Friday, May 31, 2013


Try to have some say in a blog arranged as a trawl by the ANU – then everything is fine until you speak forthrightly.
If you speak forthrightly, the grand panjandrum shitcans you.
That doesn’t mean you can’t borrow something off his pages if you agree with his sentiment.

So here it is -

All a fair old Rah-Rah thread until the essence down at the last few lines where whoever wrote the doggerel concedes that union bullshit, faux socialist blether and capitalist threat is an incestuous construct  - all of which is built from a pre-manufactured kit of parts supplied by those faceless arseholes out there – those nameless and faceless arseholes that no-one can ever get to reach.

Passant pretends it is about the eternal war between the peasantry and vile capitalism.

I disagree.
There is another tier these days interspersing themselves – or interlocuting themselves between capitalist pig-dog and peasant worker.

It is the drug trade and whatever else (to make a buck) is connected with that.
It is part of one and part of the other – latching onto and making dependent, the worker and temporarily providing extra profits to the boss.

It is hateful and heinous and soon will inevitably destroy both.

Believe me when I say that I look forward to their mutual destruction.


There is always a place in any society where the population is too damned stupid to look after their own interests.

Australia is such a place.

Expertly conned to buggery and ripped-off crosseyed, the punters will work six and a half days a week until they drop – hoping for some reward when they are so close as dammit to chucking off the clog that it won’t matter.

Work, work, work, HARD work, until all you poor suckers drop dead of exhaustion.
What a life that is.

On top of that, just go and drop everything and go get yourself killed fighting some wop, gook, or towelhead in any of the illegal wars that our masters have sucked us into from the Kiwi Wars right up to the present.

Yep. Fight for john howard and die.

Or worse, just be a battle ready reservist like my son and end up dead on howard’s patch.

It has all been said before, way down below in this blog.

My son was chosen to leave this world on howard’s patch just before Christmas in 2004.

Howard’s bastards didn’t care – neither did Rudd’s and neither did gillard’s.

Highly unlikely that abbott’s team will care.

What am I supposed to say?

That I find them all - nothing but traitors of the worst sort?


For that matter any farmers?
Or retailers – or some other sort of ‘service provider’?

Nah. Forget them.
They’ve all gone off and retrained as Info Techs.

If so then click on here –
and here –
and for a bit of background – here –

But don’t take my word for it.
Get your arses out there into cyberspace and check it out for yourself.
I might say that all of you are being used and abused in this dump being squashed underfoot like an unwanted insect.

That  might be dawning upon you, yourself.

So why not get into this cyberspace before it is closed down – or at least severely censored.

Have your say now before it is too late.

Your taxes and levies – the ridiculous overcosts of your goods, services and housing are funding their reprihensible game.

That job was written yesterday – then today they (the lnp) are actually stupid enough to go down that road.

Perfectly clear that they haven’t a clue.

The minerals thing (DUH, the mining/resources boom) is, without any doubt, the subject of payback and industrial espionage.

Then, of course is the cost of war.
Face it, this commonwealth has been hooked into a series of state financed military adventures going back before the ‘Chinese Rebellion’.

Nah. This dump was set- up on the cheap using manufactured convict labour in order to establish a field of british/American influence in South East Asia.

The federation of colonies without a proper constitution continues to keep the entire population as nothing but pawns.

Howard was implicit in an attempt to wreck the Asian economies a few years back.
Now, for us, it is payback time, big time.

The only hope for agriculture and the tag end of value adding industry in queensland is to somehow drastically devalue the AUD.

But for God’s sakes not by taxing and levying the citizen and those on the land mug enough to persist.
The simple answer is to just print bags of currency – except, (oh, dear) a state of this commonwealth cannot legally do that.

About time for another name change.
Queensland a few short months back became officially known as Newmania.
Perhaps ‘CanDo’ Newman has to consider going to the appropriate authority and have his name changed to ‘Can’t do”.
If he had any smarts at all he could take out dibs on, maybe, something like – ‘Flat-out Won’t do’ – or a few variations on that theme.

Anyway, enough of that. He was the berk with all the promises he damned well knew he couldn’t supply.

I’d submit that recorded history proves that any peasantry or working class is reasonably happy so long as there is five cents left at the end of the week.

