Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This evening, by popular vote of his parliamentary peers, Kev was put back into the job he outasight earned in 2007 by sinking howard, the war criminal.

The usurper (thank the Gods) is finally finished.
Madame declared the (her) terms, has lost the gamble, and by her own terms must now be gone.

Which leaves Kev with a world of nausea in parliament  tomorrow.

But hang on for a second.
Who will do his damnedest to cause kev grief tomorrow?

Stap me – none other than the pugilist – that Abbortt.

The traitor in the laborite ranks has finally been dealt with but there is another high profile traitor remaining in our parliament.

Sorry, what?

Oh, right. Have you forgotten the game abbortt turned on Turnbull?

Please get a handle on the sorry show – the last several years we’ve had, instead of parliament, progress and reasoned discourse –
Instead of that we’ve had two complete opportunists pretending to bark at each other like ferals.

Both viciously manipulated coups against their own party leaders and at this juncture, both Gillard and abbott, both, should deservedly be sent to Coventry.

What a completely sickmaking waste of time these last years.

And what utter crap will these pathetic, unimaginative – self destructive, useless bludgers will pull out of their arses to cause 22 million people more angst in the next several weeks?

Honestly, I’d rather vote for Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny than any of these dorks.


  1. Oh, big thrill,
    So Kev's back.
    The member for dullnuts - or whatever is the big man again.
    One of these days I'd like to see my 'representative' represent me when I have a problem directly caused by their bullshit.
    Call in and make an appointment - try to catch them in the street.
    Hire 'rent a kidnapper'.
    It is impossible to nail these shits down.

    So - big thrill, Kev has replaced Matilda the Duck as party leader!

    1. Oh that's somewhat harsh, Dibbler,
      Imagine if you were in Kev's shoes - knowing that he sent jackboot johnnie down the tubes.
      I like a bloke who spits out his dummy occasionally.
      No harm in that.
      And how the hell are you able to be premier AND look after your electorate.
      Other nations have ways of managing that sort of thing.
      Trouble is that our dullards can't work it out - or have to change the constitution via referendum.

      I'd suggest that electorates stuck with complete sleppers or cabinet members have another resource - another pathway to lodge their representations to the system of governance.

      Hey Kev - what say you?

  2. Dorks, eh - Daffy and Bugs, eh !

    Well , someone off their trolley must have voted for me.
    I didn't do too badly considering.
    And neither will Kev.