Thursday, February 27, 2014


Incredible that after only a few short months Australia has been divested of its automotive, manufacturing, transport, logistics, food security – and my guess is as good as yours.

After all that behind the scenes planning with Gillard and co. – the abbort must really be feeling sick in the guts.

The poor silly bastard must have believed he’d been handed the dump on a plate – until recently.

But what went wrong?

This isn’t the USUAL handover from laborite to liberal.

In the past despite all their griping they usually were given a nation with all those labour relations situations stabilized – so they could play the hard bastard and fuck it all up again.

But this time – not so.

After all, politics is a TIDAL thing.

For instance, here in what was once queensland – now newmania/boganvillia – the tide is in and we’re all drowning in newman’s bikie vomit.

Whereas, down the road, their political mates, the miracle workers of capitalism – have, as mentioned, equally screwed up.

Surely there must be a message there for them?

Take the ‘Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service’, (QANTAS), for instance.

Take the person allegedly running that show?

IF some dweeb cannot run a business. If he can’t make a profit – then he should go.

It matters not in the least about the ‘culture’ circumstance or operating environment – if he can’t make it work – then he should go.

Back to that TIDAL thing – the ups and downs, the see-saw of the capitalist cycle has given Mr. Joyce sufficient time to improve his performance – yet he doesn’t seem quite able to ‘crack the cherry’ of civil aviation.

He wants QANTAS (a national/strategic asset) to be sold off to the lowest bidder.

He seems to want it sold off to the lowest bidder ‘cos that’s where his efforts, such as they were, have driven it down to.

It has taken him some years to drive QANTAS down to that situation.

But more recently mr abbort and his pals have put the whole commonwealth of Australia in the same situation in only a matter of a few months.

There definitely is something wrong with this picture – not only with the likes of the brain-dead right – abbort and joyce – but also with those of the supposed laborite camp – the backstabbing laborite camp who sold the last raffle to these traitors.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Stap me if I can begin to understand the pathetic, namby-pamby response from the latter day citizens of ‘boganvillia’.

They simply don’t seem able to ‘grasp the nettle’ of the first principle.

And that goes this way –
• If those we are stupid enough to elect (and all they are - are a species of raffle winners) begin carrying on in a way that is detrimental to the traditions and mores of our society –
• And if those raffle winners continue to act in ways hostile to the usual course of our society –
• Then they should be made to go.

By now there is enough solid evidence as well as a world of anectdotal evidence out there demonstrating that the vlad laws are utterly beyond the pale even for a crackpot dump like queensland/newmania/boganvillia.

Put it this way –
The boganvillia bit was caused by the northern migration of southern biomass. Some to provide grunt for the now collapsing ‘resources’ industry – the rest to act obnoxiously in our streets.
A by-product of that was their complete and utter lack of understanding of queensland politics and the danger of letting the nazi rednecks back into the roost.

In short their pig-ignorance directly led to the ‘newmania’ phenomenon aided and abetted by the utter incompetence of both the beattie and bligh regimes.

This is something that queenslanders have had to contend with since 1922.

It goes this way –

How the hell do you vote out a mob of corrupt bludgers when the alternative is nothing but another mob of corrupt bludgers.

That’s exactly why since time immemorial every successful political establishment has had two houses and effective checks and balances incorporated in their systems.

But not in poor fucking queensland – nor in an ever expanding list of other failed states.

But newman, like bligh, beattie and that petersen – can’t grasp the simple fact that he’s supposed to be acting in our collective interest.

Nope – He’s acting purely in his own interest and that of his pals.

He’s pulled this ‘bash the bikies’ stunt as a gamble with his fingers and toes crossed into pretzels.

And he’s going to fail.

He will fail for the simple reason that enough decent people DO still remember the various concentration camps of last century, are less than impressed with the seppos and gitmo bay, and are becoming increasingly, righteously pissed off with the treatment of legitimate refugees by our pathetic klatch of federal raffle winners.

Then when this little corporal in boganvillia starts the same game with Australian citizens – while admittedly it’ll take time for the pot to begin simmering – the pot will inevitably begin to boil.

And when it does – that boiling kack will hit the fan.

Fuck me! It’s incredible.
I never would have believed that I’d have to defend such a useless mob of bludgers as our bikers.

There can be only one reason for justifying that.
That there exists an even MORE USELESS MOB of BLUDGERS exploiting the raw firepower of another corrupt secret society in order to give them a bad time.