The Ubermensch in queensland have just pushed their envelope of exploitation – blurt - hell, west and crooked – out of containment of any acceptable political scenario.

Work it out fellas.

What with all the upheaval and ‘demographics change’ – you are shortly to be confronted with a large number of very angry people who will refuse to accept broken promises and outrageous, unsustainable imposts dumped on their heads by those they voted for in the reasonable expectation (the suckers) that you would look after their interests.

Now admit it.
They are disappointed and becoming increasingly angry (those who voted for you
(I didn’t)
What are you raffle winners going to do to appease them?

Maybe screw more of the vulnerable and disenfranchised, kick ‘em out and under a bridge?

Thursday, May 30, 2013


That little twerp from queensland, back in 2007, scotched that howard and an ex-ABC journo stole his seat (granted, she did nothing else but she certainly sacked howard).
Likely the wingnut will appoint him as GG around Xmas, this year.

What a present for us all!
Any reasonable person, whatever their ‘politics’ can see that any real social issues have not been addressed here for many years.

Carbon/global warming/climate change and all that brouhaha has achieved nothing except destroy our viability as a trading nation while the conspicuously narrow application of propaganda has kept the raffle winners pretending there are immensely weighty matters in health, education and bugger all else.

Meanwhile there is escalating mayhem in the streets which, somehow, is all blamed on ‘bikies’?

Give us a break. When did bikies ever cruise about in limos?

‘Bikies’ once used to be loose associations of ex-servicemen and young blue collar blokes who couldn’t afford four wheeled vehicles, either to get to work or to go socialising on the weekend.

None of them had the time nor ever the resources to get into crime.

You are all being seriously duped by opposing forces – one lot pretend they are honest-joe politicos in the pay of arch capitalists.
The other lot are a network of increasingly organised crime covertly condoned by the politicos and financed by arch capitalists.

The rest of you, the other twenty, plus, million, are the meat in the sandwich – told nothing but exploited to buggery.
Your taxes and levies – the ridiculous overcosts of your goods, services and housing are funding their game.

The masters don’t mind the propaganda machine telling you that this sort of thing is happening, say, in Russia – but nyet, it cannot ever happen – impossible to happen here.

Cripes, you bludgers haven’t the slightest clue!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


In the next few months Australians have to make a decision.
It'll be somewhat of a Hobson's choice - but what the hell would anyone expect.

Firstly, we cannot abide a laborite who pulled a coup on her boss.
Whatever the outcome she is gone.

The other choice is a conservative who pulled a coup on HIS boss not so many months before.
Short attention spans, sickening as that may be, might make for a win for the conservatives despite that first, trendsetting, spate of treachery.
Some choice we have – all jammed chockablock somewhere between eternal boredom and the unending misery of a pre-ordained outcome.

Then there is that joke referendum.
INCLUDE Abbos as Australians?

Give us a break you dimwits.

They ARE Australians, and always have been.
I was born in 1954.
My Lady Wife was born in 1954.

As far as we are concerned – we are BOONGS – BOORIES. – or -
(Difficult concept is it? I mean we were born here too. In result we are aboriginal Australians. We, Australian born, in result, are Boongs too. Strikes us that this is something too difficult for many in both camps to accept.)

As far as I’m concerned when the constitution ever gets around to admitting that AUSTRALIANS and all Australian citizens have a say in governance – then the First  People of Australia will have the First slice of the Action!
What sort of game are these bludgers playing by trying to differentiate between us all?

'Cos first thing that has to happen is that Australians gain command of governance and ethical process - instead of the likes of Gillard, Abbott and their incestuous faction dictating their blether downward to a passive and apathetic food source.

My lot of bludgers have been here since about 1860 something.
My son’s best friend ‘has the papers’.
His mob could go back for a little bit longer than 1860.
Does it matter?
Does it matter if we love and care for our friends and neighbours?

The best thing to do with the referendum is shove it in the bin.
(The matter of equality has nothing to do with skin colour or race. These days it is all about money, greed and corruption.)

If the true people have been on this island continent for 40,000 years – or 2,000 years or even 500 years – they were, in any case, here well before Cookie arrived and planted his stupid bloody naval flag.
And while we think about that at a time when our manufacturing capability is going to buggery - let's look at the near future -


Firstly – have the poms yet worked out that Julian these last many months has been saving all those establishments in the vicinity of the Ecuadorian Embassy the massive cost of private security?

