Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Late last month was my sixtieth birthday.
I have decided that I cannot stomach living in a brutal society.

The newman regime in queensland/newmania/boganvillia is enough to give any reasonable person the shits.

Now, the federal/abbort regime is coming out of its closet and revealing its true colours.

But, what the hell – if Gillard was representing socialist values during all those mark-time, wasted years – then I’m a friggin’ monkey’s uncle.

The whole show was about deconstructing Australia and preparing it for a complete collapse.
In so short a time – dump – dump dump – dump.

Just dump the remnants of our industry and our manufacturing into the great big black hole of goodbye.

I’ve watched it happen for a few decades now.
Any silly bastard wanting to contribute to this corrupt society gets the chop sooner, rather than later.

The arseholes who stack the raffles so that they win the raffles want to sell off our raw material assets without any value adding whatsoever.

Anyone wanting to design and then create something worthwhile here - by actually utilizing Australian raw materials - value adding that way - is public enemy number one.

And all you fat, useless, gormless, do-nothing bludgers out there seem to agree with them.

Meanwhile, the last few days seem to have opened up an embarrassing can of worms about our treatment of refugees.

Looks like we (or people contracted to do that sort of thing) are now shooting and chopping down refugees.
Without a doubt, that looks good in the books.


In summary, the country and the economy is fucked and so is our standing in the world.

Golly. I’m so pleased that I voted for jughead’s team.

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