Saturday, November 30, 2013


And for a laugh –

This week, and this time every year, in queensland (and elsewhere in Australia) we have customarily run these stupid events to provide disadvantaged kids with a few Christmas presents.

This year, in queensland (or, as it is now known, newmania, or boganvillia) the political police will be there arresting anyone they might choose.

I can tell you that they won’t be arresting me there – ‘cos I don’t have a scooter any more.

Which is a shame.
It is a shame because I worked my tits off putting together the first motorcycle toy-run in our pathetic little region way back in about 1981.
I don’t give a fuck about the exact year.
Somewhere in the stack of mementoes are some tacky little badges the ‘Motorcycle Rider’s Association™ ‘gave me for my piss-poor-efforts for the first and next few years.

None of that is important.

But what WAS important back then is that our state member of parliament rode along beside us on that first toy-run with his young daughter on the pillion seat of their grotty little Honda scooter.

Shit yeah!
Our member of parliament went for the ride – his daughter came for the ride with her dad – in support of our disadvantaged kids.(Clem Campbell, was his name).

And what do we have now – in 2013?

This prize arsehole – the present member for our sorry electorate – the prize pig-minister threatening to arrest anyone attending this year’s turnout – if his pig-pals want to – or choose to.

Without any doubt there is no way any reasonable person could muster up any opinion about this chunk of filth.
Leave it there.

There is no way any reasonable person could muster up any opinion about this chunk of filth confronting us in 2013, newmania.

Friday, November 29, 2013


Queensland has this (obviously) sick excuse for a premier.

His police minister is an ex-sergeant of police (if you remember, the original pig minister was summarily removed only a few days after taking on the job).
Any reasonable person can see the problem here.

A failed soldier using his ‘interest’ to move into politics – now exploiting a complete deadhead to forward his hate.

Newman operating his scams in Brisbane (as mayor) had pretty well convinced everyone there that his interest was about exploiting the ‘property industry’ to his advantage.

Which might syncopate with his placement of a junior, non-commissioned cop as police minister.
Nothing of that is of any importance except the brother of the now police minister is one of those prime exploitative jerks in real-estate.

Okay. Forget all that. Be a good queenslander and have all your assets stolen by these bludgers.

After all – you voted the bastards into the situation that you believe, that for some arcane reason) they can do that to you.

Just lie back, tilt your collective heads back and have your throats cut – by these amoral bastards. (to make that plain – remain apathetic and let them use you until you drop).

Either that or accept the fact that they are footling with your pathetic lives and your poor dimwitted and uneducated children’s future.

Bottom line is – who gives a continental – the bastards have invaded our family space and scared our women and children shitless.

A job well done.

A pox, a curse, on you bastards for doing that – may you writhe in hell!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

“ECHELON – or – These Days They MUST Be Putting Something in the Water”

All this crapola recently about the poor Indonesians being ‘spied upon’ by Australia –

Give us a break. Surely everyone has heard of the global monitoring of communications.
These days about the only safe communication between two individuals would be directly face to face, down a deep mine.
And even then you could not be sure that you were secure.

Nope – the Indo outrage is artificial as they bloody well know.
And the ‘spin’ they are putting on it seems to be about having our dear ‘government’ remind the Ozpopulation that their communications are as wide open to monitoring by our masters as is theirs.

To make that plain – while our people are being kept in the dark and fed bullshit like the good little mushrooms that they are – they are susceptible to a further erosion of their trust in the hierarchy(?) of buffoons causing that to happen.

I mean – why the hell WERE all those funny white bubbles surrounded by exclusively American occupied outhouses put out in the desert all those years ago?

Surely the Indos must have gained an inkling that they’ve been bugged at some stage in the last four or five decades?

Surely they can’t pretend, (as the weft and warp of political duplicity has been applied over those years) that they themselves have not been frequent recipients of El Int and Sig Int originating from these ‘ECHELON ™ ‘ facilities on Australian soil?