It is nothing more nor less than the old sideshow shell game.
Wave the arms about and shout a lot.

That’s all you need to do to distract the punters, rip ‘em off and screw them blind for their last cent.

God’s sakes! Even the Robber friggin’ Barons of old had enough brains to give their own people a bit of leeway and grudgingly permit ‘em half a living on their own patch.

Even bjelke bloody petersen knew enough to let that.

So what gives?
Is this some grand new social experiment being conducted by these arseholes – to see how far we can be pushed?

Or is this some generational thing?
Are you all so stupid and heartlessly greedy that you somehow believe you can climb onto and over the shoulders of these raffle winning creeps?

Churchill said a few things germane to what queenslanders are enduring under newman’s lunacy –
"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."
“If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”
“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Monday, February 24, 2014


Question –
Why does campbell newman look like a bald, mangy, parrot?

Maybe most of you reading this won’t be old enough.
When I was a kid my mum used to buy these weekly magazines.
One I remember well was called “Post”.

There was a reader’s page at the back of “Post” that for some reason never had contributions from anywhere else in Australia other than the state of victoria.

Even then, the contributions most often came from rural Victoria and the bulk from some dump called horsham,victoria.
(Apparently moe, victoria hadn’t been invented then and anything from real Kelly country was still under strong censorship back in those bad old days.)

But I digress –
‘Australian Post’ came out once a week – but at least twice a month there would be some mucky/blurry, Box Brownie, black and white snapshot of some poxed old parrot – bald as a coon – but fitted out in some knitted item of avian apparel clacked together by its doting ‘mum’.

In some respects it goes to prove the honest devotion, the altruism of our Australian people.

On the other hand it ably demonstrates how sterile and futile is our pathetic existence – that all we might have left to care about in the twilight of our years is a diseased parrot in knitted overalls.

Maybe it was something to do with the ‘victorian’ mentality.

But stap me – I digress again.
This was about the premier.
Not that ‘beyond blue’ bastard from Victoria – but the baldy, poxed, by cracky, neo-nazi parachuted into queensland.

That’s right.
I was recalling how much HE looked like those succession of warty, parrots in nanny knitted, parrot sized, overalls – all those years ago in the back pages of ‘Post Magazine’.

But HE isn’t a poor poxy parrot – is he?

He isn’t a baldy joke – is he?

No way.

He’s a poisonous piece of work so far to the right of what Pauline Hansen’s hit men could ever have imagined.

He’s one particularly nasty little article – of the worst sort our remarkably flawed military system could ever produce.

And while queensland has been going through a world of upheaval and demographics change these last two decades – it seems that even the overwhelming migration of southern flat-heads and imbeciles are beginning to see through the guff being ejaculated/ expectorated/ blurted out (whatever) by this bald parrot premier and his mates in his fascist zoo.

Or so the recent Redcliffe by-election seems to prove.

So if we call this an open letter to fuhrer newman of boganvillia –
Goes this way –
“Mein fuhrer
Herr campbell newman,

Gruss Gott,

My fuhrer,
This evening I was taking out the garbage.
While I was undertaking that task – one of your police vehicles intercepted a motorist just over the road.
The officer/driver of that police vehicle alighted from his vehicle – walked forward to the vehicle he had intercepted then began bellowing at the driver of that vehicle.
In the time taken for me to drag my garbage bin the few metres to the front of my home – that strange incident was over.
The police officer was returning to his vehicle.

I am not a person of fast thinking – nor much acquainted with police procedure – yet decided to call out to that retreating policeman, something like – “Hey officer – since you have stopped there why not go and bust that meth lab over the road”.

Naturally, I knew that he’d hunch his shoulders and get back into his patrol car.

After all – he is new on the job in the electorate of the police minister, the fuhrer’s mate.

Shit yeah – questions here in boganvillia do require answers.

So my fuhrer.
What exactly gives in this outstandingly corrupt dump?

Now, in these short few months of your nauseating regime, that you’ve reduced the dump to ever worse than joh, beattie and bligh could ever have organized in their zaniest dreams – do you reckon that you can collect your pension and just move away?

Yeah. I’d expect so – you overweening creep!”

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Thank god for that.

We had a by-election yesterday and a few people in that electorate finally told that obnoxious item, newman, the way of the world.

A few people even turned up at the hustings to let him know what a stupid bastard he really is.

Then comes the BIG problem.

