Thursday, February 27, 2014


Incredible that after only a few short months Australia has been divested of its automotive, manufacturing, transport, logistics, food security – and my guess is as good as yours.

After all that behind the scenes planning with Gillard and co. – the abbort must really be feeling sick in the guts.

The poor silly bastard must have believed he’d been handed the dump on a plate – until recently.

But what went wrong?

This isn’t the USUAL handover from laborite to liberal.

In the past despite all their griping they usually were given a nation with all those labour relations situations stabilized – so they could play the hard bastard and fuck it all up again.

But this time – not so.

After all, politics is a TIDAL thing.

For instance, here in what was once queensland – now newmania/boganvillia – the tide is in and we’re all drowning in newman’s bikie vomit.

Whereas, down the road, their political mates, the miracle workers of capitalism – have, as mentioned, equally screwed up.

Surely there must be a message there for them?

Take the ‘Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service’, (QANTAS), for instance.

Take the person allegedly running that show?

IF some dweeb cannot run a business. If he can’t make a profit – then he should go.

It matters not in the least about the ‘culture’ circumstance or operating environment – if he can’t make it work – then he should go.

Back to that TIDAL thing – the ups and downs, the see-saw of the capitalist cycle has given Mr. Joyce sufficient time to improve his performance – yet he doesn’t seem quite able to ‘crack the cherry’ of civil aviation.

He wants QANTAS (a national/strategic asset) to be sold off to the lowest bidder.

He seems to want it sold off to the lowest bidder ‘cos that’s where his efforts, such as they were, have driven it down to.

It has taken him some years to drive QANTAS down to that situation.

But more recently mr abbort and his pals have put the whole commonwealth of Australia in the same situation in only a matter of a few months.

There definitely is something wrong with this picture – not only with the likes of the brain-dead right – abbort and joyce – but also with those of the supposed laborite camp – the backstabbing laborite camp who sold the last raffle to these traitors.

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