So what gives?
The “Great Game” being played here is becoming more immediate than that the seppos invented – their ‘Domino Theory’ and will soon become more intense than that old bunfight between the Brits and the Russkies in Central Asia.
I’m talking about events in which lots of innocent people end up getting hurt.

At this stage in proceedings Australia is a very resource rich and conveniently placed slab of real estate provisionally being controlled by a mob of greedy, corrupt and self serving dolts.

Dolts who appear to have no idea about reaching out to Australians – or even providing Australians with enough raw information in order to advise them about the present geo-political situation confronting them and soon to be impinging upon their interest.

So, are they putting something in the water that makes people forget what they saw on ‘Four Corners’ all those years ago?

Or are we all as greedy and as stupid as those acting like complete dicks in our parliaments these last many years?

Nah. Some bastard MUST be putting some sort of forgetfulness drug in our water.

Stands to reason!

Monday, November 25, 2013


A unicameral parliament – in other words a ‘no-thing’, a rubber stamp and a sorry exercise of stupidity and waste of time since 1922.

Queensland/newmania/boganvillia – a complete waste of opportunity since 1922.

Many years ago I hoped and prayed that we might have our member of parliament taking a cabinet position in our ‘government.

I must have been completely off my trolley.

I had no idea whatsoever that some small time jerk from my home town would start throwing his weight about like heinrich himmler.

But now, UNFORTUNATELY, I know better.


let’s do a post-mortem of this ‘article’ –

“POLICE Minister Jack Dempsey has strongly rejected an approach by a bikie gang member to discuss the State Government’s crackdown on outlaw motorcycle gangs.
“I’m not talking to criminal gang members,” the Member for Bundaberg said. “

Which surprises nobody.
He speaks to nobody except his pals. And HIS pals tend to smell like prawns in the hot sun.

““We’ve drawn a line in the sand and we will use whatever legitimate way we can to put these people behind bars for a very long time.”
Mr Dempsey said while the bikies were in jail their privileges would be strictly curtailed.”

Interesting, isn’t it how at this time when those who fought against fascism are nearly all deceased – worms like this begin reinventing the concentration camps for those they decide to hate within their own nation.

““These are parasites that prey on the most vulnerable members of the community,” he said.”
Parasitism in queensland/newmania/boganvillia is definitely on the increase once again.
Some years ago we had the whitewash after the Fitzgerald Enquiry and for a little while afterward the real parasites pretended to behave themselves.

“Mr Dempsey was reacting to a letter published in the NewsMail on Wednesday from Tony Jardine, who identified himself as a senior member of the Rebels motorcycle gang.
“Not all people in mc clubs are criminals. Some may have broken the law but are generally law-abiding people. Obviously there is a bad element in some clubs but it is not the club that makes them bad. There are bad people in all walks of life. Many club members will loose there legal livelihood. I would think the government would be encouraging people to have legitimate jobs, not take them away. From your experience, where will they get money to live on? It may force them to crime which will only worsen the whole problem of crime,” Mr Jardine said in the letter.
He said he was available for further discussion on the matter.”

Bit of a ‘catch 22’ that.
Something that someone of dempsey’s type would rely upon.
Thousands of years developing and refining codes of law and jurisprudence (as corrupt and manipulative as they’ve always been) don’t even tickle his consciousness.
Dempsey, like the rest of the useless bludging raffle winners in boganvillia, pretends that his alleged office provides him immunity and the right to refuse representation to the electors of this collapsed state.

“Mr Dempsey said according to the Australian Crime Commission 25% of criminal gang members in Australia were Rebels members.”

Of course you won’t spill the beans about the other 75 percent and where they lurk, will you jack?
Probably you’d have a ‘conflict of interest’ about telling us anything about that – hey, jack?
Who the other 75% are – I mean.

““These aren’t Robin Hoods; these are violent gang members and thugs,” he said."