To sack that silly nazi cunt – the punters have to vote laborite – if they want to get rid of the article.

Sheesh - a hobson’s choice.

In other words – a choice between a complete pain in the arse (which we already have) – and a complete nothing (which is all the laborites can offer).

What a complete fuckup queensland has become!

Christ almighty – where do we go from here?

Seriously – where the hell CAN we go from here?


I wonder how newman and co will screw about tomorrow’s by-election in queensland/newmania/boganvillia?

Any reasonable person would expect what they call – a swing.

Let’s see if the voters of – where the hell is it? – condone coppers lurking the streets, targeting ladies out at night – and gang-banging their targets.

Now, why the hell would I say something like that?

Can I tell you for free?

It goes this way.

The obnoxious little article that won the raffle here – for some strange reason became the minister for police.

Imagine that a sergeant of police has somehow become the minister for police in this sad-sack of a state.

All been said before.
How the fuck can someone so conflicted with interest be plonked into such a serious job?

Imagine how all those commissioned pigs barf down the front of their tiddly little uniforms when they have to report to such a smarmy – article.

So, wipe all that aside all you people living in queensland/newmania/boganvillia – and look at our situation from the point of view of those outside this corrupt dump.

Any honest/decent people wanting to invest in this place wouldn’t touch the dump with a bargepole.

If you wanted to make an honest buck here – you wouldn’t stand a chance.

But for some reason we original queenslanders have to gag on the airborne product of the meth labs and the like – somehow THEY are exempt from the attentions of police and of our member of parliament.

So why the hell are these raffle winning arseholes so fucking intent on picking on those pathetic bikers?


Something our useless, corrupt, mob of raffle winners only apply to what directly suits their greedy, immediate purpose.

When the last laborite raffle winner – acting as the minister for communications was doing his best to censor the internet – he set up the situation where his conservative replacement could carry on with his infamy.

Which means his predecessors in parliament are now expunged from the public record.

(A bloke can’t even access Paul Keating jamming it into downer or howard any more.)

Any reasonable person with an iota of knowledge about the way Australia works wouldn’t expect anything different.

The whole show is nothing but a load of neo nazi shite.

One mob of raffle winners pretending that they represent the electorate just wind the ratchet tighter until the ‘electorate’ have had enough of their bullshit.

Then, naturally, the dimwit ‘electorate’ cast a vote sending that load of imbeciles into the weeds.

Whereupon the opposing team take up essentially the same hateful policies dumping us further into the murk of insignificance.

It really is a fantastic system – affording no-one of integrity, reasonableness, or ethical standing any opportunity whatsoever to take their place in the public affairs of our nation.

“Continuance of governance”.
What a fucking complete joke.

I have absolutely no idea where the snotty, smallbrained, flat-headed, dickwits of either major parties find their regional offerings for the grand raffle – but by god it might make a change if they found one of some simple merit.

Just for once or twice – perhaps they could find some completely crosswired arsehole who was so completely off his trolley that he was focussed more on the National Interest than lining his hip pocket.

I expect not.


Censorship in a ‘democracy’?

I’ve been attempting to open a few items of record on U-tube tonight.

It appears that some of the humour of John Clarke and Bryan Dawe is now proscribed – as are a fair deal of Paul Keating’s speeches in parliament.

Does that surprise me?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Funny that. The RAN can’t navigate – according to those who would know these things.

According to the latest raffle winners – our navy cannot navigate.

Of course – those bludgers would know.

They won their raffle and told the navy to turn back those boats.

In doing so – it was noted that they’d ‘accidentally’ entered Indonesian waters ‘six times’ since the abbort team won their raffle a few weeks ago.

Of course it is the navy’s fault.

Of course – our naval officers in command gain their navigational certificates from TAFE these days.

And naturally all the navigational aids like GPS have been stripped from our naval vessels and installed in commonwealth cars - as an economy measure recently implemented by the abbort government.

No bloody wonder they don’t know which side of new Zealand they have to invade.

Simple, isn’t it – when it is all explained properly?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Late last month was my sixtieth birthday.
I have decided that I cannot stomach living in a brutal society.

The newman regime in queensland/newmania/boganvillia is enough to give any reasonable person the shits.

Now, the federal/abbort regime is coming out of its closet and revealing its true colours.

But, what the hell – if Gillard was representing socialist values during all those mark-time, wasted years – then I’m a friggin’ monkey’s uncle.

