rudd gained the job.

I’m inclined to believe that he would have managed that if the Gillard faction had not been waiting in the wings in order to scotch him.

What a complete shame that the future of this dump has been usurped, then sent to perdition by their sort of meretricious dolts.


Interestingly enough quite a bit.
There seems to be another outbreak of dissidence amongst those unnecessary bludgers in the back bench.
Some hints that the unelected foreign minister – the failed premier of nsw – wants the Gillard to back down and quit.

Fitzgibbon. The royal monkey laughed and read from his manual.
(Don’t worry – unless you are of the inner circle you won’t have a clue about what I mean.)

I can imagine the line-up at Kev’s door – (Wanna hava go at pullin’ us out of the cack again Kev?)

I hope and trust that he’ll tell ‘em precisely where to go after the way he’s been treated.

If the laborites sack Gillard now (which is the only means within their power to retain any presence in parliament) there is none of their lot able to attract the last of their traditional vote.

Other than Kev.

They can’t work out that some of us peasants are disgusted by stupid behaviour.
They cannot begin to understand that they won their raffle in order to do a job.

The fail to understand that they must carry the wishes of their electorate into parliament even if by doing so it interferes with their own personal moneygrubbing schemes.

If they want to progress their own paltry moneygrubbing schemes there are plenty other pathways out there in this big world.
Like pissing off somewhere else and leaving us in peace.

Then there is the present opposition (or as Chairman Mao called ‘em ‘the running dogs of capitalist imperialism’)

They too, could do us a favour, leave these shores and go and blight someone else’s existence.

Not a chance of that happening.

Nope. The entire shitload of these bludgers know that law abiding Australians are too stupid to ever work out that words on paper are nothing more than spilt ink.

Now, perhaps it is because I’m stupid enough to rely upon the news from the propaganda ministry (otherwise known as the ABC) that the propaganda I’m copping is leftist biased.

I doubt that though since most of the few remaining of my friends and associates are somewhat rightist..
The bottom line is that none of our raffle winners in any of the parliaments in this dump are representing anyone who has wracked their brains then bust their gut at some enterprise hoping that their miserable contribution would ever be accepted by those usurous hard-core arseholes in control of this dump.

And there it is. The great divide. It has ceased to be ‘sustainable’.

A mod of complete cowboys. Incestuous dolts. Conniving bludgers and parasites – all mounding money (or a line of zeros on scrip.) and pretending they control the economy.

The rest of us enquiring politely (but not game enough yet to demand an explanation)  about what the frig has happened to us.

Meanwhile they expect us to vote for them?

I’d rather vote for ‘Wile E Coyote’. At least his ambitions are ‘transparent’.

Monday, June 3, 2013


This should explain the concept for you simpletons out there –

Just click on and see for yourself how effective your vote will be in the next raffle.
In my adult lifetime I have seen Whitlam’s laborites achieve government – only to be sunk by an overweening mob of conservatives who suddenly found themselves having to deal with the war debt from that unlawful VietNam atrocity.

Fraser and his ilk subsumed us all to a continuum of galloping inflation and bugger all in the way of sustainable development – negative social credit and an entire sub-generation marking time while we prayed for a change.

By the time that enough new-age bludgers became brave enough to vote out that increasingly senile mob of superannuates – the laborites had decided that their majority faction was a tontine of corrupt lawyers with cheap-jack self-interest at the core of their operations.

Then followed howard – the arch traitor.

Then came rudd. In essence, a mirror of howard.

Then followed, another coup.
Not gillard’s coup – rather those who pull her strings.

Those who pull the strings make the puppet dance!

A reasonable person would soon work toward the conclusion that the same faceless ones that pull gillard’s strings will be making abbott dance to that same tune in a few month’s time.

But in his time the pretence won’t be about ‘health’ and ‘education’ and bugger all else.
It’ll be about bugger all else.

In fact it’ll be about sweet bugger all for anyone except the chosen ones and the faceless ones who will sell your assets and your heritage off at a firesale price.


What’s the score there?
  • Firstly, no charter of rights
  • Therefore no safeguards in process for anyone, especially the peasantry
  • Most working ‘republics’ adopt non-adversarial justice processes that don’t beggar either litigants or respondents -
  • And if the ‘masters’ (or such as believe themselves to be the ‘masters’) refuse that – then they will inevitably be ‘hoist on their own petard’

A galaxy more of fine points could be raised.
Except that ain’t the bloody point.
These bludgers are up to their games again.

One thing IS for sure – that very few in this apathetic continuum would ever bother to lift their digit and demand a say.
And if they did – then they’d either be shouted down or just plain be denied their say.

At this stage in proceedings the likelihood is that Abbott will scrape a ‘government’ together after the next raffle.
Following that, testosterone driven, his faction will go completely off their trolley.

It would be nice to be able to believe that some of those edging to the centre-right of politics might temper the resultant excesses – by pulling their own counter-coup.
But that won’t happen until thousands more of us are living feral – under bridges and in parks.

It really is going to be interesting next year.

Those right wing raffle winners are definitely going to go haywire with their returned power.
Any poor bastard with zero connections in the city might as well just go and top themselves now.

At least that way – their rotten vote (what with them being deceased) might go to Abbott and his team.

Oh, yes. Australian politics has increasingly devolved to that sort of practice.