Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Anyone ever considered the way the usa has conducted itself throughout its history since about the 1770s?
Weren’t exactly law abiding British subjects; were they?
Then later when they pretended a policy of ‘isolationism’ they were busy screwing people’s lives while they acquired useful real estate like the Phillipines, Alaska and Hawaii.
All of course by sheer accident and mistake.
Then there IS the ‘Marine’s Hymn’.

‘From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli’.

Now what right did they have to be stuffing about with Mexicans and Bedouins?

The schoolboy histories pretended that these arseholes had a policy of ‘isolationism’ all the time that they were the most ‘interferist’ mob of horse thieves, highwaymen and reivers this world has ever seen.

We don’t even need to speak about how their capitalist ubermensch stood back to take maximum profit and advantage during the World Wars of last century or smacking down the peasantry in Korea and VietNam.

But the stale show has gone for far too long.
They invaded Iraq – then systematically destroyed (as best they could) over 5000 years of recorded history.
Meanwhile they were doing the same in Afghanistan – continue the same way in Afghanistan.

These bludgers and lizards are completely sick.

It doesn’t particularly matter your belief, philosophy, or conspiracy theory  - these bludgers are completely beyond the pale.

Without any doubt whatsoever they are behind the scenes here and now pulling the strings of the puppets up to this next ‘election’.
Without any doubt the seppos (sepric tanks, yanks – the u.s of a) wants a conservative regime here in Oz.

So how is it being achieved?

Are our raffle winners being bribed – or threatened??

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  1. Lizards wouldn't surprise me.
    Other than that the progressive obama wants world hegemony as badly as did bush.
    Sick indeed and not representative of their populace.
    But that's the way those suckers work.