Hoo, boy – armed organised gangs running the streets and demanding ‘protection money’ from Joe Citizen.
All seems awfully familiar to me.

“He said legitimate motorcycle riders and enthusiasts had nothing to worry about from the new laws.””

Bullshit. As a brat engineering apprentice having to ride a scooter ten miles to work and back home I was hounded unmercifully by joh’s pigs back in the nineteen seventies.
Those bastards bloody well knew that I had a young family – but all I was to them was nothing more or less than a source of revenue and a readily identifiable easy mark – being a solo motorcycle rider.

“He said the criminal gangs had had nearly 30 years to embed themselves in the Queensland community, but their time was up.”

What utter crap. If his sort and their laborite pals got out of our faces – the ‘community’ would have the facility to defend themselves adequately.

“Mr Dempsey said Queensland was leading the nation in combating the outlaw motorcycle gangs”

Mainly because the rest of the nation has worked out that they’ve stuffed up big time after being conned by this clap-trap.
Keep out there in front jack – keep leading – keep stomping forward remorselessly.
While you are busy with that – someone might ask a few questions about why you’ve been wasting all that time and money on a complete friggin’ goosechase.
‘Cos you silly bastard, it’ll happen sooner rather than later – when true queenslanders finally get it through their tiny brains that you are threatening their sons and daughters, their fathers and mothers, their extended families, those of their friends and acquaintances – that in fact and detail you and your callous regime are presently determined to wound and cause detriment to us all.

And who the hell is he anyway?
Something apparently important in conservative boganvillia politics – a sergeant of police.
A bloody useless non-commissioned officer put in charge of the entire civil power of what is supposed to be an integral part of a 21st century democracy.
What a colossal friggin’ joke.

Saturday, November 23, 2013



Difficult not to be a hypocrite about this sort of thing.
Anyone has the right to stand for public office.

Except when conflict of interest is involved.
Except when a corrupt regime irresponsibly emplaces a pawn in a top job.
It is completely beyond belief.

When that conflict of interest is as evident as dog’s balls – then in a democratic society the bludger offered such a job should abstain from taking the job.

After all there are enough ways that he and his pal newman could throw their weight about without making the game obvious.
Wasn’t there some stupid cop show the BBC did called “softly softly”?

In this case, however, an ex-pig was parachuted into the job of pig-minister from the position of sergeant of pork.

At the first level – it looks really quite bad. Idiots unable to understand that one day they’ll be ‘hoist on their own petard’.

But they don’t seem to begin to comprehend cause and effect.
Pig ignorance, hormones and bad attitude seem to rule.

Like the pork wanting to harvest or deport ‘bikies’ – apparently to get them out of the way of exploiting or competing with police income – then the whole show looks a bit shoddy.

Now everyone in ‘boganvillia’ bloody well knows what’s going on.
Everyone knows that only complete idiots will mention what is happening in jolly old ‘newmania’ in print.

In fact, everyone knows it is best to ‘remain silent’ about any activities of the ‘bold gendarmes’ in this collapsed state.

Now, over the road from us is an outfit that has a ‘public face’ of appearing to be a commercial enterprise.

Yet they act in a threatening and aggressive way – the way newman pretends ‘bikies’ act according to what he and his pawns have told us is criminal behaviour.

So why – if they act that way – can’t I contact the pig minister, the ex-sergeant of police, our member of alleged parliament – to have them arrested?
I’ll tell you then.
‘Cos I’m reliably informed that he drinks with ‘em down at the corner pub.
He goes there with his bro, an ‘important’ real estate dealer who has his office next door to the local cop shop.
This was pointed out to me by the secretary of another ‘member of parliament’ of this corrupt state.

So what precisely is happening in this ‘newmania’/’boganvillia’/whatever?

Does the pig minister hide behind parliamentary privilege while feeding hits to his bro in real estate?
Should we be threatened by police after the ‘businessman’ over the road shrieks death threats through our front windows in the dead of night?

