Wednesday, November 27, 2013

“ECHELON – or – These Days They MUST Be Putting Something in the Water”

All this crapola recently about the poor Indonesians being ‘spied upon’ by Australia –

Give us a break. Surely everyone has heard of the global monitoring of communications.
These days about the only safe communication between two individuals would be directly face to face, down a deep mine.
And even then you could not be sure that you were secure.

Nope – the Indo outrage is artificial as they bloody well know.
And the ‘spin’ they are putting on it seems to be about having our dear ‘government’ remind the Ozpopulation that their communications are as wide open to monitoring by our masters as is theirs.

To make that plain – while our people are being kept in the dark and fed bullshit like the good little mushrooms that they are – they are susceptible to a further erosion of their trust in the hierarchy(?) of buffoons causing that to happen.

I mean – why the hell WERE all those funny white bubbles surrounded by exclusively American occupied outhouses put out in the desert all those years ago?

Surely the Indos must have gained an inkling that they’ve been bugged at some stage in the last four or five decades?

Surely they can’t pretend, (as the weft and warp of political duplicity has been applied over those years) that they themselves have not been frequent recipients of El Int and Sig Int originating from these ‘ECHELON ™ ‘ facilities on Australian soil?

So what gives?
The “Great Game” being played here is becoming more immediate than that the seppos invented – their ‘Domino Theory’ and will soon become more intense than that old bunfight between the Brits and the Russkies in Central Asia.
I’m talking about events in which lots of innocent people end up getting hurt.

At this stage in proceedings Australia is a very resource rich and conveniently placed slab of real estate provisionally being controlled by a mob of greedy, corrupt and self serving dolts.

Dolts who appear to have no idea about reaching out to Australians – or even providing Australians with enough raw information in order to advise them about the present geo-political situation confronting them and soon to be impinging upon their interest.

So, are they putting something in the water that makes people forget what they saw on ‘Four Corners’ all those years ago?

Or are we all as greedy and as stupid as those acting like complete dicks in our parliaments these last many years?

Nah. Some bastard MUST be putting some sort of forgetfulness drug in our water.

Stands to reason!

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