Saturday, June 8, 2013


As it happens when I was setting up this pathetic little blog – I was encouraged by the ISP to think outside the square when choosing a pen name and url.

For some reason, being something of an amateur classicist, I chose ‘Caligula’ then decided to spell his name with three ‘ells’.

Ever since then I have copped flak and excess crap from anyone without a clue.

How best to express that?

Obviously, anyone mug enough to take on the job of Emperor of the Roman Empire as heir to Tiberius would have a tough job.
If he was young and inexperienced the job would be a frightful impost.

In short, he did his best but copped bad press from a mob of conniving bastards who wanted him out of the way, ASAP.
That was ‘CALIGULA’ with only two ‘ell’s.

As opposed to this ‘CALLIGULA’; if any of you halfwits can manage the concept that we ain’t related.

Now what, in Latin, does that nickname, Caligula’, mean?
“Little boots’, isn’t it?

So, what’s the big problem with you ignorant dropkicks?

Getting back a couple of millennium ago; that original ‘Caligula’ might well have been the first ‘Commie’ who was unfortunate enough to have an empire dumped on his head.

Doubt whether he was perfect – but something of his policies about redistribution of wealth was mentioned back then in the records.

Is that why so many pretend to hate him these days?

Was his scheme to give all those Mafia bastards frigging about with everyone’s lives – was it his scheme to dump those bludgers into the Tiber and give his ‘people’ a chance for some little while?

Nothing would surprise me.
So, was his short reign some sort of ‘Roman Spring’?

Duhh. Too difficult a concept?

That would undoubtedly be right.


  1. Oh yes dickhead –
    Climb on the shoulders of the high and mighty.

    That’s the manure keeping this world revolving!

    I think not.
    There is neither scope nor scope.

    Get your sorry butt out there and think up some REAL name for yourself.
    Or use your own given name you useless twat.

    My name is ‘Maybelline’ – do you read that!
    And ‘Maybelline’ hates deceit!

  2. OOyyyy! Caramba, Maybelline,

    You do get your knickers in a knot – you silly old trout.
    Down to your line five –
    Surely you mean ‘ no scope nor HOPE’ ?

    And we all hate deceit, too.
    Bless you, my girl.When do you have a space in your heavy appointments book?
    We’d love you to come and play bass guitar again, or your bongoes – at the next soiree.

    Remember that last barbecue when Vlad became somewhat intoxicated when you were playing your bongoes – Oh, never mind.

    So, what is the fix, my girl?

    Share your concerns with us.

    1. Butt out turkey -
      Thats always the thing isnt it.

      Like the Prime Minister said.
      Always the same from wall Street.
      You make a issue of what can happen.
      We women wil l rule the school at the end of this yaer,
      We are on top pf this hate.
      Johan - go and take youreself down to the high sdensity housing thing and drop dead
      You have run your corse.
      Get out of our lifes.