I mean, who the hell is kidding anyone.
This stinking, barf making, chew and spew opposite us pretends to make income for this toolhead and his missus AND a family of six doling out ‘chuck and carry’ between the hours of midday to one – then from five thirty to about seven thirty (Mondays excluded).
Last year the ‘rentiers’ employed another ‘family’ of mugs.

The ‘rentiers’ are two exploitative creeps – who if they had the slightest baseline of manners wouldn’t have ever attracted our attention.

Yet they just happen to be the worst sort of plug ignorant pig-dogs who seem to believe that they can walk in, act like arseholes and encourage us old farts to pack up and move away. (A fair bit of that has been happening in Oz. lately).

Okay. It has been a matter of record that this sort of thing began big- time in the outskirts of our capital cities.

The Chinese were accused of it from the gold-rush. More recently the Viet-Namese, the Lebanese and a bunch of others – essentially wedging their way into vulnerable communities and squeezing occupants out.

In this case however – gavin the ignorant and his fat arsed missus can go and shag ‘emselves.

This time they can piss off and take their pal the pig minister of newmania/boganvillia and
his bro from ‘michael’s real estate (next door to the cop shop) and fuck off.

Sorry shitheads.
I’ve lived here and contributed immensely more to this neighbourhood than you parasites.

As have those of my family.

So what is the problem here?
• Some jerk jockey is put in as the minister of cops
• His brother is a big time land con (maybe)
• The premier wants ‘bikies’ driven into slam or out of the state
• In preparation for that he has his chosen one put in as minister for pigs (sorry, cops)
• Meanwhile retrospective legislation is gazetted about all this dreck
• And we are supposed to believe this shit?

Bottom line is about (once again) cause and effect..
The complete non-wits seem to fail to understand that it’ll inevitably be their turn in the near future.

The ‘man in the street’ can express their future well –
• Fuckwits
• Losers
• Crackpots
• Ignorant oxygen thieves
• Arseholes
• Adventurous losers
• Pals of his/hers
• Complete jerks
• Deadheads
• Imposters
• Criminal imposters
• Opportunists
• Cu^ts
• Shitehea*ds
• Arses with ears
• Pricks
• Pig-dogs
• Vermin
• Scrofulous artifacts
• Poxed idiots

And so it goes – naming our raffle winners our ‘representatives’.
But somehow they believe they won the raffle and get to keep causing us immense nausea.

One thing for sure is that it is not worth while contacting your elected representative when the jerk that won that raffle is a complete lunatic.

Some suggest that newmania/boganvillia electors should hit the streets and demand an upper house.
Best of luck with that wish.

Best you forget it.

It’ll never, ever happen in our time.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Note that you cannot click –on to these urls.

But if you swipe the sucker and open it up – you will see the grandest example of disinformation that can be contrived.
Blaa – bla – bleeccccccccchhhhhhhhh!

Divide and conquer – which is exactly what the jughead wants.

This raffle winning pillock, in a few short days has brought us as close to conflict as could be possible with our nearest neighbour – Indonesia.

Good work Tony.


Okay – let’s use a little schoolyard history to make the point why a ‘case file’ has been uppermost in the safe at Russell Offices for many years.

Pretty heady stuff to contemplate that, despite all the published drivel pretending otherwise, dear old Oz has been a de-facto nuclear power for decades.
Oh, except of course it wouldn’t have been any of our fuhrers empowered to hit the red button if the kack had ever hit the fan.

So, of course we’ve been spying on our dear neighbour nations – pretty much since 1788 – depending, of course, on ‘available resources’.
Why the hell, as a first move, was Matty Flinders sent out to chart our coastline?

But I digress.
Back to Indonesia.
If it was up to you, the reader – wouldn’t you be keeping your beady little eye on a mob who were flying military aircraft into your airspace?

