Sunday, February 9, 2014


In old queensland the pork (police farce) usually had to be pretty well convinced as to facts and circumstance to progress with a charge of rape.

If, by the time it hit the headlines, the matter was progressed – the fate of the perpetrator/s was usually sealed.

How that situation might pan out in newmania/boganvillia is another matter.

We have two of boganvillia’s finest charged, released on bail – and believe it or not – suspended on FULL PAY?

Oh, for pity’s sake.
How many more years of this crap are we expected to endure from one autocratic regime to the next?

Let’s be up front about it.
Back in the good old days pack rape used to be a weekend sport.
Various ‘sports clubs’ used to indulge in the practice as did quite a few of the ‘service clubs’.

Even a few of the bikies eventually used to get their ends into the poor raddled hags left over from that ‘pecking order’.

These days, any reasonable person might conclude that the fear of AIDS, (The jolly old Grim Reaper) should have concluded that sort of activity decades ago.

But it appears not to be so.

It appears that the pigs of boganvillia ARE PAID to roam the streets at night.
It appears that they get to DEPRIVE anyone they fancy of THEIR LIBERTY.

Then they get to rape ‘em.

Get that. –
Then they get to, WooHoo, RAPE THEM, the prize arseholes – (like taxi drivers, as perks for their job).

Are you with me on that tiny matter – about how sick our pretend society really is?

These goons get paid (it appears) to rape our women; our wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins and nieces.

There are two ways of looking at this situation.

We could firstly pull a coup on the arseholes condoning this stuff – drag them by their heels to a court of justice.

Big problem that – finding any court of REAL justice in boganvillia would be a feat beyond a miracle!

Or we could call on ‘all good men and true’ in newmania in order to suppress this sort of outrage.

But where the fuck would you find such as them in this corrupted dump?

Are you with me?
Let the good burghers loose in posse comitatus and within an hour, undoubtedly, they’ll be raping the women of our police farce.

NOPE – this dump has had it and no amount of crocodile tears from any commissioned pig will ever convince me otherwise.

‘Fouled/Fucked Up Beyond All Recall’

Such is the once queensland –
And it has taken the ‘masters of power’, themselves, to demonstrate that situation for us all.

Old queensland/newmania/boganvillia is on the edge of complete collapse.

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