Saturday, February 22, 2014


Something our useless, corrupt, mob of raffle winners only apply to what directly suits their greedy, immediate purpose.

When the last laborite raffle winner – acting as the minister for communications was doing his best to censor the internet – he set up the situation where his conservative replacement could carry on with his infamy.

Which means his predecessors in parliament are now expunged from the public record.

(A bloke can’t even access Paul Keating jamming it into downer or howard any more.)

Any reasonable person with an iota of knowledge about the way Australia works wouldn’t expect anything different.

The whole show is nothing but a load of neo nazi shite.

One mob of raffle winners pretending that they represent the electorate just wind the ratchet tighter until the ‘electorate’ have had enough of their bullshit.

Then, naturally, the dimwit ‘electorate’ cast a vote sending that load of imbeciles into the weeds.

Whereupon the opposing team take up essentially the same hateful policies dumping us further into the murk of insignificance.

It really is a fantastic system – affording no-one of integrity, reasonableness, or ethical standing any opportunity whatsoever to take their place in the public affairs of our nation.

“Continuance of governance”.
What a fucking complete joke.

I have absolutely no idea where the snotty, smallbrained, flat-headed, dickwits of either major parties find their regional offerings for the grand raffle – but by god it might make a change if they found one of some simple merit.

Just for once or twice – perhaps they could find some completely crosswired arsehole who was so completely off his trolley that he was focussed more on the National Interest than lining his hip pocket.

I expect not.

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