Friday, November 29, 2013


Queensland has this (obviously) sick excuse for a premier.

His police minister is an ex-sergeant of police (if you remember, the original pig minister was summarily removed only a few days after taking on the job).
Any reasonable person can see the problem here.

A failed soldier using his ‘interest’ to move into politics – now exploiting a complete deadhead to forward his hate.

Newman operating his scams in Brisbane (as mayor) had pretty well convinced everyone there that his interest was about exploiting the ‘property industry’ to his advantage.

Which might syncopate with his placement of a junior, non-commissioned cop as police minister.
Nothing of that is of any importance except the brother of the now police minister is one of those prime exploitative jerks in real-estate.

Okay. Forget all that. Be a good queenslander and have all your assets stolen by these bludgers.

After all – you voted the bastards into the situation that you believe, that for some arcane reason) they can do that to you.

Just lie back, tilt your collective heads back and have your throats cut – by these amoral bastards. (to make that plain – remain apathetic and let them use you until you drop).

Either that or accept the fact that they are footling with your pathetic lives and your poor dimwitted and uneducated children’s future.

Bottom line is – who gives a continental – the bastards have invaded our family space and scared our women and children shitless.

A job well done.

A pox, a curse, on you bastards for doing that – may you writhe in hell!


  1. Are sick, aren’t they.
    Prize arseholes of the worst sort. Piles all the way up from their diseased butts to their wrinkly necks.
    And they hate anyoneat all having any fun at all.

    All that was said years ago – back in joh’s time.

    But these creeps take the cake.
    By God, they are dangerous.

    1. I was intending to say - not dangerous - just stupid.
      But you are right.
      Incredibly dangerous - they are.