Saturday, November 30, 2013


And for a laugh –

This week, and this time every year, in queensland (and elsewhere in Australia) we have customarily run these stupid events to provide disadvantaged kids with a few Christmas presents.

This year, in queensland (or, as it is now known, newmania, or boganvillia) the political police will be there arresting anyone they might choose.

I can tell you that they won’t be arresting me there – ‘cos I don’t have a scooter any more.

Which is a shame.
It is a shame because I worked my tits off putting together the first motorcycle toy-run in our pathetic little region way back in about 1981.
I don’t give a fuck about the exact year.
Somewhere in the stack of mementoes are some tacky little badges the ‘Motorcycle Rider’s Association™ ‘gave me for my piss-poor-efforts for the first and next few years.

None of that is important.

But what WAS important back then is that our state member of parliament rode along beside us on that first toy-run with his young daughter on the pillion seat of their grotty little Honda scooter.

Shit yeah!
Our member of parliament went for the ride – his daughter came for the ride with her dad – in support of our disadvantaged kids.(Clem Campbell, was his name).

And what do we have now – in 2013?

This prize arsehole – the present member for our sorry electorate – the prize pig-minister threatening to arrest anyone attending this year’s turnout – if his pig-pals want to – or choose to.

Without any doubt there is no way any reasonable person could muster up any opinion about this chunk of filth.
Leave it there.

There is no way any reasonable person could muster up any opinion about this chunk of filth confronting us in 2013, newmania.

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