Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Funny that. The RAN can’t navigate – according to those who would know these things.

According to the latest raffle winners – our navy cannot navigate.

Of course – those bludgers would know.

They won their raffle and told the navy to turn back those boats.

In doing so – it was noted that they’d ‘accidentally’ entered Indonesian waters ‘six times’ since the abbort team won their raffle a few weeks ago.

Of course it is the navy’s fault.

Of course – our naval officers in command gain their navigational certificates from TAFE these days.

And naturally all the navigational aids like GPS have been stripped from our naval vessels and installed in commonwealth cars - as an economy measure recently implemented by the abbort government.

No bloody wonder they don’t know which side of new Zealand they have to invade.

Simple, isn’t it – when it is all explained properly?

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