If the peace needed to be kept in those circumstances – merely shooting those aircraft down certainly wouldn’t have helped much – especially if those doing the overflights were of a new nation in the early stages of feeling their oats.

But Indonesia is a nation of diverse peoples still resolving an identity after far too many years of actual and perceived exploitation, internal revolt and persecution.

On top of that they (the vast majority of their sons and daughters) are of decent Asian stock – therefore rightly sensitive to being treated with casual contempt by those they might reasonably consider as outrageous idiots.

I’m sure that most Europeans are peripherally aware of the golden rule – ‘Never put one of them buggers in the situation that they ‘lose face’ (there, I’ve just done it).

Yep. I’ve just insulted an entire nation state – our nearest neighbour who have collectively been putting up with that sort of insult for centuries.

At least I have the defence of doing that here with a purpose.

Our new prime-minister doesn’t have that defence.

It very well could be that our press is somehow constrained from letting us Ozstralians know what he’s saying to our national neighbour.
It may be that it has reached a stage that they don’t know how (through lack of journalistic professionalism, etc.)

But I don’t think so.

It strikes me that he’s not good enough within himself.

It could be that if he and his team can’t work out how to treat our valued national neighbours – that they might be flying with intent over our northern airspace again.

But as he said in Afghanistan – “shit happens”.

Except this time – the shit will be happening to some of us.

‘South Irian’ again, eh!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


By now you’ve all heard of the ‘VLAD’ laws in Newmania (name now changed once again to ‘Boganvillia’)
Seems the laws keep being updated as often as queensland’s new names.

Anyway the dolts losing their plots and control of the accursed place seem to have decided that any old bikie or associate of same can be deemed retrospectively as a ‘criminal element’ at the drop of a hat.

Seems not to have occurred to the jerks that resultantly they’ve condemned about three quarters of the bloody stupid population who in their ignorance once used motorcycles for transportation and recreation.
(Personally, if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone who ever sold me a scooter has died of old-age – I’d be fronting them and demanding my money back.)

Oh yes. If everyone starts playing the retrospective game the way those dorks do – the fabric of society will literally be torn apart.

Okay. We all know that – but have YOU considered how far their stupidity can go?
Have you good Christians and Anglicans (yes, there is a difference) considered the IMPLICATIONS?

So our good lord was variously known – but was known on his own patch, during his time. as Jesus, or Jushua of Nazareth.
Very well known as that, in fact; especially by the local bullies of the Roman occupation forces and those ‘managing’ policy in his own birth religion.
So what! you might say.

Put it this way – some of a philosophical or a religious bent might ‘see’ Nazareth as existing at many times at many locations – on earth or in the multi-verse.
I don’t hold with that claptrap but others might.

Some of those more recently arriving in queensland/newmania/boganvillia aren’t particularly good with performing the act of reasoning.
In fact they might well be as easily led into condemning certain actions of raffle winners displaying arrogance as they were by voting for the same crazies in the first place.

Despite the fact that these bogan immigrants don’t go to church these days (any honest priest could readily confirm the figures) they still have their childhood memories, petty superstitions and febrile prejudices – which once fired-up by their substance of choice has them at the barricades.
But I’m waffling –
Consider how the masses begin to roil when confronted with too many new laws that begin to infringe upon the somewhat ‘relaxed static stability’ of their poor intellect.
They’ve been told time and again that they’ll have ‘repressed memories’ of past events undoubtedly perpetrated upon their bodies and souls by any poor old bastard dressed in a black frock and reversed collar. Any such poor old fart who ever passed ‘em in the street.

So here we have that situation in Nazareth (or do we call it, another Nazareth?) -
If you bother to open this link you’ll find yet another priest confronted with the impossibility of accounting for his every daily actions way back a couple of decades ago.
Everyone knows that is impossible – but the witchhunt continues remorselessly despite the support of our chaplain by Mr. Mario Andretti, himself.

