Thursday, June 20, 2013


Here we go again.
Things look bad for the laborites.

A damned good chance is coming along to get even with the proletariat despite the fact that it seems that labor has been getting even (leastways as even as jackboot johnnie did) with the proletariat all the time they’ve held office.
So Ford closes - Holden threatens the same – as does ANZ and a bunch of others.

What does S.O.P. stand for?
Standard Operating Procedure/s – that’s what.

These idiot raffle winners pull the same stunt every election and the peasantry are too bloody naïve to notice.

Mind you, what say do they have when the socialist camp has been either exterminated or dispersed as efficiently as the first people on Paddy’s Island here in Queensland or at Wounded Knee in the usa.

The laborites?
Straight from pre-school into their auntie’s electoral office - then given a plum electorate after a few years of toadying.

No bloody wonder they want the next few years to be a relatively stress and consequence free time for themselves – while the conservatives  complete the sale of us off to China.

Without a doubt, any reasonable person can see that our raffle winners intend that.
No patriotism whatsoever.

That is the single cross-party element that binds these opportunistic reivers – they are liars, cheats and thieves – and have no patriotism whatsoever.

So why the hell are we sitting on our fat butts, sucking the suds, while passively watching this destructive fiasco unfold?

There is no way possible that a certain faction pretending to be laborite have not sold out to this other faction pretending to be ‘liberal’.

The firesale of Australia will happen in the very near future.

The resurrection and redemption of Rudd will only stave off the inevitable for a few months.

But those few months might save our sorry arses if some few decent people demand their say.

I know – A forlorn hope if ever there was one.


  1. So what about manufacturing and agrarian industry, dummy?

    Not that we ever had much - but at some stage long ago it almost became sustainable.
    I'd equate for Australia now, what happened to Argentina three or four years ago when the grateful Brits dropped them in the kack after WW11.

    Any historians out there with some comment?

    1. "I'd equate for Australia now, what happened to Argentina three or four years ago when the grateful Brits dropped them in the kack after WW11."

      I wrote 'decades', not years.
      What gives?

  2. Darius J.
    Are you nother one of ‘them’?

    Another of those smoothies popping up with another glib response?
    The bloke above is saying something about ‘now’ politics.

    The ‘firesale’ thing is something that scares us.

    An auction.
    We are coming too close to that.
    The populace don’t seem to be aware of that possibility.

    The banks seem to be behaving irresponsibly.