Monday, June 10, 2013


Trust me, I’m stupid and wouldn’t have a clue.

My namesake, Kev has had a complete gutful.
In any case he’s a career politician.
Fine. So he’s ruled out putting his pecker up against Gillard.

Once the pugilist has completely destroyed anyone’s belief in a democratic sytem – he’ll be lurking in the wings waiting for another chance.

But not before the pugilist, that ‘wingnut’, has reduced our society to the base level.
One way of avoiding that fate is to refuse to vote for the ‘wingnut’ and his mob of putative Nazis.
Think ahead a bit guys. The main reason the wingnut wants to be the grand master is so that he can scoop in enough dough to pay off all his mortgages.

He’s no different from the rest of them.
Which means he’s corrupt beyond buggery.

Essentially there are two choices.
Vote for an immensely hurtful change in this society –
Or vote for the useless bludgers who have been letting the place go to rack and ruin for the last years.

I’d go for the latter myself and hope to high heaven that another coup will happen shortly after the raffle.

Definitely a no joy situation –

but at least there might remain a few, less than rabid, people that may be reasoned with.


  1. I'll vote for Tony.
    There is something in his togs that I like.
    Besides that hes giving you commies a hard time.
    Tony Tony tomy -

  2. okay, Big Girl,
    Vote yourself into debt then

    1. What is the point of arguing with halfwits.
      Yeah – that’ll do. What is the point.

  3. Dymphna - from an important place in VICTORIAJune 11, 2013 at 7:18 AM

    I 'm fairly confident that you aren't the REAL kev,
    But if you have access to the REAL kev - could you encourage the twerp to stage a countercoup before that drongo abbortt wrecks all our lives.
    Surely that's not too much of an ask?

  4. The fool with instant recallJune 16, 2013 at 5:05 AM

    Abbort's mortgages would be those he signed off in order to bankroll the attack against Ms.Hansen?

    Short memories combined with the application of hate do seem to be a feature of our politics.