Friday, May 31, 2013

Your taxes and levies – the ridiculous overcosts of your goods, services and housing are funding their reprihensible game.

That job was written yesterday – then today they (the lnp) are actually stupid enough to go down that road.

Perfectly clear that they haven’t a clue.

The minerals thing (DUH, the mining/resources boom) is, without any doubt, the subject of payback and industrial espionage.

Then, of course is the cost of war.
Face it, this commonwealth has been hooked into a series of state financed military adventures going back before the ‘Chinese Rebellion’.

Nah. This dump was set- up on the cheap using manufactured convict labour in order to establish a field of british/American influence in South East Asia.

The federation of colonies without a proper constitution continues to keep the entire population as nothing but pawns.

Howard was implicit in an attempt to wreck the Asian economies a few years back.
Now, for us, it is payback time, big time.

The only hope for agriculture and the tag end of value adding industry in queensland is to somehow drastically devalue the AUD.

But for God’s sakes not by taxing and levying the citizen and those on the land mug enough to persist.
The simple answer is to just print bags of currency – except, (oh, dear) a state of this commonwealth cannot legally do that.

About time for another name change.
Queensland a few short months back became officially known as Newmania.
Perhaps ‘CanDo’ Newman has to consider going to the appropriate authority and have his name changed to ‘Can’t do”.
If he had any smarts at all he could take out dibs on, maybe, something like – ‘Flat-out Won’t do’ – or a few variations on that theme.

Anyway, enough of that. He was the berk with all the promises he damned well knew he couldn’t supply.

I’d submit that recorded history proves that any peasantry or working class is reasonably happy so long as there is five cents left at the end of the week.

The Ubermensch in queensland have just pushed their envelope of exploitation – blurt - hell, west and crooked – out of containment of any acceptable political scenario.

Work it out fellas.

What with all the upheaval and ‘demographics change’ – you are shortly to be confronted with a large number of very angry people who will refuse to accept broken promises and outrageous, unsustainable imposts dumped on their heads by those they voted for in the reasonable expectation (the suckers) that you would look after their interests.

Now admit it.
They are disappointed and becoming increasingly angry (those who voted for you
(I didn’t)
What are you raffle winners going to do to appease them?

Maybe screw more of the vulnerable and disenfranchised, kick ‘em out and under a bridge?

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