Saturday, June 29, 2013


We can’t get over this.
Unbelievable that anyone/any klatch of complete idiots could be so focussed on their fundaments.

Howard was defeated soundly in 2007 and lost his electorate to a female Gay Bee Cee journalist, to boot!
A ‘professional politician’ completely trounced by an utter incompetent.

All so easy as that.

And now the abbortt digs that horrible article, ‘howard the war crim’, out of retirement and offers it as some exemplar of morality and democracy?

Save us – are our attention spans so short that we can’t remember his complete and justly deserved defeat?

Are we all such complete fuckwits that we’d accept that howard could dress Rudd down after that?

Oh, we won’t deny that the scenario wasn’t unexpected from those idiots – but this is a reminder for you dillwits –

The message isn’t too complicated.
Just strain your brains for a few seconds.

Try to remember as best you can how things were going rather well, economically, before the howard regime began.

But johnnie had to go ’all the way’ with the Bush family’s perverted interests for all those years.
How that has lead us into being in more kack than after the VietNam war – after going ‘all the way’ with ‘LBJ’.

Have you dolts any idea what wars of adventurism cost?

So Rudd sinks howard and then there is the Gillard coup.

Then gillard sinks us for the next three and a bit years  dictating a situation where we are committed to supporting a lost cause - but more nefariously supporting these –
- the filthy moneygrubbing bastards that make money from the abject misery of innocents.
Then, what have all these recent grubby wars cost us?

I can tell you for sure – immensely more than that ‘police action’ in VietNam which caused so much fuss when I was ‘young and immortal’.

Now that Gillard has ‘retired’ maybe our new regime might find a way of speaking the truth about that.

One thing is for sure the present opposition has no problem with suppressing or supporting howard’s war crimes.

There’s no way they can admit that they supported a mob of amoral multinational bastards.

But they rely upon your short memory – they believe you are too stupid to remember.

The ‘mining boom’ has now imploded.
That was just another artificial ‘bubble’ – this time caused by some amazingly canny and gifted people in China.

Essentially, they managed a perfect ‘payback’ for the western economies.
They set ‘em up and shot ‘em down in a few years.

Getting back to Australia – if Rudd and his faction have a chance at winning the next raffle we have a 50/50 chance of survival.

If we are so stupid as to hand the ‘helm of state’ to abbortt – then we are all down the gurgler.


  1. Well put.
    A shame that you did not mention the matter surrounding the ever divergent double/triple/quadruple economies developing and destroying our society - all these years in Australia.

  2. Lt/gen. Bob marleyJune 29, 2013 at 6:28 AM

    Conspiracy theories come to make sense occasionally.
    Your conspiracy theory makes more sense than most.
    Besides which, your conspiracy theory is supported by fact.

    How to say it?

    Your scenario, above, is not only a reasonable supposition - but supported by undeniable fact.

    So what the hell are these idiots up to?

    1. Corporal Nappy, 9RQRJune 30, 2013 at 5:54 AM

      General Bob,

      Howard was a complete bastard and sold us down. Just sold us all down.
      When Rudd sacked him - something worthwhile was achieved.
      Then the strings pulling gillard's extremities came into play.
      With any luck - that game is finished.

      If not that aforementioned game will continue to play but the rules will be cast aside.

      Get it!

      The game will continue - but without any rules.

      But remember - the shiteheels casting aside the rules will not be the people - rather the smarmy bastards pretending to be the rule-makers.

      They are those wrecking our lives and the 'rules'.
      Those (words fail me) scum are the scum wrecking our lives.

      Leave it at that - the scum.

  3. AT about 9 paragraphs down -
    The greats from ANU plagiarise?

    "If he wins, o 'mirabilis' diem," - June 30.
    Looks like you dummoxes from regional queensland are ahead of the experts.