Saturday, February 22, 2014


I wonder how newman and co will screw about tomorrow’s by-election in queensland/newmania/boganvillia?

Any reasonable person would expect what they call – a swing.

Let’s see if the voters of – where the hell is it? – condone coppers lurking the streets, targeting ladies out at night – and gang-banging their targets.

Now, why the hell would I say something like that?

Can I tell you for free?

It goes this way.

The obnoxious little article that won the raffle here – for some strange reason became the minister for police.

Imagine that a sergeant of police has somehow become the minister for police in this sad-sack of a state.

All been said before.
How the fuck can someone so conflicted with interest be plonked into such a serious job?

Imagine how all those commissioned pigs barf down the front of their tiddly little uniforms when they have to report to such a smarmy – article.

So, wipe all that aside all you people living in queensland/newmania/boganvillia – and look at our situation from the point of view of those outside this corrupt dump.

Any honest/decent people wanting to invest in this place wouldn’t touch the dump with a bargepole.

If you wanted to make an honest buck here – you wouldn’t stand a chance.

But for some reason we original queenslanders have to gag on the airborne product of the meth labs and the like – somehow THEY are exempt from the attentions of police and of our member of parliament.

So why the hell are these raffle winning arseholes so fucking intent on picking on those pathetic bikers?

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