Friday, June 28, 2013


Q - What is lacking in the Australian consciousness?
A – Any understanding of correct process and our constitution.

Q - Do we need to go to the raffle as soon as possible?
A – No.

Q – Why not?
A – Why play into the hands of a mob of loonies.

Q – What mob of loonies?
A – Her Majesty’s opposition and that recently and rightly deposed laborite faction.

Q – So why are they loonies?
A – ‘Cos they refuse to accept that our great nation is an Asian Nation and that our prime interest is in this region.

Q – So why shouldn’t we stick like glue to the ‘us of a’, then?
A – ‘Cos when they run out of money and influence soon – they will discard us like a soiled rag.

Q – Why would they do that?
A – ‘Cos they are rapidly running out of money and influence.

Q – Are they?
A – You bet your sweet bippy that they are.

Q – How do you figure that?
A – Okay; remember when howard was the premier and the currencies and Asian economies were close to collapse?

Whether any of you are aware, or not, of that machination -  it is our turn now.
That is precisely why Mr. Rudd has been pulled out of the closet - in order to save us from the clusterfuck resulting from howard's stupidity.

He might be a bit of a toolhead with a short temper.
He might have been born and raised in Nambour, Queensland – but he does have some interesting insights about how we can survive as a modern Asian Nation.

I’d risk suggesting that the little bludger, if given half a chance, might be able to help us THRIVE as a modern Asian Nation.

Then again – coups can be so readily arranged in Oz these days.


  1. Has anyone noticed that gillard and her toyboys were handing the whole shower over to Abbott?
    Anyone notice how a feminist might have a problem with her treasonous activity?


    Well, that wouldn't surprise me.

    1. The Kransky SistersJuly 2, 2013 at 5:12 AM

      Wouldn't surprise me either, Germaine.
      But the turnaround is happening.

      there IS some chance for a regime of social justice if some of us can get a hook into kev's nose and lead him along the right path.

      The time is short (thanks to the treachery of those deposed) but if he refuses to be cajoled into an early ballott there is still a chance to defeat the toolheads of darkness.