Friday, June 21, 2013


Their words, not ours – but a fair appraisal -

Nothing new. See here –

The bastards have been doing this to us, one way or another, for most of our sorry lives.

Maybe these voyeurs have nothing better to do during their momentary grasp at power?

I reckon so.

They are so full of cack as an egg is, of ‘meat’.

The proof?

Look at this hateful game with Manning, Assange and now, Snowden.

How many others occupy their same pathetic space?

Weren’t ‘show trials’ and the surrounding brutalization of decent people - the ambit of the likes of the old USSR?

‘Democracy’, hey!
What a friggin’ joke.


  1. All a bit like that ain't they, bloke?

    Never mind.
    Somehow you managed to expose the plot.
    Now, do any of those sick, inconsequential dropkicks out there choose to voice their opinion?
    I seriously doubt it.
    Gutless curs!

  2. That terbaccy Osama (POTUS) needs to be sorted out.
    He does not care about people.
    The USA is a lost case with more Hispanics, Negroes and all ethnic groups rapidly overpopulating the place and leaving the WASPS in arrears.
    A few more years of threshing about - then sorry: goodbye to the balance of power.

  3. Funny, isn't it, Quisling?
    All these years and now - the 21st century.
    All of the work of Turing and his people gone to buggery.

    All of that subsumed to perdition by useless clods without any clue.

    All their hard work, instead of being used for freedom, is now being exploited to drive honest people down.
    What a complete disaster!

  4. This relative of ours stayed with us for a few days half a lifetime ago.

    He left a book behind written by some bloke of the name of 'Wright'.
    The Author, Mr. Wright was once a 'spook'.

    He wrote his book to expose all that stuff decades ago.

    It seems the latest generation has forgotten all that.

    They should visit their library in order to become advised about what confronts them in their lives and about how their rights and previleges are being stripped from them without notice or their consent.

  5. Military. Ha. IntelligenceJune 22, 2013 at 1:06 AM

    G'day Panopticon,
    Spot on.
    Retired to Tasmania, wrote his book, had it published.
    Then wasn't it Thatcher who wanted him extradited and beheaded?
    In extreme difference to what is happening now, Australia refused her request.
    What a joke it has all become.