Sunday, June 9, 2013


Yep. I have to confess that my real name is Kev.
‘Kevin Winston Abott (Abott, one b)’ is indeed my name.

My microscopic circle of friends used to call me ‘Kwa’ – which amused them by sounding, as best they could manage, like what Manuel used to exclaim interrogatively whenever Basil Fawlty gave him a hard time.

True – I’m a complete doofus jammed in that ‘Corrosive Littoral of Habit’ –
but whatever you do – don’t click on to that otherwise James Gleeson’s sentiments, expressed all those years ago in 1940, might offend you.

Why bother mentioning that?
Stuffed if I know.

Getting back to the outing-
I have decided that the Calligula thing was a really bad choice for a pen name (I jammed two ells into that in some turnabout defiance of my own wonky surname).

Then there is the way that politics is going here in Oz.

My real name is a great name – however Kevin is so completely bogan these days, that it is, in my own mind, way outside the pale.

If I choose Abott – everyone will abuse me if Tony wins the raffle happening just down the road (despite that different spelling)

Then there is the ‘Winston’ Churchill thing and that unfortunate coincidence of Jackboot johnnie’s middle name.

You might appreciate that I’m jammed solid between several rocks and a hard place – hence ‘Calligula’.

Should I maybe choose a nice Jewish name like so many in the finance and banking industry adopt – how goes ‘Chaim Silverberg’?

Or some nice retired cop – sort of ‘avatar’.
‘Michael O’Reagan’ could pass muster?

I AM completely beside myself with worry about this.
I’m confident that none of you reading this will care.

I know that the entire lot of you useless bludgers hide behind similar screens yourself.

So why not just admit it?
The Net is suffused with people hiding behind trick identities.
They write in smartarse comments to their own blogs.

Or they have a stack of like-minded pals (or colleagues of the same agenda) who are so completely bored, that they write in, droll, glib, crapola for them.

The entire confabulation is somewhat of a colossal, overweening, lie.

Why not just admit it?


  1. I hate you.
    I hate you because you are looking into my soul.
    How dare you invade my personal space.
    What right have you to disrupt my politics?
    Where do you want to go with your calling upon our artists and academics?
    Bug out brother before I call the sisterhood down on your head.

  2. Griselda, you poor, sad article -.

    Whether you like it or not - yon Gillard has to go back to Wales or off to Spain, or wherever – very soon.

    Personally, I don’t give a fudge where she goes – just so long as she goes a long way away from here after the next raffle.

    Is that too difficult for you?

    I’m not disrupting your politics.
    But, by God, your lot is mucking my life about by denying us all a fair say.

    These last years since the coup there has been nothing addressing any sort of ‘CONGRESS’ in this dump.

    Ever since Rudd was dumped – by that coup of narrow minded dillwits that set her up AS A COLLOSAL FUCKUP.

    Ever since then there has been no discourse, nor communication, nor comment of any worth, or quality, in our parliament or anywhere else.

    The whole show has been a colossal fuckup.
    The whole show has been something touching upon oxygen death for the majority.

    There are so many issues that have been extinguished by the amoral pig-dogs chewing away at the necks of anyone wanting their say.

    Step aside and look at what is happening in Canberra.

    Gillard has conveniently handed the whole show over to the Abbott tontine. Just handed the show over to that ‘politician’
    I am convinced that she intentionally handed the lot over to Abbott.

    Look at the situation these last years.
    Look at the situation now.

    Is it so impossible for you to see the colour of betrayal?

    Is it impossible for you to fail to recognize that you have been betrayed?

    So what precisely is your problem that you cannot work it out for yourself, what with the evidence on the face of the record before you?

  3. Wow,Kev,
    That puts it all into perspective.
    Someone able to use swear words for a change.
    About time someone spoke that way.
    Able to put the nail on the spot.

    Is that actually you, Kev?
    Or some scriptwriter?
    I want gillard gone -
    And Kev back.