Saturday, October 5, 2013


Anyone with a tenth of a brain – having the misfortune to live in this dysfunctional society would be aware that the show has been infiltrated and usurped by outside influence for the last few decades.

Any reasonable person with any sort of overview of the conniptions would have to accept that the bikers (or what the dunnkopfs in the rafflewinning faux legislature call ‘bikies’) were the last to fall.

But fallen they have.

What a complete joke that the rump of the previous government is up for grabs and is likely to be usurped by an Albanian jew.

That other non-choice is even fucking worse!

So we are stuck with a non-choice and have to endure something outtasight worse than the howard years.

Meanwhile elements of the queensland/newmania cabinet collude to supply the mining market with ‘designer drugs’ – which abbott seems to condone.

Meanwhile this industrial scale drug lab activity is killing people downwind from that activity.

All of which is pretty piss-poor.

All of which is a good goddamned laugh for Dempsey – for that jerk, newman and undoubtedly that toolhead abbott.

But, as someone said the other day,” This time they have bitten off more than they can chew.”

This time the shits (their own sort) they are calling ‘bikies’, denigrating as mere ‘bikies’ are going to cause them immense grief.

This time round what they call the ‘bikies’ are ‘within’ their police, within their own establishment and will chop down – will chop down – will chop down ------------

Yep. As unfortunate as it is – this ‘nation’ is progressing on another course..
She’s becoming an Asian nation – or becoming somewhat subdivided under the control of someone else.

In conclusion – that Dempsey knows absolutely nothing.

Best piss him off as soon as possible.

Just let the jerk go before he does any more harm.

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