Saturday, June 1, 2013

“Believe me when I say that I look forward to their mutual destruction”

Now, why did I say that in the last?
A fit of pique, maybe?

Or was I doing my best to hint that what is pretended as being progress in our parliaments has been nothing more than a dogfight going on for decades now.

Stap me. Our parliaments are supposed to be our representatives.
Well they bloody well ain’t – and that’s a fact!

Nothing but raffle winners and useless bastards, the whole show.
And finally it is becoming to sink in – that is, if you punters out there can hold a grip on the concept.

Consider – these raffle winning bastards are supposed to be representing you – not their bloody minded tontine.

Okay. So what’s a ‘tontine’ then Ted?

But I’m sure even that won’t help any of you with the subtlety of what they are up to.
Like watching their ‘associates’ progressively get the chop in the ‘hurly-burly of politics’ – so that the survivors get to reap the profits over the corpses of their pals.

Can’t work that out?

Didn’t think so.

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