I mean, what with all the barricades and rozzers lurking about day and night – there’s no way anyone with a spraycan of cheap paint is ever going to decorate a wall or smash a window in that part of town.

Here’s a precis’.

Leave all other arguments aside – if I had an embassy in London I reckon I’d put an advert in the Times (Is the 'Times' still operating?) asking for political asylum seekers to queue up at the door.

Some poor seeker of justice would cost SFA compared to all that police presence (which, after all, comes free.)

Surely the cost of providing food and board and a little internet time for one bloke must be insignificant - while the UK is footing the bill for all that security there?
One bloke may not be able to get out – on the other hand, no bastard can get in!

What do they reckon it has cost to date?
Is it four or five million quid?

Could it be that the Ecuadorians are one hell of a lot cannier than the Poms?
Cripes, what a lark. Lateral thinking and cost-saving outtasight!
A Win, Win, Win situation for them.

Payback for the Spanish Armada, maybe!

Meanwhile there has been a spot of bother in Sweden, again, lately.
Apparently, all fired up and screaming for a bonk – but forgetting, in the heat of the moment, where you’ve put your frangers (condoms, for the uninitiated) has paled, somewhat into insignificance lately - leastways compared, for instance, to a complete breakdown of the peace.
News is somewhat conspicuous by its absence here in OZ – but some hints trickle through that those who wanted to set Julian up have become bored with that game and have moved on to other matters.
(Bureaucrats tend to want to ‘keep moving on’ in order to freshen and fill out their resume’s in order to keep their funding rolling in.)

Then there has been the small matter of the last round of neo nazi riots in Sweden.
There you go –
Not a good look is it?
And not the first time in living memory.

Personally, I don’t blame Julian for not wanting to go there.
Would tend to become a bit tricky if you couldn’t speak Swedish when the local edition of the storming of the Bastille was happening.

(Now there’s another thought. How the hell did he manage to seduce these Swedish women without their language? Did he just count up to ten in French, whisper arithmetic in their shell pink ears, then let them melt in his arms?)

Or were they setting him up?
Hah. Things, in comparison, would probably be ideally peaceful when you are behind brick and stone, being guarded by a thousand bored rozzers whose own unsatisfactory sex lives, in these days of the grim reaper, have undoubtedly curtailed half the fun of being a cop.

Then the Senate.

Think about it.
Why add complexity to an already complex life.
The lad from Townsville would have to be completely off his rocker if for one second he believed that winning a raffle in Australia would save him from a fate worse than death in a US federal prison.

He has ideals and dare I say it, disciples – one at least who may be able to carry on as his proxy here in Oz if his rights and facility to return to Australia are also denied by the next regime here.

Let me borrow from those disgusting catch-phrases –
At ‘the end of the day’ he remains as the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ – the ‘conscience’ of the disenfranchised here in Oz.
He may not be perfect but cannot possibly be any worse than any of that army of bleeders hoping for a win in the federal raffle – those of zero intellect but bags of contacts out there in real estate, organized crime and drug rackets.

A new age is coming.
The ‘wingnut’ reckons he has a win.
Give that  bludger an adverse count in the Senate.
Make him work for his job.

Monday, May 27, 2013


That disrated ex-premier from nsw is now some sort of pretend foreign minister.
He did say today that he was neither prepared nor equipped to comment on 'intelligence matters'.
I wonder why?

Apparently Kev wasn’t good enough so the lantern jawed bloke was set up for his job.

Somehow he gets to be a senator – then enjoys a free ride into our system of (faux) governance.
Now Barnaby is pulling that same stunt – but in the other direction.

No problem – this dump never was any sort of democracy.
None of their scheming is actually illegal.

But, Lord give us a break; it all still stinks to high heaven!!!

It IS something that has always interested me.
Many years ago a person I met invited me to spend a few days at his domicile.
I had a panoramic view over an interesting part of Victoria Street behind Kings Cross, Sydney.
In those days, only one person was chauffeur driven about in a Maroon Bentley.
So why the hell would that person want to visit those whores over the road?

What the hell was that gubernatorial limo doing – dropping off this twerp into the able hands (or pussies) of ‘Rita’ and ‘Tina’ in their neat little establishment, over there, across the road.

