Saturday, June 15, 2013

Has it ever entered your tiny head that some majority of us might be slightly pissed off by yet another political coup.

Has it ever occurred to you that Rudd sent howard down the tubes by exercising his skills.
Has it ever crossed your mind that Gillard blew her chances away by pulling her stunt, the coup, on Kev?

Has it ever crossed your mind that she stuffed up big time and betrayed the populace by doing that?

Has it ever crossed your mind that she should rightly quit?
Has it ever crossed your mind that she knows that she should quit?
Has it ever crossed your mind about why she refuses to quit?

Has it ever crossed your mind that in a democracy she should quit s a point of decency, honour and process?

Have you wondered why she will not quit?

Is there some valid reason that stops her from quitting?
Is it because she is a w---? (Sorry, can’t go there)

Or is it because she intends to hand over the entire show to ABBOTT?
I happen to believe she/her faction intends to hand the show over to ABBOTT.

All of which arises the big thunderous question.
What the hell is this silly dame doing by abusing her apparent opposites across the slantwise gender/misogyny barrier about all sorts of utter bullshit having completely nothing whatsoever to do with the progress of a modern nation state.

‘SHE’ can play these games with Abbott and pointlessly drive us all to drink.

There is no purpose in that, other than gaining votes for the pugilist - other than gaining votes for someone who (in the same fashion as herself) stole the leadership of HM’s opposition from an immensely more acceptable person.

If there was any chance of arranging some change in our useless constitution surely it would be about being able to lodge a negative vote (a blackball) for someone who has proven to be a complete waste of time and oxygen.

To make that plain both Gillard and abbott (and their cliques) are beyond the bloody pale.

Just completely beyond the pale.


  1. Anyone can see how it will go unless labor finds a convincing replacement for gillard as premier. And no, I'm not politically naive - pm - premier means the same - it is just that the last pretender has never exhibited the conduct of a 'prime minister'.

    It HAS gone beyond any joke.

    For all the frustration, anguish and precious little work displayed by ANY of those (what do you call them, raffle winners)in that joke of a parliament - it has become a ONE PARTY system with an equally corrupt bunch of tail end charlies hoping to slurp up the scraps.
    None of them have the first idea.

    None of them have the imagination to protect their own self interest, let alone the interest of this country.

    1. By "first idea", I assume you mean about a reasonable civil society?
      If so, then you are correct.
      It has gone beyond recall.
      The result is on display every day on the streets.
      Absolutely no restraint whatsoever.
      The filth are convinced that they are empowered to behave as abysmally badly as those crackpots in our legislatures.

      No display of decency whatsoever any which way.

      It may be time to emigrate to New Caledonia.
      Best wishes. Otto

  2. Seems that way doesn't it, Galland.
    The whole show is all about them - or so it most definitely appears.
    Makes me want to go back and retrain as a lawyer.
    But then I'd have to go back further and pick up pedigree.

    These bastards are running australia down for their fun and profit.