Sunday, June 23, 2013


Trautloft J. BSC (Hon)
As far as we are concerned – if the laborites refuse to dismiss the traitor and her traitorous faction – then we’ll likely see rebellion here in oz.

If abbortt supports the sort of stuff at the federal level than newman is driving here in qveenstlandt, then it will be a gynormous fuckup. (Sorry there is no other word for it.)

What exactly is the end-game here?

What are the laborites about?
Who the hell are funding their treachery?
Are our people so completely stupid that they cannot see that Gillard and company are handing the conservatives a win?

I mean, give us a break –
Here’s over 50% of the population praying on bended knee for this Rudd poonce from nambour, qveentslandt (or somewhere) to give that obnoxious dame the bum’s rush.

But will he?
Or will it matter if he does?

Should we all refuse to vote for a useless mob of opportunist/psychopaths??

Best if we gave ALL these useless goddamned bludgers a big miss at their next raffle.

What a wonderful world we all inhabit now?
We’d like to speak plain language.
We’d like to express forthrightly exactly how we’d like to deal with these cheating curs (heaven forfend the bitches) and where we’d like to send their useless lot.

But they’ve stitched us all up crossgrained and hollow – the overweening creeps.

Goddamn them all and may they spend an eternity in a similar purgatory to which they’ve condemned us.

At the next raffle – a ‘win’ for abbortt is another stretch in hell for the majority of Australians – likewise to the misery we had to endure with that despicable article, howard.

Short memories do not contribute much toward sensible political decision.


  1. Paul Neville,LNPJune 23, 2013 at 8:11 AM

    People like you really burr me up Jock.
    Tou think you can hide behind a degree and tell us what to do.
    Yoy say that you are what?
    Some silent majority; defending a boatload of twaddle.
    I suppose that you would defend the dole and free abortion?
    Same sex marriage and god kno's what else?
    You nazi bastard

    1. Rotten boroughs -
      Dear Paul is that actually you?
      The retiring 'member' for the rotten borough of hinkler (or is that Hitler)??

      So wie gehts?

      You seem to have a problem about 'the final days'.

      Perhaps anxiety about having to retire and the pursuant appearances in court; maybe?

      So why couldn't you have remained honest when in 'office'?

      Ich muss in das klar sagen.

      What exactly is your problem?

      Your useless decades defending a 'chair' occupied by your fat useless butt.

      That same chair soon to be occupied by yet another butt - perhaps not fat yet - but watch that space.

    2. Representative democracy, eh?

      What a complete joke.