Let’s just say that life is a bit of an experience when you see that sort of thing.

I don’t blame the ---------------------------- - or whoever it was for being desperate enough to have a good hard shag – or whatever he’d arranged with those little ladies of the night, down there, over the road.

No problem, the grubby bastard, that was business conducted between them and him – pre HIV.

In the meantime – that sort of behaviour WAS too much out front and in the face of decent people.

Does it surprise you that there were DECENT people living in the backblocks of Victoria Street, behind Kings Cross?

Well, perhaps decent people and politically aware people.
Oh, yes mothers and fathers with infants and school age kids begging their government for a break.

Some fair number of them had their heads broken open for shouting their views to the Askin government of a then, outrageously corrupt New South Wales. (does anything change?)

Okay. Stop for a minute.
Rudd never much spoke with people from queensland once he gained the primo job.

The coup happened and the beak trounced him with her coup.

But this Carr creep as our foreign representative is like having a predator lizard represent the interests of his prey -insects.

And we are the prey – the insects.


Here we go.

This’ll make a BIG difference – another mob of arch-propagandists owned for the next five years by some wealthy bastard.

Or is it some move to get Assange J. into the senate?

In the meantime I’ve been thinking about that senate.

Might it be possible to actually SELL your senate seat to someone of your pals?

All he’d have to do is join your (YUK) political party and be ‘available’ when you chose to move on.

Definitely, it would cost a fair bit – ‘cos you’d have to buy off a few others with ambition.

But keeping out the riff-raff from public office seems to be a main aim these days.
Could almost be considered as a matter of ‘natural selection’ in some ways.

Our masters cannot come from the common fold – cannot emerge from the lower class.

No way. We want the –
(oh well, back in the good old days – the first son inherited the estate and all assets of the dynasty – the second went into the ‘City’ to stuff crosseyed the trade of the nation and made sure the peasants were kept in their place – the third went into ‘public service’ to support that  flogger who went into the city – the fourth went into the armed services to make sure that his bros. had some degree of support if revolution/mayhem ever  happened – the next went into the clergy in order to make sure that the lower classes were bluffed by utter bullshit all their natural lives – and the last went into politics in whatever rotten borough his old man could manage to set-up by bastardry and bribes.)
 Oh yazoo, duh, boo sucks, best, Har, Har, Har (wipe tears away)  – best we can find.



What tickles me is that basically the same crap continues into this 21st century and that so many of you idiots out there keep hoping that you can find some sort of secure tenure as a suckerfish clamped dutifully on the pelt of some killer shark.

Now does it make your life fulfilling to be a parasite living on the body of  a predator?

I suppose you might get your jollies from pretending that.

What if I dropped the hint to you suckers that your ‘hosts’ weren’t actually predators but garbage collectors?

Are you with that?
Can you get an angle on the fact that it ain’t some lot of clean and mean predators out there.
Nuh! They are just parasites sucking the guts out of our pathetic little lives.

Oh yeah. Including mine and my family.

AAAGH. Never mind !

Saturday, May 25, 2013


That toolhead beattie latched on to the ‘queensland thing’.
Pretended yonks ago that Joh was somehow some sort of mentor of his.
(Crap - talk about getting old and crosswired . I meant that beattie pretended he was a young laborite with 'connections' and that Bjelke Petersen sort-of mentored his early career. Oh, yeah the bludger has expressed that view of his 'for the public record'.)

Nothing in queensland , after that, would surprise me
That turd being financed by joh’s lot  wouldn’t surprise me.

I can remember when he turned up to the electricity strikes with a brown paper bag with some flyblown sticks of celery sticking out the top.
Sustenance for the striking workers - he declaimed - the overweening creep!
Back then I was in my twenties – but I could see through that sham!

And now it continues in this 'unicameral' dictatorship.
Some dickwit in 1922 in some ‘ultra-vires’ fashion somehow managed to abolish queensland’s upper house (such as it was).
Since then, any mob of idiots winning the raffle get to pretend that they constitute a government.
Problem being that since 1922 – we have never had a lawfully constituted state parliament – except on the same basis of those rag-tag local councils that, similarly, happen not to exist in our federal constitution.
Work it out.
Queensland does not legally or constitutionally exist - except if you want to believe the unlawful faux constitution shoved through an unlawful non-parliament by beattie some years ago.

