Monday, June 3, 2013


This should explain the concept for you simpletons out there –

Just click on and see for yourself how effective your vote will be in the next raffle.
In my adult lifetime I have seen Whitlam’s laborites achieve government – only to be sunk by an overweening mob of conservatives who suddenly found themselves having to deal with the war debt from that unlawful VietNam atrocity.

Fraser and his ilk subsumed us all to a continuum of galloping inflation and bugger all in the way of sustainable development – negative social credit and an entire sub-generation marking time while we prayed for a change.

By the time that enough new-age bludgers became brave enough to vote out that increasingly senile mob of superannuates – the laborites had decided that their majority faction was a tontine of corrupt lawyers with cheap-jack self-interest at the core of their operations.

Then followed howard – the arch traitor.

Then came rudd. In essence, a mirror of howard.

Then followed, another coup.
Not gillard’s coup – rather those who pull her strings.

Those who pull the strings make the puppet dance!

A reasonable person would soon work toward the conclusion that the same faceless ones that pull gillard’s strings will be making abbott dance to that same tune in a few month’s time.

But in his time the pretence won’t be about ‘health’ and ‘education’ and bugger all else.
It’ll be about bugger all else.

In fact it’ll be about sweet bugger all for anyone except the chosen ones and the faceless ones who will sell your assets and your heritage off at a firesale price.


  1. Yuo smack of treason.
    Why do you keep suggasting that our politicians are corrupt?
    Writing that sort of sedition get's us nowhere.

    They work hard and can not be faulted.
    My niece works as a PA in our local electarol office.

    She so often has to hang up the phone or delete communications from annoying people wanting an appointment to complain about their everyday troubles to my employer.

    her job is very stressful and she hates having to contact the authorities whenever anyone becomes troublesome.
    Her minister insists that her job is a block between the electorate and his work.

    Personally, I agree with her. She should not be bothered with the problems of people coming in off the street.

    1. Reply to Rita Serjaccio

      Dear Rita,
      I keep INSISTING that our raffle winners are corrupt for the simple reason that the face of the record demonstrates that they are.
      There is absolutely no doubt about it, - too many of them are.
      Then you mention how she's been required to do her job.
      Surely your 'neice' should have been comprehensively briefed that her task was to deliver each and every concern of the electorate to her employer.
      Her employer being their elected representative?
      Her job, is in fact, to deliver each matter of concern put to her boss by EVERY person in his/her electorate and for that matter any other issue that comes that way from anyone/anywhere in this nation.
      It might be a stressful task to manage all that - but she's being paid well enough.
      besides that - there is a lawful requirement for her to abide by a code of conduct and of ethics.
      If she refuses to abide by those codes - then she should be dismissed.
      I'd suggest if you are reporting her attitude toward her job accurately - then she should seek some other occupation.

      In fact, maybe she can get her jollies giving innocent people the shits in a pawn shop or some ripoff finance company.
      Give her my complete disregards.

  2. Rita -

    Get a handle on it.
    They are bent.
    Your niece belongs to some underclass.
    What you write reflects that same angle.
    Please bug out unless you give something worthwhile to the conversation.
    None of us being crocked by class wars need any of that.
    So your niece has a job last week?
    Good for her.
    Rerport back in a monyh.
    Will she be employed then?
    I doubt it.

  3. As it happens my niece is now temporarily out of a job.
    Her boss has decided that it is time for a change.
    She tells me that he has decided to cast his weeds upon the face of another electorate in a bid for the lower house - or something.

    She has been on the phone at least six times today and the language in the emails - Oyyyyy!

    She fronted him this morning about this sudden change of plan.
    He suggested that if she'd been doing the first part of her morning procedures - that she would have known weeks ago that he wanted to have a go at some independent.
    She now tells me that suicide might be her best option.
    And it is all your fault.