Let’s continue -
Another cover-up, maybe?
Difficult to find anything much about the heyday of Nazareth. Its speedway.
Seems that the same petrol-heads hold all the cards.
All the action seems to be about four wheelers and not much mention about the bikers attending motorcycle races there for decade after decade.

Until, that is, we enquire into the popular culture and beyond.
Until we stroll down that road and touch upon the counter-culture.
That place from which our caring fuhrer pretends to guide us away from our ‘sins’.
And I set ‘em out in this order to connect those links in this order –
• Nazareth - Wiki identifies the connection with that place – or if you like how Nazareth USA might be different from the Biblical Nazareth
• ‘The Weight’ – an immortal song – as much soul as when first composed
• And what fuhrer newman intends to destroy – not only our small sense of temporary, occasional freedom – but our souls.

So this ‘Nazareth’, like Avalon, like Camelot is now nothing but a dream.
Yet that fuckwit newman and his troll dempsey – like rabid dogs - refuse to let go.
Why do they refuse to let go?
‘Cos their sort of bastards can’t understand people better than them having simple fun.

Simple as that!

Monday, November 11, 2013


In the comments – what a mob of idiots.
Can’t even say the sages there - exposed any degree of lateral thinking.

Many years ago that old bogey man of qld politics came strolling down the street.
Not a bloody cop in sight.
Just him nattering away animatedly with another raffle winner like himself.

In town, I suppose, to attend to some parliamentary 'business' with a mate.
That, I have no doubt, is why he was heads together with the then LABOR member for our boring little burg.

Yep. Joh, according to some, WAS a conniving bugger.
And he DID stuff about with the lives of non-conformists more than he should have.

But usually he stopped short of destroying their lives in a similar manner to, say, the good old Stasi of East Germany - or that newman.

A situation of remarkable difference to all queensland regimes following him.

Don’t forget for a second though – Joh made the first mistake with our civil liberties by introducing on-the-spot traffic fines - thereby sliming in the first modern age politicization of the police magistrates.
At about the same time his team permitted the pork to purchase and carry their private purchase revolvers.

One thing led to another until these days our raffle winners never go anywhere without their universally hated ‘praetorian guard’.

It is all about what is known as the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ and the stupid, lazy, apathetic sheep that mainly constitute our population.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Recently, the shit show has become too much for the corrupt newmanismatic regime in newmania (Joh called it queensland).
This complete dickhead who somehow won a raffle in this electorate was a sergeant of police.

That is, he took leave of absence from his job as a pig sergeant – then the raffle was rigged so that he won - in this electorate.
(It’s a bit like that in Australia these days)
A little while ago the bloke who was encumbered with the position of police minister was found wanting.
Which meant that this Dempsey (ex-sergeant of police) was put into the job - in this electorate.

Now, no-one in queensland gives a friggin continental about the ‘separation of powers’ and wouldn’t have the least clue about ‘conflict of interest’.

Which means that this corrupt dummkopf remains the pig minister of the corrupt state of newmania.

Trouble is that this bag of offal is supposed to be our representative in parliament.

Now what a fucking joke that is!
Even worse is the fact that his once private secretary is now our ward councillor in local government.

What a cyclonic joke THAT is.
His name is Vince-something. He is supposedly an order of Australia – something.
Right – vince habermann.

His main claim to fame, as far as I’m concerned, is that he condones methamphetamine production down our street.
Yep. He’s a member of the LNP and he ‘likes’ industrial scale drug production in his ward.
Leastways he hasn’t bothered contacting us about our concerns.

Interesting, isn’t it, how an old fart like me gets a handle on these pathetic arseholes.
Live here for sixty years and watch these pathetic turds play their bloody stupid games.

They might reckon that their pals will cover their sorry butts – but one or two do happen to dob on them.

The next few weeks will be quite interesting.

Many years ago we were young and immortal -

Many years ago we were young and immortal – leastways, then, it seemed that way.
A hot summers day and my beautiful Lady Wife was attending to her business at home dressed in a halter top and shorts.