Queensland, after that fiasco is nothing more than an entity on the American stock exchange.

All that is unfortunately a matter of fact.

Ask 'can-do'.

Ask for a report about that.
Get off your useless butts and demand the truth about that.

Jeesus – even madam bligh (knowing she was to be massacred at the next raffle) was honest (HAH) enough to say to my face – that “the matter was being dealt with’ – at the last country cabinet meeting in Bundaberg.

“Drug mining problem”

Det Supt Holahan seems to suggest that the mining industry has a problem.
Leastways miners with a high disposable income might.

A hint of that is presented here –

It appears that according to the ABC and the industry  that the synthetic drugs being sold to these miners is an escalating problem which, according to the authorities, tends to defeat drug tests.

Perhaps that is why my Lady Wife presented a few months back with only 25% kidney function which tests over some months  by ‘qld health’ could not provide any cause.

I’m confident that I can provide the cause.

The cause I’ve been mentioning on these pages is the industrial scale drug synthesis operation in our neighbourhood.

The cause of her illness relates to the fact that we are being poisoned on a daily basis by a stream of poison blowing on the breeze into our home from somewhere nearby.
It wouldn’t take much of a brain to work out which way the prevailing wind blows – but for some strange reason there is not much ‘whole of government’ interaction here in this corrupt little ‘Godzowncuntry’.

So, I suppose that I’ll just have to settle down and watch that beautiful little lady I first met when we were both sixteen – I suppose that I’ll just have to watch her sicken -----

But fuck that hell and crooked.
Let’s look at those who, for whatever reason, support these arseholes.

I have this lovely letter here from the premier of queensland about “police condoning and protecting a shop – that certain police have been intimidating us”.
Naturally, it hands everything back on the CMC.

Now why in hell did I contact the office of premier ‘cando newman’???????

‘Cos those reprobates in the cmc sent me a letter back in mid January or so.
That letter pretended to address this crapola –

Which was presented to the cmc along with an official complaint about ‘police condoning and protecting’ the drug crazed loon over the road uttering, what would in any reasonable person’s estimation be considered to be, a death threat.
The cmc pretended that the police ethics command would contact us.
We keep holding our breath about that one.

Meanwhile the tome from cando’s office tells us to report our concerns about the local meth lab to the same lot who threaten us whenever we complain about it.

Duh! Haven’t we been down the chain of command already?

Then ‘cando’s letter tells us to report our poisoning and our concerns about the faction in police to ‘crimestoppers’.

Gods save us. We’d become convinced that bligh’s lot was corrupt beyond recall.

At least her pathetic turnout just ignored any form of representation.

This is about prime organised crime of the worst sort.

By the way. As I write this garbage I often reflect on those of my ancestors on both sides of my family – and of those of my wife’s family.
Quite some many of them listed there on the rolls and honour boards until that beattie jerk extinguished their names with his regionalization of the constitutionally non-existant local government.

While I write this stuff I often wonder whether they would have been as corrupt as the mob of compromised bludgers these days.

And I come to the conclusion that none of them would ever have had the chance.

Too many watching them and too many directly involved in governance and working together toward a future for their families.

Maybe I might get around to scanning those letters from cando and the cmc sometime?
But what would that matter?

None of you  thousands of bludgers who read these pages have the  balls to send your cards and letters in.

Friday, May 24, 2013

It is just before 9.00pm, Friday evening.

All the windows are shut out the front but the smell of ozone is coming through the window beside my work station.

About two hours ago it was greasy smoke – like from a rather nasty chemical garbage fire.

Yesterday it was like a nauseating mixture of paint thinners diesel and vomit.

About half an hour ago I watched about seven or so people leave in three vehicles from what passes for the ‘greasy joe’ across the road.

No. Hadn't been all too many.
No. It was the 'staff' finally  leaving the joint.
I cannot tell you how big the 'food preparation area' is over there lately - 'cos for some reason they are extremely twitchy about anyone checking that out.
By my estimation they, on an average day, have more 'staff ' leaving than they've had customers on most days. 
There is not enough room to fit so many into such a small kitchen, even in the biggest tourist trap in the world.
They’ve had less customers today than one previous owner could deal with all on his lonesome.

Besides which, in his day we weren’t sick in the vitals every day with the series of disgusting stenches blowing on the breeze.