The whole show was about deconstructing Australia and preparing it for a complete collapse.
In so short a time – dump – dump dump – dump.

Just dump the remnants of our industry and our manufacturing into the great big black hole of goodbye.

I’ve watched it happen for a few decades now.
Any silly bastard wanting to contribute to this corrupt society gets the chop sooner, rather than later.

The arseholes who stack the raffles so that they win the raffles want to sell off our raw material assets without any value adding whatsoever.

Anyone wanting to design and then create something worthwhile here - by actually utilizing Australian raw materials - value adding that way - is public enemy number one.

And all you fat, useless, gormless, do-nothing bludgers out there seem to agree with them.

Meanwhile, the last few days seem to have opened up an embarrassing can of worms about our treatment of refugees.

Looks like we (or people contracted to do that sort of thing) are now shooting and chopping down refugees.
Without a doubt, that looks good in the books.

In summary, the country and the economy is fucked and so is our standing in the world.

Golly. I’m so pleased that I voted for jughead’s team.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


In old queensland the pork (police farce) usually had to be pretty well convinced as to facts and circumstance to progress with a charge of rape.

If, by the time it hit the headlines, the matter was progressed – the fate of the perpetrator/s was usually sealed.

How that situation might pan out in newmania/boganvillia is another matter.

We have two of boganvillia’s finest charged, released on bail – and believe it or not – suspended on FULL PAY?

Oh, for pity’s sake.
How many more years of this crap are we expected to endure from one autocratic regime to the next?

Let’s be up front about it.
Back in the good old days pack rape used to be a weekend sport.
Various ‘sports clubs’ used to indulge in the practice as did quite a few of the ‘service clubs’.

Even a few of the bikies eventually used to get their ends into the poor raddled hags left over from that ‘pecking order’.

These days, any reasonable person might conclude that the fear of AIDS, (The jolly old Grim Reaper) should have concluded that sort of activity decades ago.

But it appears not to be so.

It appears that the pigs of boganvillia ARE PAID to roam the streets at night.
It appears that they get to DEPRIVE anyone they fancy of THEIR LIBERTY.

Then they get to rape ‘em.

Get that. –
Then they get to, WooHoo, RAPE THEM, the prize arseholes – (like taxi drivers, as perks for their job).

Are you with me on that tiny matter – about how sick our pretend society really is?

These goons get paid (it appears) to rape our women; our wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins and nieces.

There are two ways of looking at this situation.

We could firstly pull a coup on the arseholes condoning this stuff – drag them by their heels to a court of justice.

Big problem that – finding any court of REAL justice in boganvillia would be a feat beyond a miracle!

Or we could call on ‘all good men and true’ in newmania in order to suppress this sort of outrage.

But where the fuck would you find such as them in this corrupted dump?

Are you with me?
Let the good burghers loose in posse comitatus and within an hour, undoubtedly, they’ll be raping the women of our police farce.

NOPE – this dump has had it and no amount of crocodile tears from any commissioned pig will ever convince me otherwise.

‘Fouled/Fucked Up Beyond All Recall’

Such is the once queensland –
And it has taken the ‘masters of power’, themselves, to demonstrate that situation for us all.

Old queensland/newmania/boganvillia is on the edge of complete collapse.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


It probably doesn’t matter.
A bloke does his best in the time he’s allotted and at some stage all he can manage is to repeat the beliefs of his youth.

Yet some of us somehow managed to make an impression.

Peter Seeger was one who through his music – most definitely made an impression.

More importantly – just by hanging in there – he outlasted some incredibly pompous bastards by more than a few years.

So when Pete struts through his particular edition of the pearly gates I sincerely trust that some voluptuous valkyrie will hand him a set of binoculars so he can look down on the likes of Churchill burning below, in his own hell.

But no. That isn’t his style.

And neither would Winston put up with such an overview – whatever hell he has had to endure since dropping off the perch.

So what is the score for us all at the end of creation?

Each of us finally has to die.

Another way of looking at that situation is that the entire bloody multiverse is extinguished at exactly the same time we choose to depart the mortal coil.

Can you comprehend that?

What does a bloke take away from us when he dies?

Why would a fellow bust his gut to leave something of himself behind?

Know what I mean – like Seeger the muso – Churchill, the ratbag politico – and so many others outside the square.

How few of us leave anything of ourselves and our nature for posterity.

How so few of us comprehend that we are able and that therefore we can.