Which is probably why we were targetted by a couple of young randy mormons on pushbikes. (Why were the ‘elders’ cruising the streets with binoculars?)

They tapped on the front door and then attempted to give us the love of their (false) lord.
What I couldn’t work out is why they kept staring down the front of my Lady’s cleavage.
Surely Christians wouldn’t do such a thing?

But those spike headed wankers insisted that they had the moral advantage and that we were nothing but base sinners – despite us being card carrying Anglicans.

These days we know for a fact that a fair number of these arseholes were working for the CIA.
Invading Australian homes and seeking out ‘subversion’.
(Okay; maybe they were nothing but sex deprived idiots from Utah? But who gives a goddamn: those arseholes were definitely double trouble)

Well, fuck me!
I wonder what I have on file back in Langley, Virginia – after telling elder bumhole and elder suckhole to, essentially, fuck off and never bother returning to our door?

Roll the decades over to the present day and now we have the new qveenstlandt fuhrer supplanting the role of those shitheads.
(Not only newman as fuhrer – but just the other day a couple of bruisers in white poly shirts and sticky trousers came pedaling down a nearby street.)

Now the qveenslandt pig farce have taken over from the faux pig-dog, testo-driven mormons

These days any sort of psycho filth employed by newman from new Zealand, south Africa, pommyland, or any other source - will suit his aims.
These psycho kranks, employed by any element of a corporatised ‘government’ believe they have the right to bash on your door and deliver you a new dose of the righteous shits.

We go from there to harassing the ‘alternative lifestylers’.
It is all about fitting decent citizens (albeit of an alternative philosophy) into pink suits, incarcerating fathers and family leaders for the remainder of their lives and leaving their womenfolk at the advantage of psychopaths in his corrupt bludger’s ultra- corrupt employ.
What newman is shoving up the butts of an essentially complacent queensland is tantamount to geno-rape.
Get that. Geno-rape of an entire society.
Admittedly he may pretend that he isn’t into geno-cide.
But without any doubt he intends to fuck us all and bend us all to the same mindless regime – the same braindead continuum that HE believes will produce for him and his corrupt pals the maximum profit from the collapsed nation state that he intends to create.

If I read as someone somewhat pissed off with events – it might be best if you, the reader, made some enquiries yourself.

Regard how the laborites have lost so many raffles lately – how the conservatives promised a firmament of endless employment for any silly bastard stupid enough to believe their babble.

Notice how that promise has gone to buggery?
Work it out, you jerks.
Look up in the dictionary, one simple word of three syllables – BETRAYAL.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is about newman and his vlad legislation here in newmania – a place once known as queensland.

All of which suggests that this ex-Duntroon failure is really quite sick (notice the ref to ass in the above url).

I kid you not. Stupid bastards can’t even spell ‘arse’.

It must have taken hours to work out the acronym – then a few minutes to wank the wording of the legislation together.
Vicious Lawless Association
Disestablishment Bill 2013
Now give us a friggin’ break.
What a load of anally focussed crap.

This HAS to have come from his duntroon experience.
Vlad, the Impaler – how gross is that?

Vlad – according to some was a national hero.
According to others, tantamount to a ghoul.
Now apparently newman’s missus is part Lebanese/part Irish.

Which means that if a razorblade was introduced between him and those slimers whiteanting the biker clubs – then newman would bleed out immediately all over the deck.

There is something here quite weird.

In the electorate of the pork minister industrial scale meth labs have police protection.

Protection/connection – go figure it out for yourself.

A big announcement about our latest VC has been washed into perdition by the disclosure of certain naval ‘initiation’ procedures.
They find something convenient and anally rape our ratings with that object..

Now who the hell would want to join the feckin navy knowing that was in your near future?
And face it. The fuhrer of newmania seems to be of like mind.

Jeeeeeesus wept!