Nor, in the past, did we have people knocking on our door demanding that we let them know how to contact them over there – so that they might ‘score’ some drug from them.
Nor did we see the proprietor of the joint (accidentally seem to) roll a bloke, in the dark, just down the street.

There is what meets the eye when we look out the front windows of our home.
Any reasonable person would begin to suspect that the place is either caught up with new age stuff that takes five bods to cook a slab of fish - or something else is happening.

So why might I be smelling ozone along with those other meth brewing smells?

Maybe those sites might explain why we have to put up with the extra detriment of being poisoned with ozone as well as the effluent from the meth lab.
It would seem that it has become well known, especially amongst law enforcement agencies that ozone generators can kill bad smells including the sort of exhaust from drug labs.

Is ozone toxic?

Yep. In spades

Which is probably why the shiteheel causing us this grief said what he said just here –

All of which has us completely stuffed as to how his sort of mindwarped halfwit can operate his sort of network immediately opposite a state school without being picked up by the polizei.

Flowing into the previous few articles here – the situation is ultra-plus-remarkable.
That Faulkner fellow goes a row for defending his right and property.
Meanwhile we are literally dying by degrees while being poisoned by the industrial grade meth lab across the road – or up the street – or wherever it is – yet they have the full support of at least some faction in the local police farce.
Doesn’t make sense at all – unless the fact is of total collapse of the civil society.

I have been a member of an outfit called CPNQ – “Corruption Prevention Network, Queensland” since about Easter, 2007.

Joined up with these bludgers in good faith.
It is impossible to embarrass them by speaking the truth about ‘em whether here or directly to ‘em.
So long as they get to go home behind the barriers of their ‘gated communities’ the rest of us peasants can go hang.

And I believe that I’ve risked enough for the mo.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

THE LAST . RE- MR. FAULKNER and ridiculous pretense of the application of justice in the queensland corporation™ –

Somewhere way down below in this stupid blog is a record of the matter of a queensland magistrate ordering that the lady victim of theft – pay the thief for repairs he had claimed to undertake (once he’d stolen it and taken it home) to the water tank he had stolen from her.

Now what sort of joke is that?
What sort of reverse logic was that?

And is the same nonsense to be applied to a bloke defending his and his neighbour’s patch?

Do we really need magistrates and ‘officers of the court’ who are completely immune from censure and punishment?

‘Cos that’s what we have in queensland.

There is a precept that ‘no one is immune from the law’.
Except in queensland – or any other of a multitude of similar police states dotted about the world.

The big difference is that in many of those other police states the local satrap would probably have enough brains to work out that Mr. Faulkner was doing him a favour and saving him resources by dealing with those looters and sending them on their way.

But not in queensland. Here the rule of any sort of law is open to such crosswired interpretation that anyone in the official loop can cause unending distress to anyone they want to stuff about.

Meanwhile the methamphetamine lab over the road keeps on cooking to support all those itinerant workers in the now collapsing mining industry.

Lord Bingham of Cornhill postulated eight sub-rules of the rule of law.
It should be noted that Bingham takes a strongly substantive view on the rule of law, and that these sub-rules would be subject to fierce criticism by journalists.
  • the law must be accessible and so far as possible intelligible, clear and predictable
  • questions of legal right and liability should ordinarily be resolved by application of the law and not the exercise of discretion
  • the laws of the land should apply equally to all, save to the extent that objective differences justify differentiation
  • the law must afford adequate protection of fundamental human rights
  • means must be provided for resolving, without prohibitive cost or inordinate delay, bona fide civil disputes which the parties themselves are unable to resolve
  • ministers and public officers at all levels must exercise the powers conferred on them reasonably, in good faith, for the purpose for which the powers were conferred and without exceeding the limits of such powers
  • adjudicative procedures provided by the state should be fair
  • the state must comply with its obligations in international law, the law which, whether deriving from treaty or international custom and practice, governs the conduct of nations.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

With regard to the matter of Mr. Ian Faulkner and his utter disregard for the rights of looters attacking his property.

We’ve had a few floods here lately.
In fact we’ve had several floods over the last couple of years.
It could be said that the place is so close to extinction that another incident will finish the entire region.

Another thing happening here these last few years has been a fair old inrush of extra bods from down south.
The ‘authorities’ say in their private papers that most of them are what we call ‘oxygen thieves’ and bludgers.
Otherwise they call it demographics change.

