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Difficult not to be a hypocrite about this sort of thing.
Anyone has the right to stand for public office.

Except when conflict of interest is involved.
Except when a corrupt regime irresponsibly emplaces a pawn in a top job.
It is completely beyond belief.

When that conflict of interest is as evident as dog’s balls – then in a democratic society the bludger offered such a job should abstain from taking the job.

After all there are enough ways that he and his pal newman could throw their weight about without making the game obvious.
Wasn’t there some stupid cop show the BBC did called “softly softly”?

In this case, however, an ex-pig was parachuted into the job of pig-minister from the position of sergeant of pork.

At the first level – it looks really quite bad. Idiots unable to understand that one day they’ll be ‘hoist on their own petard’.

But they don’t seem to begin to comprehend cause and effect.
Pig ignorance, hormones and bad attitude seem to rule.

Like the pork wanting to harvest or deport ‘bikies’ – apparently to get them out of the way of exploiting or competing with police income – then the whole show looks a bit shoddy.

Now everyone in ‘boganvillia’ bloody well knows what’s going on.
Everyone knows that only complete idiots will mention what is happening in jolly old ‘newmania’ in print.

In fact, everyone knows it is best to ‘remain silent’ about any activities of the ‘bold gendarmes’ in this collapsed state.

Now, over the road from us is an outfit that has a ‘public face’ of appearing to be a commercial enterprise.

Yet they act in a threatening and aggressive way – the way newman pretends ‘bikies’ act according to what he and his pawns have told us is criminal behaviour.

So why – if they act that way – can’t I contact the pig minister, the ex-sergeant of police, our member of alleged parliament – to have them arrested?
I’ll tell you then.
‘Cos I’m reliably informed that he drinks with ‘em down at the corner pub.
He goes there with his bro, an ‘important’ real estate dealer who has his office next door to the local cop shop.
This was pointed out to me by the secretary of another ‘member of parliament’ of this corrupt state.

So what precisely is happening in this ‘newmania’/’boganvillia’/whatever?

Does the pig minister hide behind parliamentary privilege while feeding hits to his bro in real estate?
Should we be threatened by police after the ‘businessman’ over the road shrieks death threats through our front windows in the dead of night?

I mean, who the hell is kidding anyone.
This stinking, barf making, chew and spew opposite us pretends to make income for this toolhead and his missus AND a family of six doling out ‘chuck and carry’ between the hours of midday to one – then from five thirty to about seven thirty (Mondays excluded).
Last year the ‘rentiers’ employed another ‘family’ of mugs.

The ‘rentiers’ are two exploitative creeps – who if they had the slightest baseline of manners wouldn’t have ever attracted our attention.

Yet they just happen to be the worst sort of plug ignorant pig-dogs who seem to believe that they can walk in, act like arseholes and encourage us old farts to pack up and move away. (A fair bit of that has been happening in Oz. lately).

Okay. It has been a matter of record that this sort of thing began big- time in the outskirts of our capital cities.

The Chinese were accused of it from the gold-rush. More recently the Viet-Namese, the Lebanese and a bunch of others – essentially wedging their way into vulnerable communities and squeezing occupants out.

In this case however – gavin the ignorant and his fat arsed missus can go and shag ‘emselves.

This time they can piss off and take their pal the pig minister of newmania/boganvillia and
his bro from ‘michael’s real estate (next door to the cop shop) and fuck off.

Sorry shitheads.
I’ve lived here and contributed immensely more to this neighbourhood than you parasites.

As have those of my family.

So what is the problem here?
• Some jerk jockey is put in as the minister of cops
• His brother is a big time land con (maybe)
• The premier wants ‘bikies’ driven into slam or out of the state
• In preparation for that he has his chosen one put in as minister for pigs (sorry, cops)
• Meanwhile retrospective legislation is gazetted about all this dreck
• And we are supposed to believe this shit?

Bottom line is about (once again) cause and effect..
The complete non-wits seem to fail to understand that it’ll inevitably be their turn in the near future.

The ‘man in the street’ can express their future well –
• Fuckwits
• Losers
• Crackpots
• Ignorant oxygen thieves
• Arseholes
• Adventurous losers
• Pals of his/hers
• Complete jerks
• Deadheads
• Imposters
• Criminal imposters
• Opportunists
• Cu^ts
• Shitehea*ds
• Arses with ears
• Pricks
• Pig-dogs
• Vermin
• Scrofulous artifacts
• Poxed idiots

And so it goes – naming our raffle winners our ‘representatives’.
But somehow they believe they won the raffle and get to keep causing us immense nausea.

One thing for sure is that it is not worth while contacting your elected representative when the jerk that won that raffle is a complete lunatic.

Some suggest that newmania/boganvillia electors should hit the streets and demand an upper house.
Best of luck with that wish.

Best you forget it.

It’ll never, ever happen in our time.

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