Wednesday, May 8, 2013


It makes sense to counteract the false value of our south pacific peso by printing banknotes.
That, after all is precisely why those pieces of scrip were printed in the first place.

Leave the Chinese out of it.
I’m talking about the establishment of the bank of England and the south pacific bubble.

But I doubt whether any of you idiots out there would be aware of any of that.
Nor care.
Mostly, too many of you are too bloody busy trying to exist, even to scratch your arses.

No knowledge of past mistakes or any idea why people as silly as you were ripped off then – in precisely the same way you’ll never see your super credits end being spent by yourselves, in your dotage.
The bludgers, the manipulative psychopaths you allow to control your destinies will spend your money long before you’ll ever be permitted to call upon your long lost credits.

Regard –
How many years has, say, compulsory super been a feature?
How many of you have seen the lot piddled up against the wall of your broker’s favourite watering hole?

Yep. Right – and to your personal cost, you still haven’t learned – nor ever had time to reflect?

Meanwhile, a new way of making industrial grade moolah keeps expanding across the road.
These toolheads keep running happy pills off to the miners and their ilk out there in that overpressed sector of society.
Mind you, when one or the other come home for the weekend, then when they (poor bastards) drop unconscious in the gutter – they don’t mind rolling him for the contents of his pocket.

Definitely the worst sort of ‘new-age thing’, that.

How to put it in words?
Are the raffle winners (our much respected politicians) following the standard of more’s and ethics out there in the streets?
Or are the blow-ins following the example of our ‘politicians’?

Probably a moot point, wouldn’t you say?

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