Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is about newman and his vlad legislation here in newmania – a place once known as queensland.

All of which suggests that this ex-Duntroon failure is really quite sick (notice the ref to ass in the above url).

I kid you not. Stupid bastards can’t even spell ‘arse’.

It must have taken hours to work out the acronym – then a few minutes to wank the wording of the legislation together.
Vicious Lawless Association
Disestablishment Bill 2013
Now give us a friggin’ break.
What a load of anally focussed crap.

This HAS to have come from his duntroon experience.
Vlad, the Impaler – how gross is that?

Vlad – according to some was a national hero.
According to others, tantamount to a ghoul.
Now apparently newman’s missus is part Lebanese/part Irish.

Which means that if a razorblade was introduced between him and those slimers whiteanting the biker clubs – then newman would bleed out immediately all over the deck.

There is something here quite weird.

In the electorate of the pork minister industrial scale meth labs have police protection.

Protection/connection – go figure it out for yourself.

A big announcement about our latest VC has been washed into perdition by the disclosure of certain naval ‘initiation’ procedures.
They find something convenient and anally rape our ratings with that object..

Now who the hell would want to join the feckin navy knowing that was in your near future?
And face it. The fuhrer of newmania seems to be of like mind.

Jeeeeeesus wept!

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  1. So newman is like hitler then. A bit of an arschficker?