Sunday, June 16, 2013


I was intending to say that people, these days are behaving like animals.

Which would be completely stupid.

Animals care for their young.
Animals care for the common interest of their herd and their environment.

Even predator animals tend to do that.

But not our lot.
Somehow some screw has got loose in this dump.

Driving into town to pick up some fodder has become something close to a combat sortie.

I never have particularly given a fuck for the bullshit rules of the road jokingly established by our masters of incompetence – but at least they had, in some inadequate sense, ‘established’ some ‘survival’ ground rules in the past.

These days the berserkers rule.
If you can see the froth coming out of the mouth of the dickhead to your left – then by all means give way to that wanker.
Then give way to the other wanker coming from your right.
If you are fortunate enough to be in a situation at any intersection that no froth mouthed wanker is behind you – then maybe you can back up a bit and avoid being rammed.

Either that or call ‘em over to the side of the road and smack their stupid lights out.

Naturally, if they are by themselves they’ll never stop for that challenge.

Where the hell do they come from recently and what bugjuice intoxicant are they all swallowing?

Why the hell don’t they piss off back to where they came from and give the original occupants of this burg some peace?

But something happened just the other day.

The chief cop retired and with any luck will take his  meth lab pals into retirement with him.

But I doubt that.
Crime is an industry and anyone in industry knows that it takes two sides of the equation to make it work.

So, off he goes into happy retirement (riding his motorcycle and enjoying his hobbies) leaving drug labs fully operational and a complete clusterfuck of a traffic situation here in town.

And while he was blurping away to the local Gay Bee Cee the actual morning of his retirement he left his troops dealing with a ‘suspicious death’ on his patch.

Caring bloke, isn’t he?

Perhaps that is why he never gave a continental about his meth lab mates over the road from us, poisoning us, these last years?


  1. Did you ever consider that he was under the thumb of someone higher up?
    That's the way these things work in our modern 'democracies'.
    Best you back off and let him retire peacably.

    Get that message.

  2. BINGO - The BarbarianJune 21, 2013 at 3:52 AM

    Seems that you know the score there - coponabinge
    Let him retire peacably?

    What else would anyone expect from you?