So when the floods happened here yet again a few months ago – some of these decided to hit North Bundaberg while most of the occupants of homes there had been evacuated.

They typically call these bludgers – ‘looters’ – and anywhere else on the face of this planet any householder being confronted by their sort have open license to deal appropriately with their sort.

It may be that a householder who was of a particular mindset would deal with looters attacking his property and that of his neighbour in the obvious way.

It may be that he decided to arm himself appropriately and deal with these looters by letting them know that he would not back away from defending that property.

Any reasonable person would realise that a person, unarmed and alone, might well end up severely maimed or, these days, severely dead.
Such assault would be likely to occur whether the defender confronted the looters or was himself confronted by the looters after they had broken into his home.

Meanwhile, to his detriment, Mr. Faulkner had contacted the local constabulary.
Which mob of useless, compromised cretins busted him for doing no more than his civic duty of supporting the rule of law in a community completely destroyed by overwhelming natural disaster.

Nope. The looters aren’t in court.
He is.

To put this into perspective – all the time his part of the world was under water continuous flights of helicopters were combing the flooded areas with searchlights and surveillance equipment.
The Army was here as well as all sorts of opportunists driving/thrashing about town with magnetic signs announcing crap like ‘Flood recovery’ stuck to the doors of their tiddly white 4WDs.

Meanwhile this silly bloke in north Bundaberg stepped out of his home and told some species of dreck to ‘just go away’ from his and his neighbour’s patch.

So why precisely is this bloke up on a fizzer – in court?

I mean, give us a break.
Are the polis going to front in court with some looters as star witnesses?
Have we reached the stage when that sort get to carry out their parasitical activity and be supported by the gendarmes?

Something like – “Honest guv, I was just lifting up his TeeVee when he came into his own living room and told me to piss off – and he made me feel ‘threatened’.”

Gods save us!

This bullshit has to stop.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

“INTERESTING, ISN’T IT? - rewritten”

Difficult to corner some evidence when those organisations established to support property and the civil estate go; haywire, go completely off the rails.

Especially bad when they are an ill-trained, unethical  cross-purposed, armed, paramilitary force.

What beater petey called ‘demographics change’ has turned into utter fright in regional queensland.

Yet somehow during his time in office the paramilitary force he borrowed from the tag end of the bjelke Petersen regime, (from that dictator from the other side of politics he so often claimed was as good as dammit his mentor) then imperfectly manipulated toward his own purpose has lately become an instrument of dread in the minds of many Queensland citizens.

But of course they’d deny that out of hand. Of course they would.

Then who in their right mind would argue with a couple of thugs, eh?
Them with a 10mmGlock on one hip and a tazer on the other.

Such overkill tends to produce this sort of situation –
Note , both are wearing the ‘Batman Belt’ with Glock and Tazer right there ‘in station’.

Must be bloody uncomfortable for them to sit down to the paperwork, or their lunch.
Perhaps it is in daily orders that they have to remain armed while on duty?

Perhaps the cumulative effect of all this discomfort as well as the stress of having to go about armed all day causes them to have such callous disregard for a person in distress seeking their assistance?

Perhaps that is why the woman officer on the right (in the video above) attending our home the day after we had received death threats (and contacted police that night) from the drug crazed loonie across the road from us – perhaps that is why she refused to listen or to watch the record of those threats?

Here is the audio -

“I’m the c—t who’s going to end your world” – ‘Gavin’ said that night – as is evidenced by that record.
At least he was right in that one respect – his own , chosen, pejorative term – his self description .

Take a deep breath, then continue –

What is it about modern queensland that offers this ‘businessman’ the right to move in to a community and act in this way?
What gives him the right to stagger (‘cos that was what he was doing) past the front of our home and begin bellowing at my son, at one side of our home, through his window?

Precisely what was this turkey bellowing in the deep of night before I found a recording device, arced it up and caught his misbehaviour on the other side of our house?

Oh, have no doubt.
The lad phoned the wallopers.
They did turn up – finally. Then left in about thirty seconds.

Then next day two others of the bold gendarmerie turned up here accusing us of causing the nuisance.
One of those looked remarkably like the one on the right in this clip –

Somehow and for some reason known only unto themselves the local peacekeeping corps seem hellbent on condoning death-threats while ignoring the activities of those uttering these threats.

