Monday, November 25, 2013


let’s do a post-mortem of this ‘article’ –

“POLICE Minister Jack Dempsey has strongly rejected an approach by a bikie gang member to discuss the State Government’s crackdown on outlaw motorcycle gangs.
“I’m not talking to criminal gang members,” the Member for Bundaberg said. “

Which surprises nobody.
He speaks to nobody except his pals. And HIS pals tend to smell like prawns in the hot sun.

““We’ve drawn a line in the sand and we will use whatever legitimate way we can to put these people behind bars for a very long time.”
Mr Dempsey said while the bikies were in jail their privileges would be strictly curtailed.”

Interesting, isn’t it how at this time when those who fought against fascism are nearly all deceased – worms like this begin reinventing the concentration camps for those they decide to hate within their own nation.

““These are parasites that prey on the most vulnerable members of the community,” he said.”
Parasitism in queensland/newmania/boganvillia is definitely on the increase once again.
Some years ago we had the whitewash after the Fitzgerald Enquiry and for a little while afterward the real parasites pretended to behave themselves.

“Mr Dempsey was reacting to a letter published in the NewsMail on Wednesday from Tony Jardine, who identified himself as a senior member of the Rebels motorcycle gang.
“Not all people in mc clubs are criminals. Some may have broken the law but are generally law-abiding people. Obviously there is a bad element in some clubs but it is not the club that makes them bad. There are bad people in all walks of life. Many club members will loose there legal livelihood. I would think the government would be encouraging people to have legitimate jobs, not take them away. From your experience, where will they get money to live on? It may force them to crime which will only worsen the whole problem of crime,” Mr Jardine said in the letter.
He said he was available for further discussion on the matter.”

Bit of a ‘catch 22’ that.
Something that someone of dempsey’s type would rely upon.
Thousands of years developing and refining codes of law and jurisprudence (as corrupt and manipulative as they’ve always been) don’t even tickle his consciousness.
Dempsey, like the rest of the useless bludging raffle winners in boganvillia, pretends that his alleged office provides him immunity and the right to refuse representation to the electors of this collapsed state.

“Mr Dempsey said according to the Australian Crime Commission 25% of criminal gang members in Australia were Rebels members.”

Of course you won’t spill the beans about the other 75 percent and where they lurk, will you jack?
Probably you’d have a ‘conflict of interest’ about telling us anything about that – hey, jack?
Who the other 75% are – I mean.

““These aren’t Robin Hoods; these are violent gang members and thugs,” he said."

Hoo, boy – armed organised gangs running the streets and demanding ‘protection money’ from Joe Citizen.
All seems awfully familiar to me.

“He said legitimate motorcycle riders and enthusiasts had nothing to worry about from the new laws.””

Bullshit. As a brat engineering apprentice having to ride a scooter ten miles to work and back home I was hounded unmercifully by joh’s pigs back in the nineteen seventies.
Those bastards bloody well knew that I had a young family – but all I was to them was nothing more or less than a source of revenue and a readily identifiable easy mark – being a solo motorcycle rider.

“He said the criminal gangs had had nearly 30 years to embed themselves in the Queensland community, but their time was up.”

What utter crap. If his sort and their laborite pals got out of our faces – the ‘community’ would have the facility to defend themselves adequately.

“Mr Dempsey said Queensland was leading the nation in combating the outlaw motorcycle gangs”

Mainly because the rest of the nation has worked out that they’ve stuffed up big time after being conned by this clap-trap.
Keep out there in front jack – keep leading – keep stomping forward remorselessly.
While you are busy with that – someone might ask a few questions about why you’ve been wasting all that time and money on a complete friggin’ goosechase.
‘Cos you silly bastard, it’ll happen sooner rather than later – when true queenslanders finally get it through their tiny brains that you are threatening their sons and daughters, their fathers and mothers, their extended families, those of their friends and acquaintances – that in fact and detail you and your callous regime are presently determined to wound and cause detriment to us all.

And who the hell is he anyway?
Something apparently important in conservative boganvillia politics – a sergeant of police.
A bloody useless non-commissioned officer put in charge of the entire civil power of what is supposed to be an integral part of a 21st century democracy.
What a colossal friggin’ joke.

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