Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Interestingly enough quite a bit.
There seems to be another outbreak of dissidence amongst those unnecessary bludgers in the back bench.
Some hints that the unelected foreign minister – the failed premier of nsw – wants the Gillard to back down and quit.

Fitzgibbon. The royal monkey laughed and read from his manual.
(Don’t worry – unless you are of the inner circle you won’t have a clue about what I mean.)

I can imagine the line-up at Kev’s door – (Wanna hava go at pullin’ us out of the cack again Kev?)

I hope and trust that he’ll tell ‘em precisely where to go after the way he’s been treated.

If the laborites sack Gillard now (which is the only means within their power to retain any presence in parliament) there is none of their lot able to attract the last of their traditional vote.

Other than Kev.

They can’t work out that some of us peasants are disgusted by stupid behaviour.
They cannot begin to understand that they won their raffle in order to do a job.

The fail to understand that they must carry the wishes of their electorate into parliament even if by doing so it interferes with their own personal moneygrubbing schemes.

If they want to progress their own paltry moneygrubbing schemes there are plenty other pathways out there in this big world.
Like pissing off somewhere else and leaving us in peace.

Then there is the present opposition (or as Chairman Mao called ‘em ‘the running dogs of capitalist imperialism’)

They too, could do us a favour, leave these shores and go and blight someone else’s existence.

Not a chance of that happening.

Nope. The entire shitload of these bludgers know that law abiding Australians are too stupid to ever work out that words on paper are nothing more than spilt ink.

Now, perhaps it is because I’m stupid enough to rely upon the news from the propaganda ministry (otherwise known as the ABC) that the propaganda I’m copping is leftist biased.

I doubt that though since most of the few remaining of my friends and associates are somewhat rightist..
The bottom line is that none of our raffle winners in any of the parliaments in this dump are representing anyone who has wracked their brains then bust their gut at some enterprise hoping that their miserable contribution would ever be accepted by those usurous hard-core arseholes in control of this dump.

And there it is. The great divide. It has ceased to be ‘sustainable’.

A mod of complete cowboys. Incestuous dolts. Conniving bludgers and parasites – all mounding money (or a line of zeros on scrip.) and pretending they control the economy.

The rest of us enquiring politely (but not game enough yet to demand an explanation)  about what the frig has happened to us.

Meanwhile they expect us to vote for them?

I’d rather vote for ‘Wile E Coyote’. At least his ambitions are ‘transparent’.


  1. Are you in command of your mind?
    There has to be a change.
    Ever since labor took over my shares have plummeted.
    The gentleman I married three years ago has passed away and I am forced to look after his garden according to the codicil in his will.
    I have found a new love and want to escape his constraints ( the brute I married, I mean)
    The government tells me that if I return to Manila on a six month holiday - that my deceased husband's estate might be returned to internal revenue.

  2. Hi Vanilla,
    Was that you back in Bangkok - the one they called the 'Lightning lady'?
    Not because that was the effect you had on the 'Johns' - but rather how quickly you fleeced the contents of their bankrolls when they were otherwise 'occupied'?