Wednesday, June 5, 2013


See –
And this piss poor, as near as dammit vindictive little effort from guess who –

Nonetheless,  precedence has been re-established in queensland overturning decades of insanity about a person’s right to protect their self, their family, their neighbours and their property.

So what will happen next.
I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if the rozzers didn’t appeal against the beak's decision.

Why do I mention that?

Over on the other side of town there were some of us in the same situation at that time.
When we went out to survey the  situation with the floodheight only a few yards away the loonies in the meth lab over the road came out of their hide screeching, yipping and waving their little fists.

I kept my patience and resisted emulating Mr. Faulkner’s actions.

There is something going completely pear-shaped in this happy little burg.

And that’s likely the reason the rozzers chose to book Faulkner for his doing merely what was right.


  1. Okay. I'm a complete mug but I get where you're coming from.
    The meth lab over the road is 'CONDONED' by the porkers.

    Most probably.

    And Ian Faulkner was probably set up by the same lot down there in the castle?

    Oh Yes. That's the way it works these days - without any doubt at all.

  2. Dear Nonny,
    You do have it right.
    They would have had Ian down on their database 'cos he owned a rusty .22 and a fistful of 'ratshot'.
    That's their job - to round up anyone who twitches - even if they do act responsibly.
    Ian Faulkner said it himself.
    He has more firearms knowledge than any troop of cops.
    He acted responsibly and harmed no-one.

    Yet as I mentioned and you realised other bludgers were out there during those floods.

    Those bludgers, in no wise different from Ian's looters, were trying to bear down on citizens and 'Bundabergwise' they seemed to get away with it.
    Best way to put it is - I haven't seen their sort since primary school.
    A mob of hairy arsed, fuckwit, school bullies.

    I pray that things went better for you in your locality?

  3. "Angry Hansen' says -

    What are you shitheads on about.
    I told him that I'm here to make a dollar.
    He can get stuffed if he thinks we are making him and his family puke up every night.
    I hate him.
    I have rights too.

  4. Yep Angry,
    You, assuredly, have rights.

    Your right to lurk about in the dark, leering in our direction, till past 4.00 am, new years morning.

    Your right to abuse and threaten us whenever you fancy.
    Your right to shake your fist in my face when your select pals are there.

    Your right to walk directly past me with your pathetic squinty little eyes on the ground pointed towards your twinkle toes - when, unfortunately, your bogan mates aren't there as bought witnesses.

    Of course you have rights, you dork.

    You have additional rights.

    You have the right to suck up to your 'rentier'.
    You have the right to go into bankruptcy when that manipulative creep eventually sucks you up then sends you broke (in precisely the same way he used and abused your predecessor, last year).

    And in this modern queensland it appears that, in desperation, you have the right to play along with your 'rentier' with his meth production.

    Meanwhile your joint efforts are tending to cause a few defecits in this neighbourhood.

    It isn't amusing to see unconscious bods lying in the gutters about here.

    It certainly doesn't amuse me to watch you go through the pockets of such a disadvantaged person.

    It doesn't amuse me to see you swap a baggie of 'reds' for cash - in broad daylight - under the awning of your shop - with one of your 'customers'.

    It isn't amusing when your rentier screams death threats at us in the middle of the night.

    It doesn't amuse me when you pull that same stunt yourself.

    It is incredibly less than amusing when the record of this doesn't matter any friggin' continental when it is delivered to the 'authorities'.

    It seems that you 'pigdogs' are okay.
    Somehow you shiteheels are 'permitted' to act like complete arseholes.

    All I need to do is work out who gave you that license.
    beattie, bligh or this new flogger, newman.

    Not that it particularly matters - 'cos their sort cover up corruption merely as a matter of course.