What a complete watered down load of bullshit I’ve written above!

Tell you what –
A bunch of chemically challenged berks moves into and takes over your little corner of the world – begins immediately acting as if they own the place and you will probably be as slow on the uptake as we were.

It does take a while to work it out -
 ‘cos for so many years we’ve seen losers take over the chew and spew across the road, then go bankrupt in short order.
These bludgers seem to keep operating at about a third of the custom that sent everyone else broke.
Meanwhile we have to puke with the garbage smoke, the diesel/thinners/vomit smell and so on

I’m neither Sherlock Holmes, nor Maigret – nor do I have any intention to lurk about sorting out what is happening here, in this locality, directly opposite a state school.
But if anyone out there gives a stuff  - the latest of my calls to ‘crimestoppers™’ about this was lodged as ‘item# CGB-849’ – THE LATEST OF DOZENS.

Anyway, as I write this, the stinking garbage smoke smell has been going on for some while. That was followed by the diesel/paint thinners/vomit smell – followed by ammonia and rank piss.

Interesting, isn’t it? 

"The rule of law."

Mr. Bruce Haigh,

Regarding your  -

Does boil down to the rule of law, doesn’t it?
Let’s winnow that out.
Firstly, we have no charter of rights – no GUARANTEES whatsoever.

We do have the Common Law – an adversarial bastardry GUARANTEEING the bludger with all the money wins every time.

Most Australians haven’t a clue that this means that anyone wanting to take a case to law must usually cough up more money than they could ever afford.

Useful situation, that.
And what a complete, over the top, jerkscrew operation of a  fucking joke that whole show is.

Putting it simply, there is absolutely no way in this world a decent, honest man can ever find justice in this cuntry.

No way whatsoever!

Unless there is money in it for some form of parasite looking for a main chance – which parasite will latch onto a situation of its choosing and milk that situation until it is dry.

Which brings us back to these organisations that have come out of heaven and alighted upon those areas, once of government/governance, which have these last decades been farmed out to all to many of those who pretend to be either the ‘movers and shakers’ or the ‘do-gooders’ in society.

Nothing really like that of any use whatsoever to the paisans out there – is there.

Most aussies would want to believe (would want to CLING to some belief) that the charities and NGOs they’d heard about when they were youngsters would still be saving lives and souls out there in the streets.

But they’d be wrong – as they so often usually are.

Put it this way.

Can you trust a man who chokes on a cucumber salad?
Many years ago when I was young and immortal (and about ten years old) I had to sit down to lunch with a relative, apparently a brigadier (or something) in the salvos.

Nope. He couldn’t handle such a lunch.
He gagged on lunch.
He couldn’t handle a mid-summer, (light and spicy, vegetarian) Anglican lunch.

But he went away grimacing and came back smiling and for a while I was convinced that a bloke who went out in public wearing this silly uniform was an okay dude.

Stand back from that for a few seconds.

Do people who dress up in bandmaster’s drag account for anything in the modern world?

The truth of it was that he was also something up there in the Scottish Order of rock chippers.

His main problem maybe was that he, despite looking like some glorified species of parking attendant couldn’t accept a meal prepared by this Anglican bimbo, his relative, my mum.

Meanwhile – what were these turkeys doing out there in society for all those years rattling about in pubs, houses of ill repute and the like?

I’m almost 60 now.
Back then they lurked about in pubs and dosshouses, with tambourines, collecting money.

What the hell are they up to these days pretending to be doing good work in even worse situations throughout our society?

Consider –
The salvo captain asks his Lady wife after she’s been rattling her tambourine about in the local pub – “What say lady wife for a bit of a bonk?”
In reply she say’s “Oh sorry, Mon Cher, I’ve been trying to collect money down at the Tatts – but in the meantime I was taken out the back and shagged by half a dozen brickie’s labourers..
All in the call of duty, you understand, but there it is.”

Does any of this make any sense?

Well, ask any asylum seeker whether life makes any sense to him.
Ask him (if you could gain his confidence enough) whether similar stuff isn’t happening to him and his loved ones?

Get out there you bludgers and ask.

‘Cos if you don’t, very shortly this outrageous sort of stuff will be happening here to your family whether you like it or not.